A blue tick beagle dog always attracts attention anywhere. Firstly, it has the cutest look. It is small and it is known to have a gentle nature, which agrees with so many people. The eyes are big and expressive and the ears are floppy and soft.

Secondly, it looks strikingly different comparing to even the other beagle dogs. It has the flecks and ticks in blue or greyish shade. These ticks are commonly on top of its short and smooth coat which is commonly in black or white. However, it doesn’t make this dog a separate breed. It is just the color variation of the breed.

Thirdly, this dog is a great family pet while it is also known to be good with chores and work duties. Yes, known also as beagle blue tick hound, this dog has a pretty long history of being a dog with extra duties and good reputation. Let’s find out more.

Blue Tick Beagle History

blue tick beagle

Currently, blue tick beagle dog is recognized as a part of hound, and it is confirmed by the AKC. This confirmation doesn’t come out of nowhere, but it is derived from the history of the dog.

Firstly, this breed was known initially back in 1830s. During this time, these dogs were bred for hunting duties, not as a pet dog. Their jobs were to accompany the masters, who are commonly hunters, to find hares during a hunting session.

The original pack of this breed was found in County Essex, England, and they were owned by Reverend Philip Honeywood. The pack was reported to be a mix of North County beagle and Souther Hound.

Secondly, the popularity of the dog rose and they were then imported to the United States by 1840s. Soon, blue tick beagle became even more popular and it was widely known to be among nobles and high class society during their hunting vacation.

Thirdly, as of today, bluetick beagle is known more of a pet dog. However, there are some people who still breed this particular dog to do some works especially in the farms. In fact, this beagle breed has claimed the seventh place among ten most favourite breed in US.

Blue Tick Beagle Type

bluetick beagle

As mentioned before, a blue tick beagle dog isn’t its own breed, but a color variation in the beagle breed. Even further, the types of this breed are only two, and it is categorized based on the dog size. The types are:

  • Around 13 to 15 Inches Tall Beagles

This group is aligned with the UK Kennel Club that recognizes exactly this measurement, and with the Canadian Kennel Club that recognizes only beagles that are up to 15 inches in height.

  • Smaller than 13 Inches Tall Beagles

These dogs are often referred as pocket or miniature blue tick beagle. This size of beagle can be 8 inches in height only, and they are considered almost, if not totally, extinct today.

Blue Tick Beagle Traits

bluetick beagles

There are some reasons why the blue tick beagle becomes a popular dog in the US today. Being a trusty character in the movies like ‘Wallace and Gromit’ and ‘Snoopy’, this breed actually has several great traits we will love so much, including:

  • Really Attractive

This breed is highly good looking. The body is basically lean but commonly muscular at the same time. It has a long tail and it always hold the tail high, making it super cute and happy looking. Even further, it has the nicest vibe for being gentle and friendly in nature.

While the face is cute already, we will enjoy looking at the expressive eyes and find the little black nose adorable. Especially for a blue tick beagle dog, the blue specks enhance its’ strikingly different look. It is really attractive in its’ own unique way.

  • Loyal and Devoted

This dog is also known for being loyal to the owner, always following orders and tagging along. Therefore, this dog is trusted enough to be a hunting dog. However, this dog is also friendly and gentle enough even with kids, and it loves getting enough attention.

Being devoted in nature, a blue tick beagle offers not only its good look but also a perfect companionship. It enjoys being with other canines or human, and it is a kind of dog you want to grow up with. In other words, this dog is a perfect choice for both fun and loyalty.

  • Agile and Reliable

A full grown blue tick beagle is known for being an agile hunting dog, in which it will track down and retrieve the prey excellently. In addition, it has just a great detection on scent, and it makes them a great search dog as well.

In fact, beagle blue tick mix is also known to be a huge part of the hunting hounds for tracking rabbits or even fox. In other words, this dog will make an excellent job when it is given a task. This also explains why beagle makes in the search dog team even in the police department.

  • Active and Energetic

A bluetick beagle mix is also popular for its high energy. For example, you will find this dog just fine even after travelling a long distance with you. In addition, this dog will still keep its’ focus on the given tasks.

Therefore, a bluetick coonhound beagle will make a nice pet dog. With its high energy, this dog will love to go for a long walk or jog with you and play in the afternoon. It can cope with your kids energy, and its’ friendly and happy nature will light up the house.

Its Trainability

blue ticked beagle

As mentioned before, a blue tick beagle will make a great hound dog, and it will be easy to train at the same time. Firstly, this dog naturally likes to follow the owner orders. It will focus its attention in finishing the order well before heading to something else. Therefore, the training for this aspect won’t be too complicated.

