Black golden retriever is probably one of the most debated dog breeds in the world. Many people have different opinions on this, and they have somehow good reasons as well behind their opinions. In addition, the references on internet are contradicting to each other, and this may get you even more confused.

black golden

Is puppy black golden retriever is in any way real? This question may come up in your mind, especially when you plan to buy or adopt one. Similarly, you may also wonder, if it isn’t a real breed, what is the breed of the dog we see a lot in the pictures?

Before you make any hasty decision, it is important to really understand the entire aspect of a black retriever. The history, the appearance and temperament, and the health issues are all very necessary to find out. Read more here for best information and to know your dog well before hand.

Black Golden Retriever, and the Science behind It

black retriever

According to many pros, it is possible for us to get a pure bred black golden retriever. However, the science doesn’t agree to it, and there is a solid explanation for this. Basically, it is on the gene.

There is MC1R gene on dogs, and this gene is the one responsible for the fur or skin color of our canine friends. To produce black pigment, we need dominant allele. In contrary, we need recessive allele of the gene to produce red or yellow coat. In other words, black golden retriever colors are achieved based on the these gene situations.

On one hand, all pure bred goldens posses recessive allele. Therefore, their colors are always the shades of red or yellow.

Now, we may start questioning, like ‘Is it possible that gene mutation creates the black golden retriever fur color?’

The answer is surely. However, it takes a lot of dominant allele to make it totally black, which is impossible in pure bred golden retrievers. In this case, a patch of black is possible, but not the dominant black though. Therefore, anytime you find a high black golden retriever price, you know it is mostly a scam.

Black Golden Retriever Look a Like

golden retriever black

Now, we understand that black golden retriever is genetically impossible. If it is pure black, then it can’t be pure bred goldens due to the genetic theory. However, it is possible that you see other breeds that look like a golden retriever in black fur. These similar looking breeds include:

  • Flat Coated Retriever

This breed is in the first place for a good reason. It looks a lot like golden, but it is actually a different breed in total. In addition to the look, the acts are very similar too. It is highly reasonable if you think it is a black golden retriever. If you see an ad selling this puppy, it is probably a flat coated one.

  • Hovawart

Hovawart is the second possibility. When it is still little, you may as well think you see a black golden retriever puppy. In this case, the shape and body is similar to goldens. However, it is actually bigger in size, and it can be seen as the puppies get older.

  • Newfoundland

Newfoundland is often mistaken as black golden retrievers because of the same facial expression and head shape. Unfortunately, it is a totally different breed, and it is twice larger. In addition, the fur sheds even more than goldens.

Black Golden Retrievers vs. Golden Retrievers

black golden retriever colors

Based on the explanation above, it is clear that we probably see a different breed instead of a black golden retriever. In addition, it is highly possible that the dog we refer to is actually a flat coated retriever. To get a clear sight on this, let’s assume this flat coated retriever is the black golden one we meant, and compare it to the pure bred golden.

  1. The Similarities

The black golden retriever and the pure bred one share the following similarities:

  • They like to jump and chew a lot
  • They both are happy and loving dogs
  • Both the golden retriever and the pure breed need a lot of daily exercise.
  • Both breeds tend to act like puppies longer than other breeds.

In addition, the flat coated retriever tends to act like this even longer than the pure bred golden retriever usually will.

  • Originally, both breeds are meant to be hunting or farm dogs.
  • Black golden has tail and legs feathering, just as in pure bred goldens.

This is also one of the reasons why both breeds often look very identical, especially on certain early ages.

  1. The Differences

Another key point, there are several important differences as well. Explicitly, they will help you to differentiate between the two very similar breeds a lot easier. The differences include:

  • Golden retriever black is often more active, and the pure bred goldens are a lot calmer in nature.
  • Flat coated retriever tends to look leaner and taller comparing to golden naturally, but it may not be this way in a few dogs.
  • When it comes to kids, pure bred golden is a lot friendlier. Meanwhile, the flat coated one tends to be exuberant towards kids.
  • Can golden retrievers be black? Obviously, it is impossible. So yes, the main difference is that goldens tend to be red or yellow, while flat coated one tends to be liver or black.

Golden Retriever Shades

black golden retreiver

To clarify even better, it may be helpful to know the possible shades on a pure bred golden retriever.

Instead of pure black like in a flat coated retriever, or black golden retreiver, the shades of goldens tend to be red, dark golden, gold, light golden, or cream.

Therefore, black and white golden retriever is possible, but the black part is probably just in patch, never bigger nor even more dominant. In other words, if it is black, it can’t be a pure bred golden retriever.

