Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Is Avocado Good For Dogs? The Answers Here!

can dog eat avocado

Can dogs eat avocado? You may have this question in your mind for a while, and you have been restricted your furry friend from this fruit since then. Avocado is extremely popular today. While you can always find it on the ordinary menus, they have avocado in their sandwich and sushi today.

This fruit is just hype and you want to share it with your little buddy too. But, are dogs allowed to eat avocado really? What parts of the fruit can be fed to the dogs? Is it still okay if your dog ate avocado skin? Before you jump into confusion or panic, let’s take a deep breath and learn a little more on this.

dogs eat avocado

What We Hear about Avocado for Dogs Out There

While avocado now makes into the list of most frequently ordered food for human, it is ironically always on the list of dangerous or toxic food for dogs. We often wonder, can dogs eat avocado and stay fine? On many guides, you will be able to find several nutritional facts that give you the assumption that avocado and dogs aren’t meant to be introduced at all.

are avocados good for dogs

Are avocadoes okay for dogs? This question has no easy answer. You may have heard or read somewhere that your dogs can be diarrheic from eating avocado. It may faint, and so on. Your friend may also have suggested avoiding avocado just in case. So, can you give dogs avocado? You may think you can’t, but you can actually do the contrary.

Avocado becomes so popular due to the facts that it contains several powerful nutritional value that brings serious healthy contribution to the body. While it matches easily with so many traditional and modern foods, it isn’t hard to prepare it too. If it has so many nutritional benefits, can dog eat avocado to get the benefits too? Are dogs allowed to have avocado and how much is safe enough?

avocado and dogs

Avocado Nutritional Value for Dogs

As mentioned before, avocado gets its popularity thanks to its health benefits. Naturally, it contains fatty acids and healthy fat which will be great for both human and dog health. So, can dogs eat avocado? If dogs can eat it, is avocado good for dogs? Actually, there are several nutritional benefits that dogs can get from a portion of avocado.

is avocados good for dogs

In the least, your dog will gain folate, amino acid, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. If you ever wonder, are avocados ok for dogs, this fact should relieve you. Other than those nutrition values, an avocado can give your dog enough vitamin A, B3 or also known as niacin, B6, C, and E. So, is avocado toxic for dogs? Not at all. Avocado actually has a lot of beneficial nutrition for dogs.

Its folate, amino acids, potassium, and niacin are really great for the fur. They keep the fur healthy and thick as you expect it to be. Avocado for dogs is also great thanks to those vitamins. Can dogs eat avocadoes? Hell, yeah. Those vitamins are great for your canine friend’s bone health, skin, and eye sight, not to mention so many other benefits too.

husky puppy is smiling

In short, there are many nutrients in avocados for dogs. It promotes its health, but it also comes with risks. If you plan to add this fruit on your list, you also need to recognize the risks as well.

Possible Risks if Your Dog Accidentally Eat Avocado

Can dogs eat avocado? While you are still searching for the exact answer of this question, you find your dog accidentally eat it without you knowing it. Then, the next question comes up. What happens if a dog eats avocado? Do we need to take the dog to the clinic? It depends on what parts of the avocado your dog ate.

can my dog eat avocado

Basically, the flesh of avocado for dogs is safe enough. Of course, you also need to follow your vet’s caution to consider the portion very carefully. Are dogs allergic to avocado? They normally aren’t, as long as you feed them with only the flesh. However, the other parts of avocado for dogs side effects can be a overwhelming.

  • Avocado Fat

Why are avocados bad for dogs? It is funny, but avocado good fat can be bad for dog actually. This fat can lead to health problems due to the excessive amount of fat your dog intake. While it is a little contrary to what happens if human eat an avocado, it is actually very logical too. Everything can be bad if it is too much.

can dogs eat avocados

Your dog still need the fat, but a small amount of it should be enough for its entire need. Avoid giving it in a large portion. What happens if my dog eats avocado? It will be fine as long as it is in a small portion. It’s a rule.

