Blue Chihuahua is probably one of the most popular kinds of Chihuahua today because of its special look. Like the white one, this Chihuahua is rare too, if not even rarer. Many people who are willing to spend a lot of money to get the right pet often hunts for this dog.

This dog is indeed special enough in several aspects, from the look to the price. Yes, a blue Chihuahua price isn’t something regular. Most people will find it expensive enough for a little puppy, especially when the other kinds of this dog are available in a much cheaper rate.

So what makes this one different? Beside the color, is there a blue apple head Chihuahua or a deer one too? Is it pricey as well? It is important for you to know more on this dog, especially if you want to get one. O, you never saw and knew one before? Let’s dig more then.

What is It Special?

blue grey chihuahua

A blue Chihuahua is a special one because it is hard to find. Yet, you shouldn’t imagine of seeing a dog with a real striking blue coat. The term “blue” doesn’t necessarily refer to the coat color, but the dog’s skin pigmentation. From this part alone, this dog is a special one.

So we can never see a blue color in this dog, not even the slightest? Well, actually you can. A blue Chihuahua is known for its coat that looks more like a combination of silver and dull grey. However, when it gets the sunlight, we should see a slight blue shadow on the coat.

Isn’t it awesome? Under the sunlight, you should realize that the dog actually has a coat with bluish navy shade. Unfortunately, this isn’t a dog that you can see every day. A blue nose Chihuahua is actually a result of a certain gene issue, and it doesn’t happen to most Chihuahua puppies.

Wait, there is more. If you should find one of these dogs, you may find blue fawn Chihuahua with a combination of two colors coat, or a combination of three colors coat. There is also something called merle markings, which we will talk more later.

Blue Chihuahua Genetic and Rarity

blue chihuahua puppies

Let’s talk about this blue Chihuahua genetic, which explains how it can look this way.

In this dog, there is the dilute gene which is often referred as “dd”. This gene is the one responsible for changing the color of the dog coat. It is usually more pale or faded. Furthermore, the change happens in each strand of the coat hair.

This gene is also homozygous recessive, in which the dog inherits the gene from both parents, not only one of them. Because there are two copies of them in a blue Chihuahua alone, the gene is called “dd”, and not just “d”.

In a blue Chihuahua, the other gene tries to make sure the coat will be black, for an example. However, with the dilute gene is there too, the color turns into something more of grey with ethereal blue. Voila! Here is the beautiful result.

So, we know that the gene changes the entire look, But, what do we know about its rarity?

In this breed, a pure white coat is also considered as rare. However, blue Chihuahuas are even rarer than that. You may see a lot of puppies, but it is almost never that the blue one is in there too. That is why, if you want this particular coat color, it will be hard to find the blue puppy for sure.

Many times, breeders will try to create this blue dog. They often breed the chocolate one with the tan and black one. Sometimes, they breed the tan and black dogs with a fawn one. It is often a fail attempt because we need at least one of the parents to have the needed recessive blue gene. It is so hard to find and to plan. Therefore, a full grown blue Chihuahua is always hot in the market.

Personality and Temperament

blue chihuahuas

So, we get it. A blue Chihuahua is definitely a good looking and cute dog, not to mention its rarity which makes it even more precious. But how about its personality? Is it any different from the other Chihuahuas? These dogs have definitely the same personality and temperament. Let’s highlight a few of most important ones.

  • Attention Seeker

Just like the other, a blue Chihuahua loves being the center of attention. It is important for the owner to pay enough attention to the dogs. Jealousy on this dog can result in awful situations, including barking and even attacking, especially to other beings who seem to get more attention.

  • Fearful

Being a small creature, your blue long haired Chihuahua is actually a small creature that feels insecure with its size. It tends to feel afraid, especially to strangers and new places. The best way to deal with or prevent this is by inviting your dog to socialize since a young age.

  • Loving and Loyal

This dog is known as a popular companion for like forever. One of the reasons is that they love the owners so much, and they stay loyal to them as well. With a little effort, a blue deer Chihuahua can be a great and heart warming pet for everyone.

As a head up, it will be best to learn all information of how it was raised and how you should raise them to the breeder. It helps in bring out the best personalities of the dog and prevent the worse from happening.

Possible Health Problems

blue fawn chihuahua

So the personality and temperament are great enough and we have the solutions for the bad sides. The next challenge in a blue Chihuahua dog will be the health problems. Just as in other kinds of Chihuahua, this one also has high risks of many possible diseases. They include:

  • Tracheal Collapse

This is one of the most possible diseases a Chihuahua can possibly have. When the trachea collapses, your dog will be coughing and maybe facing difficulty in breathing. It can also end up with seizure. Without a proper help, it can lead to death. Take your dog to the vet as soon as you find symptoms.