Most possibly, due to the similar look and shade gene possibility, it is a flat coated retriever. In fact, those dogs mostly advertised as black golden are actually flat coated ones.

Black Golden Retriever Traits

black golden retriever dog

After the World War I, the popularity of flat coat retriever dog was heavily reduced. However, this breed starts to decorate the market again by mid 60’s, and it is known today as black golden retriever. Even though the breed name isn’t accurate, the traits that attract so many buyers remain solid. The traits are:

  • The Appearance

With an understanding that black golden retriever is actually a flat cat retriever, knowing the appearance is important. Firstly, the fur color is possibly liver or black. However, the fur will be thick and fine with sleek look no matter what the color.

Secondly, we should notice that this black golden retriever commonly has hazel or brown color, and the ears are so close to the head.  In addition, you should immediately notice that the constantly wagging tails and legs have the most feathers.

Thirdly, we need to know the size of a black golden retriever. The flat coated retriever can reaches up to 24.5 inches tall for the male and 23.5 inches tall for the female in adulthood. With commonly ten years lifespan, the dog can actually weigh up to 80 pounds. Therefore, this bread is taller but leaner comparing to goldens.

  • The Temperament and Personality

A black golden retriver is one of the best dogs for the family, and it is due to the temperament reason too. It gets along really well with anyone especially children, and they are high in energy. However, the puppy like energy shouldn’t last until at least three years old.

In addition to being a perfect family dog, a flat coated retriever black makes a nice pet dog and companion as well. It is caring and kind, and it loves being around its people. Moreover, it thrives on attention and affection which is totally adorable.

Lastly, this so-called black golden retriever is also known for being sensitive and intelligent. It won’t be hard to train this breed, and it will be easy to amuse the dog at the same time. Therefore, it is a perfect dog for a new owner indeed.

  • The Training

Are there black golden retrievers? No. They are actually black flat coated retriever instead. However, we can call them black golden in here for easy referring. Despite being falsely known as goldens, this dog is actually really smart and it is easy to train.

The best method to teach these flat coated black retrievers is by giving them rewards, praise, or even play time. It agrees with their sensitive temperament, and it is easy for them to understand.

When it comes to the training, it is necessary for an owner to give the house training and crate training. Even further, these trainings are important since the first day at the house.

Lastly, train your all black golden retriever not to eat its own poop. Unfortunately, this is a usual habit for this breed and it needs to be prevented right away.

How to Care

black coated retriever

After learning the traits, it is also important to learn how to care for a black golden retriever. Basically, the caring principles are pretty simple and straight forward. Even a new owner shouldn’t have a significant difficulty in applying it. Speaking of the principles, you can follow these points:

  • Enough Exercise

As mentioned before, a black golden retriever or a black flat coated retriever is a high energy breed. And, this kind of breed needs a lot of exercise.

Firstly, your dog needs 90 minutes of exercise every day. You can split it into two sections, like 45 minutes runs or walks in the morning and in the afternoon. Secondly, the activities should varies from walking, running, to fly ball or agility training.

It helps in delivering the energy and keeping your flat coated black retriever fit. However, it is also important to discuss the training and duration to your vet first.

  • Take It Easy on the Puppies

Training should be different when it comes to golden retriever puppies black. According to experts, your black flat coated retriever needs averagely five minutes of exercise times its age. For example, a 5 month old puppy will need 25 minutes of exercise per day.

Simple play time, a walk, and a run is the right examples of exercise you can try. It helps in developing the dog muscle and response. However, excessive training is to avoid because it tends to cause joints strains on the black and white retriever puppies.

  • Control the Food

Can a golden retriever be black? No. It is actually a flat coated retriever with dominant black fur instead of liver. While this dog is easy to rise, it is also important to control its feeding portion at the same time to keep it healthy.

To decide the right portion, you should consult to your vet. After that, feed your dog twice a day, and make sure to feed with the right amount. In addition to it, treat is allowed but it is also crucial to give these treats too often for health reasons.

Possible Health Problems

black retriever dog

If your black golden retriever is a flat coated retriever, it is likely that it is a healthy dog. However, just as in other breeds, there are also health risks your dog may face in the future. And, the most common problems on this breed health includes:

  • Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is one of the most common health problems in a black golden retriever or a flat coated retriever. Basically, this is a condition in which the dog thighbone doesn’t fit perfectly into the joint of the hip. Because of this condition, your dog may experience lameness and pain on the one or the entire back legs.

Hip dysplasia is commonly hereditary. However, a black golden retriever that grows with injuries or a high calorie diet can also have this problem. Therefore, it is important to conduct close consult with your vet to prevent this as well as to solve the situation.