Secondly, its stamina and energy is met with its desire to please the owner. It means your blue tick beagle will thrive to make you happy with the result of the training. Don’t be surprised if your dog shows you a significant result in a short period of time.

However, which makes the third part, this dog is also known to be protective, curious, and confident at the same time. It will be important to teach them how to control the energy level and instinct in balance. Therefore, leash training is highly recommended to be applied.

Fortunately, a blue merle blue tick beagle likes food so much, and we can use this as a form of reinforcement. For example, combine food treats and positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour, and do the opposite to stop bad temperament.

Intelligence and Power

full grown blue tick beagle

Now, we fully understand that a blue tick beagle has all the attributes for being reliable. Firstly, it is smart and intelligence enough to understand tasks, and to finish it in the best way. It also explains why training this breed will be easier than training other breeds.

Secondly, it has strong muscle to help the dog accompany us through a hard task or a long distance. Jogging is clearly an easy task for this dog, and helping with outdoor chores. So yes, a blue tick beagle colors are beautiful, but it comes with intelligence and power at the same time.

Purposes of Breed

blue tick beagles

We are fully aware now that a blue tick beagle breed purpose was originally as a hunting dog. It comes with the masters to track down and capture preys in the woods. In fact, it is a fitting purpose for the entire natural traits of the dog.

In later days, a blue tick beagle can also be found in the farm, doing outdoor chores and help the farmer gathering herds. In this situation, we will find the dog as a part of the family as well. Therefore, this dog has become a pet dog as well.

All of these purposes are understandable and there is nothing surprising about it. However, the later purpose will have you shocked.

The fact is many of these dogs are part of scientific researches. These researches particularly use animals for their experiments and testing, and this dog becomes one of the lab animals. The worse fact is that many of these dogs never know life other than in the cage. Many other get to go to the rescue center and get adopted by a decent family.

In addition, we should be able to find many blue ticked beagle dogs joining the show and competition, which makes the fourth purposes of this breed.

Its Socialization

blue tick beagle size

Naturally a hunt dog, your blue tick beagle will need to learn control and socialization from the very early stage. Firstly, it has protective instinct, especially of the owner. Therefore, they can get wary of unknown people and attack them. Training on control will be handy in this situation.

Secondly, your dog will also need to stay calm, especially when it encounters a new situation, in a new place, or meeting new people. Luckily, this breed is also known to be friendly, so the training will be averagely easy. Socialization to new things won’t be a problem soon.

However, a blue tick beagle is also known to be curious and energetic. Instead of being too protective, it is possible that your dog gets too aggressive to other canines around or the new people due to its curiosity. It can be another socialization problem.

According to experts and many owners of ticked beagle, leash training will be helpful. It helps to train your dog to be safe to itself and to the surroundings when you take it to the traffic, dog parks, or public spots. These dogs will learn about boundaries and control their high energy and curiosity at bay,

The Behavior

bluetick beagle puppy

Generally, your blue tick beagle is a happy dog despite the environments and situations. Moreover, this breed is also known for being a good judge character while it can sense accurately when something is wrong or a threat is coming. This dog will show you good enough distinction among the behaviours to give you sign.

In addition to being happy and alert, this dog is also widely known to love pleasing the owner. Therefore, don’t be surprised if it shows a very nice behaviour at home to meet your standard. Of course, it is only possible when you provide obedience training and socialization early.

However, when it comes to the barking, a blue tick beagle is considered loud and noisy. The problem is it tends to bark when they are feeling not stimulated or bored. Therefore, this is probably not the right you need with neighbours who dislike loud noises.

However, at the same time, this loud bark should be a great alarm in a dangerous situation. The bark is like a mix of a howl and a regular bark, and it makes a blue tick pocket beagle even a great guard dog in the house.

Its Temperament

beagle blue tick

Naturally, a blue tick beagle is a sociable and friendly dog, especially ones that have been trained and exposed to socialization at early ages. However, this dog is also known to wary with strangers and it can be very determined to protect the loved ones too. Training is the key to this temperament challenge.

Above all, a blue tic beagle is a perfect dog when you want a companion with loyalty and happy nature. Its protective instinct helps a lot in making it a perfect guard dog at the same time. As long as the person or situation it faces isn’t threatening, its temper is never an issue.

Health Problems

blue tick beagle puppy

Any breed of dog may inherit genetic health issues, including your blue tick beagle. Commonly, these health issues are genetic, and it underlines the importance of checking your dog parents’ health record to prevent problems. The possible health issues include:

  • Hypothyroidism

This is a kind of auto immune disorder, and the symptoms commonly include hair loss, lethargy, and weight gaining. Without an immediate treatment, this can be a bigger problem that causes worse diseases in the future.

  • Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder. Your dog will often have recurring and uncontrolled seizure. It is just as dangerous as in humans. This disease requires intensive medical support, especially when you don’t want it to kill your dog in the end.

  • Eye Issues

Your bluetick beagles may inherit eye problems from the parents. Firstly, it can be glaucoma, in which there is a built up pressure right in the inner eye. It can get worse and turn your dog blind.

Secondly, it can be cherry eyes in which the third eyelid tear gland prolapsed. Your dog can’t produce tear, and it is extremely painful. In this case, medication and surgery are often recommended as the way out.

The Training

bluetick beagle puppy

You can always refer to a pro to train your blue tick beagle dog. However, this dog is highly intelligent, so training it yourself shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. The following training tricks should help you to achieve the targeted routine and behaviour:

  • Work on Your Command Words

The command words should be simple and straight forward. For example, you can use the word wait, sit, stop, go, and more. The key is to stay consistent in using each word, and food treat will help a lot in making sure your dog gets the concept.

  • Crate Training

Crate will come in handy when you need to transport your dog, and when you try to provide a nest for your blue tick beagle dog. During the early days, it is necessary to put your dog in it and lock it up. In the future, your dog will already go in and out as expected automatically.

  • Potty Training

This is of course a mandatory training. Your blue tick hound beagle mix dog needs to learn where to pee and poo since the first day in the house. It can be a hit and miss situation for a while, but your dog will learn to control the bladder and do it properly very soon.

  • Leash Walking

Along with the command words, leash will come in handy. Just as we all understand now, a black tan and bluetick beagle can get overly excited. To train its safety awareness especially in the outdoor, a leash training will be needed. Take your dog for a walk with leash one or two times a day to get the best result.

How to Care

blue tic beagle

So far, it seems like buying a blue tick beagle will be a great idea. However, this can turn into a bad idea if we don’t know how to care for it. Fortunately, taking care of this dog isn’t as complicated as we imagine. Follow the following tips for a happy and healthy beagle:

  • Feeding

Firstly, your beagle has the risk to develop diabetes. Secondly, it loves food so much. Therefore, the combination of these factors can be deadly. To prevent the worse, it is recommended to feed your dog three to four cups of dry food each day, and not more.

  • Bathing

Bathing is essential but we shouldn’t do it too often. Your blue tick beagle coat contains natural oil that contributes a lot in your dog’s skin and coat health. Therefore, it is recommended to bathe your beagle for around once a month or when needed using a specially formulated shampoo.

  • Cleaning Ears, Nails, and Teeth

Firstly, cleaning the blue tick beagles ears from the built up dirt will help in preventing infection. Secondly, the nails need regular trimmings to prevent dirt build up and to prevent injuries. Thirdly, checking and brushing the teeth will prevent gum disease and plaque.

  • Grooming

Regardless the blue tick beagle size, it requires regular grooming. Naturally, it will shed, and we can always brush the coat every couple of days to reduce the amount of the shed. Even further, trimming is allowed in only several spots, but soft glove wipe is great for daily care.

  • Exercise

Your bluetick beagle puppies are high in energy. Therefore, it needs around one to two hours of exercise each day. To make it easier for you, you can split the needed quantity into a few session of short walk, playtime, and more activities at home.

Pros and Cons of Owning One

blue merle blue tick beagle

Alright. Before we decide to get a blue tick beagle, it is also important to know the positive and negative side of owning this dog. It helps in making the decision, knowing what you want and if you are up to handle the downside as well.

  • Pros

Firstly, we must admit that a blue tick beagle has the cutest and most appealing look. Furthermore, the blue ticks give it a special unique touch. Looking at dog alone is already pleasing for us.

Secondly, knowing what is a blue tick beagle, we can also expect a loyal and happy dog. Moreover, it makes a great family pet too which is friendly to kids and fun in nature. Overall, its gentle nature and intelligence will only amuse us even more.

  • Cons

In the first place, a bluetick beagle puppy is known for having a loud bark. It is a sign of a good watch dog but it can bother the neighbour too. In addition, it is known to be destructive when it is left alone and it can be too mischievous.

To add even more, a blue tick beagle puppy natural curiosity and high energy can lead to a mess, and its strong willed and stubbornness can cause quite a problem. We also need to really watch the diet considering it gains weight easily, and this situation can lead to many more health problems.


blue ticked beagle

  • In sum, a blue tick beagle will make a totally attractive and stand-out pet for anyone. However, in addition to its cute look, this dog will also amaze us with its friendly nature, loyalty, and amazing intelligent.
  • However, it takes quite an effort to train, care, and maintain a beagle blue tick. From the purchasing to care, we will need to spend a lot of time, especially during early days, and money for the care. Yet, many people find it deserving, especially when we think of how great blue tick beagle puppies naturally.


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