  • Patellar Luxation

Many people also call this condition as kneecap and knee problems. Just like the other, a blue Chihuahua is susceptible of this issue. The issue can happen due to a genetic condition, in which the dog inherits it, or due to an injury. To fix this issue, your dog will need a surgery.

  • Kerato-Conjunctivitis Sicca

This issue is a dry eye condition. If you take a closer look, you will find that a Chihuahua dog commonly has protruded out eyes. This is the reason why they get the health issue. Sometimes, it happens to just one eye instead of two. The condition commonly happens to adult and senior age dogs.

  • Hereditary Eye Issues

This is a kind of disorder that potentially can happen to a blue Chihuahua. In this issue, the dog’s eye gel liquefies. This gel is inside the eyes and it helps in keeping the dog sight healthy. When this issue happens and there is no treatment given, it is more likely that the dog will get blind.

  • Hydrocephalus

This health issue happens in many Chihuahuas. Hydrocephalus happens due to a significant increase on the amount of fluid in the head. This condition causes many health problems including damaging the brain tissue. This condition needs a particular surgery to fix and it causes your dog to live a limited life.

  • Joint Issue

It is very common for all Chihhuahuas, including the blue tri color Chihuahua, to have degenerative joint issue. Commonly, it affects their elbows and hips. In the early stage, your dog may only feel a mild pain. However further, your dog may suffer from severe arthritis as well as joint lameness.

  • Dental Issues

This dog small size affects negatively in many aspects including the teeth. Despite its small jaws, a blue brindle Chihuahua has the same numbers of teeth as the other bigger dogs. Can you imagine the physical condition? Your Chihuahua dental condition is possibly overcrowded. With the teeth are pressing against each other too much, decay will be the next issue to deal with.

Color Dilution Alopecia on This Dog

blue chihuahua

Color Dilution Alopecia is another possible health risk in a blue Chihuahua. People often refer to this as CDA or alopecia only to make it short. When this issue happens, the dog’s coat receives the biggest effect next to the skin. What exactly happens to these dog’s body parts?

At the early stage, it looks like a small problem only. Your dog can look like it has a dull coat. On several cases, it may also look like a thin coat only. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? Sadly, this is actually a bad sign.

Without the right treatment and care, this early stage issue can be even worse. The next stage will lead your dog to issues like poor coat hair regrowth and severe hair loss. Soon, there will be scaling, and then serious infection too on your blue Chihuahua.

We can agree that CDA is something serious, and it requires professional treatment to cure. But, this isn’t the only news we need to know.

Unfortunately, your blue Chihuahua is a dog with diluted gene, and this kind of dog has the higher risk of getting this alopecia issue.

So yes, you need to see further than its pretty coat. Researchers don’t know the exact gene that may cause this issue. However, these researches are sure that the mutations causing dilution on your blue gray Chihuahua may have something to do with it.

Another form of mutation is also found, and it also causes the blue hairless Chihuahua dilution issue. However, there is no confirmation yet that this particular mutation also takes part in causing the CDA. Let’s hope that more findings emerge and a better help to prevent this issue is available.

Blue Merle Chihuahua and the Health Issues

blue grey chihuahua

What is merle? Merle is actually a color, and in here, it actually refers to a blue Chihuahua color, Not all blue merle chi has the dd genotype, even though all of them share the same likeness of gene modification and dilution. Interesting.

On several Chis, the gene affects most on the pigment creating black color. As a result, the dog has grey coat like the common blue Chihuahua and patches in black. On other cases, the dog gets dark blue patches on light gray coat.

The first variant happens to dogs that have no dd gene, but the second happens to ones with the gene.

The blue merle chi is definitely beautiful. However, the special coat color comes with a special health issue risk as well. A merle blue Chihuahua can inherit the dilute gene from one of the parents or even both. Each of these two possibilities carry a different condition.

If your blue Chihuahua puppy inherits only one copy of the gene, the side effects risk is lower. However, if the dog inherits two copies, ear and eye defects risks are strikingly higher. It can get mircocornea, microphthalmia, and deafness.

Luckily, these risks and issues aren’t something you can’t predict. DNA and health tests on these dogs are now available, and it becomes a way for breeders and owners to really know their dogs’ condition. These tests can tell you if the dog inherits the merle gene.

If the dog inherits it, you can know this from the early stage so treatment and medication can be planned. However, there is also a chance that your blue grey Chihuahua is completely healthy despite its beautiful coat color. Professional breeders commonly use these tests before they mate their dogs to make sure each puppy resulted is a healthy one.

How Much Does It Cost?

blue gray chihuahua

Before we jump into numbers, we need to understand that a dog price depends on several factors. It also applies to this dog. Being rare, a blue Chihuahua is already a precious one and we can expect high numbers on a puppy. In addition to it, other factors like health and unique traits may affect as well.