  • Lymphosarcoma

The term lymphosarcoma is probably not foreign enough for us. Yes, it is a well known tumor, and it appears to be one of possible prevalent tumors in dogs across breeds. Unfortunately, this tumor tends to grow into cancer, and the attack can happen in many of your black golden retriever dog organs.

In this case, the cancer commonly occurs in bone marrow, liver, lymph nodes, gastrointestinal system, and spleen. The situation isn’t easy, but there is a solution. When a black golden retriever suffers from this cancer, your vet will recommend chemotherapy, which is hard but a reasonable solution in this matter.

  • Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

This issue is a frequent one on the black golden retriever dog, and it is often known as bloating. It is a condition in which too much gas in the dog tummy can’t get out. It is often caused by intense running after eating, drinking a lot of water too fast, too fast eating, and a large portion per meal.

If your dog can vomit or belch, the problem is solved. However, if your spotted golden retriever shows symptoms like feeble, lethargic, melancholy, agitated, excessive drooling, or swollen tummy, you need your vet help immediately.

  • Osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma is a severe bone cancer, which often happens in a flat coated black retriever. However, to ensure this problem, you will need an X-ray confirmation, and there are two major treatments that are often recommended.

Firstly, your dog can have the chemotherapy. The side effect of hair loss and nausea won’t be as bad as in human. Secondly, your dog may need an amputation. However, considering the adaptation skill, your dog should adjust just well after the treatment.

To prevent this problem, it is important to choose a good black golden retriever breeder and to check on your dog’s parents’ health record first.

Feeding Guide

black flat coated retriever

We are well aware now that a black golden retriever is actually a black flat coated retriever. In addition, we also know all the traits and possible health problems of the dog. Next, we also need to learn how to feed this dog, especially if we want to adopt one. Here are several pointers you can follow:

  • Feeding Amount

How much you can feed your black golden retriever entirely depends on the dog health and weight. For example, a healthy flat coated retriever weighs around 25 to 32 kg commonly needs 500 to 640 gram of food. To determine the amount correctly, consult to your vet.

  • Feeding Frequency

In general, your flat coated black retriever puppy will need two meal times per day. Therefore, it is important to divide the total feed amount per day into two parts for best health for your dog. Which time is best? Consult to your vet for the best timing.

  • Food

The kind of food you should give to your flat coated black golden retriever puppies will be raw food, and it is best for the food to be dry. If you need some ideas while building the menu, there are many healthy recipes on the internet you can try.

  • Adding Supplement

Due to several reasons, for example nutrition absorption and health problems, our dog doesn’t absorb everything it needs. Therefore, adding supplement into your black golden retriever food will be helpful in preventing any possible deficiency.

  • Treats

Your flat black coated retriever doesn’t need high calorie treat. Instead, it is okay to give your dog healthy treats, like fruits and veggies in a wise amount. However, fancy treat should be fine, but this kind of treat brings more risks as well. Therefore, fancy treats should be very occasional and it should be fed in a wise amount.

Buying Guide

a black golden retriever

Now, it is truth time.

As we understand now, a black golden retriever isn’t exactly a golden retriever but a flat coated retriever, a totally different breed. Therefore, it isn’t fair for you if you get the pure bred golden retriever price when you buy one.

A golden retriever with black spot is probably a pure breed, and you can take the golden retriever price offer for this one. However, you should consider looking for another breeder if they offer you the same offer for a flat coated one.

A flat coated black retriever dog commonly doesn’t cost as much as a pre bred golden due to the trend and popularity. Thus, getting a reasonable offer will be a good start to pursue. In addition, it is important to know your dog before you can negotiate on the offer.


black golden retrievers

  • To sum it up, we all know now that a black golden retriever can’t be a pure bred. In other words, it can be a mix, or most possibly a flat coated one. Due to this fact, the buying price should be fair, and you need to find another breeder if this one offers you a too high rate.
  • However, both breeds are great. You don’t have to stick with pure bred golden if you want the fur shade, and you don’t have to stick with the fur shade if you prefer to a pure bred golden. In other words, it is more about your preference rather than which breed is pure or which one is better.
  • A black flat coated retriever actually shares similar traits to goldens, and both breeds are great family dogs that get along with kids really well. Moreover, they share similar beauty on their overall look as well. In other words, there is nothing bad about both breeds.
  • Goldens are popular, but there are other wonderful breeds as well. If you look for unique shades, your options aren’t goldens only. Instead, you should consider getting a flat coated retriever or even a mix black golden shepherd. They are all amazing dogs with great different shades to adore.


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