Commonly, a blue Chihuahua puppy cost starts from $1,500 each, but numbers like $2,000 is still common as well. However, considering the rarity and other factors too, it is really possible for this price to elevate very strikingly.

If this kind of Chi is hard to find in your country, or if there is more on the dog, like unique patches or super healthy condition, the blue Chihuahua price can be twice as much. On the record, this dog price can reach $10,000 for each puppy.

The Blue Chihuahua’s Lifespan

blue chihuahua

A blue Chihuahua lifespan shouldn’t be too different comparing to the other Chiahuahuas. Commonly, this dog breed can survive for 16 years. However, 14 years is also a normal lifespan too. Yet of course, this lifespan also depends on several factors especially the dog health, physically and psychologically.

With severe diseases and health issues, the dog lifespan will be significantly reduced. Eight to ten lifespan is also common for this breed, but these dogs commonly have health issues to deal with. The owners have the main control in making sure the blue Chihuahua puppies have a full lifespan.

Grooming Tips of Blue Chihuahua

blue chihuahua puppy

Grooming is an important part for this breed quality life. Those pretty and healthy pups seen in the pictures of blue Chihuahua are healthy and well maintained. The dog needs brushing, three times a week for the long hair ones, and once a week for the short hair ones

A blue Chihuahua also needs to have clean ears because it prevents further problem like infection. We also need to cut the nails so it won’t crack or break and hurt the dog badly. If you need a pro help, make sure to introduce this to your dog since the very early stage.

A pro will know how to groom your dog in the right way. However, due to this breed personality, meeting a new person can be a challenging situation for your dog. It can be impossible to groom a fearful and defensive dog. Early and consistent socialization takes a huge part here.

Tips before Buying or Adopting Blue Chihuahua

blue chihuahua dog

So we understand that there are challenges and beauty in a blue Chihuahua dog. It is only normal that you are interested to get one. However, before you jump into purchasing one, you may need to do these things first that will help you to get a good decision.

  • Get All Insights

Knowledge is power. In this blue Chihhuahua case, it is actually a helpful tool. Understanding the nature and physical condition of the dog , learning how to care and how to help the dog grow, and many other are extremely important.

This breed is a challenging one. There are many factors that affect the dog life, and the well being and balance in the blue Chihuahua dog life entirely depends on the owner. Getting enough information on this case will help in determining what to do and what to give in the future.

  • Check on Your Budget

One of the important factors to count is the budget. Buying a blue Chihuahua dog costs a lot of money. However, this isn’t the only initial expenses you will make. Buying the needed accessories including a bed, clothes, toys, and brush is an important thing too.

If the initial expense is counted, you also need to consider the budget you need to prepare in the future. From grooming to health care, a blue Chihuahua will need a big budget. If you want to get one, it is essential to prepare for this budget too.

  • Meet Your Pup in Person

Visit the breeder of your choice, and request to see the dog personally. A grey or silver one may look very similar to the blue Chihuahua. The only way to determine the color exactly is by checking it under the sunlight. Quickly, check on the dog’s paw pads, lips, nose, and eye rims.

If you can see the blue tint, it is highly possible that the dog is actually a real blue Chihuahua dog. On the contrary, if you can’t find the blue tint, you should cancel. It is probably not a real blue one, and you shouldn’t end up spending thousands of dollar for the dog.

  • Get It from a Reputable Breeder

The best thing of a reputable breeder is that they work with ethic. They don’t force things so they can get and sell blue Chihuahua puppies. Even if they specially breed this dog, they make sure they also add the dog’s health in consideration.

Meanwhile, the breeders whose target is strictly the money only will pay no care on the dog’s health. As long as they get the color, it should sell. In this condition, it is possible that the blue Chihuahua puppy has a few of hidden defects due to the health negligence.


blue apple head chihuahua

  • In sum, a blue Chihuahua shares mostly similarities to the other kinds of this breed. It can get all the possible diseases for the other Chis, but it has the higher risk for ACD and merle. Therefore, the same treatment and care will be important for this dog, while the ACD and merle should be anticipated too.
  • It is important to really know your blue Chihuahua health condition even before you buy it. It helps in planning the future maintenance and care, and it helps in planning for the budget too. If you want to play it safe, getting the dog from a reputable breeder is always a wise way to go.
  • How much is a blue Chihuahua worth? The price is commonly around one or two thousand dollar, but you should be ready for even a grander price for a rarer or more unique pup. And this is just the purchasing expense.
  • You also makes sure to be ready for the future care and health support while daily affection, training, and exercise should be on your list too. Having a blue Chihuahua long hair dog isn’t just about the pretty look but also the commitment and life long companionship. Are you ready for this?


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