  • Avocado Pits

Are avocado pits poisonous to dog? It can be, but it isn’t what makes avocado pit the most dangerous part for your dog. The pit is also called the seed. We always remove it when we prepare the avocado. It contains persin, and persin is poisonous for dog. However, we will talk about it on the next part.

are avocados bad for dogs

Avocados bad for dogs, especially if they eat the pit. The pit actually is a choking hazard. The pit can block the airway if it gets stuck in your dog throat. If it doesn’t get stuck in your dog throat, it can block the intestine tract and this can be a serious problem. Take them to the clinic immediately if it happens.

  • Avocado Persin

Is avocado poisonous to dogs? The entire being of an avocado plant contains persin. This persin is a poisonous agent for your dog. The fun fact is that there are more of it on its plant including the seed, skin, stem, and leaves. The amount of persin on its seed is small compared to how much the other parts contain.

are avocados bad for dogs

If you have the plant on your yard, please make sure that your dog can’t get any near of it. Are avocados poisonous to dogs? Yes, if they eat a large amount of the plants parts. They can get poisoned and it risks their health. Luckily, our dogs tend to be resistant in a small amount though.

Why can’t dogs eat avocados? They are actually can as long as you can prevent your dog from getting any of those dangerous parts. Swallowing too much of the fat, the pit, or persin will risk your dog health and can possibly cause serious damage.

What Other Parts of Avocado are Dangerous to Dogs

Can dogs eat avocado? Apparently they can as long as they don’t eat the seed, leaves, stem, or skin. Your dog must avoid these parts of the plant. So, can dogs eat avocado flesh? They actually can with a respective portion per feeding. However, it isn’t the flesh that becomes the new problem.

avocados for dogs

Is there any other part that is also dangerous? Not really. You already know the entire parts that are dangerous for your dog. However, the avocado pulp can be another problem trigger too. What is avocado pulp? Are avocadoes toxic to dogs when it is in pulp form? Here is the explanation.

  • Avocado Pulp

Avocado pulp is made by taking out only the flesh and grating it into softer form. It is often sold in bulk to households and restaurants as the main ingredient for sauces or guacamole. The texture is pretty similar to puree, soft and smooth, which should be nice for everyone. So, can dogs eat avocado skins? No, they can’t, and it applies for the pulp too.

is avocado safe for dogs


To sensitive dogs, avocado pulp can cause pancreatitis and it often happens with only a small amount of avocado pulp. Pancreatitis is a condition in which a serious inflammation happens in the intestinal organs. This inflammation alone is already a dangerous condition. If you still wonder can dogs eat avocado pulp, the answer is better be no.

The problem is we often don’t know that our dogs are actually pretty sensitive with this fruit until problems happen. Rather than finding out that pulp of avocado poisonous to dogs, it will be best to never feed them the pulp as pancreatitis can lead to a fatal condition.

cute dog in green blanket

Shortly, we should be careful by not feeding the dog with the wrong kind. Can dogs eat avocado pits? Can dogs eat avocado skin? The answers are no including for the pulp. Avocados good for dogs if we feed them with fresh flesh in a small portion only.

What Benefits Can Avocados Bring to Your Dog?

can i give my dog avocado

Now, you know the entire reasons behind people asking can dogs eat avocado. Despite the entire possible risks you may encounter, avocado can bring several benefits to your dogs too. Is avocados good for dogs? Here are the proofs that it is actually good:

  1. Source of Vitamins and Fiber

As mentioned on the earlier part, avocado is a fruit that is rich with vitamins and fiber. Are avocados good for dogs? They are! These vitamins can boost your dog health greatly. With the right amount, your dog can get enough intake of the vitamins naturally.

happy dog

Meanwhile, the fiber will increase your dog digestive system. It is also the reason why several dog food today contains a tiny amount of fresh avocado in it, despite many possible risks listed. So, can a dog eat avocado? For the sake of vitamin and fiber intake, yes!

  1. Source of Good Fat

Can dogs eat avocado? Definitely! Avocado contains good fat, which is good for human as well as dog, as long as it is in the right amount. This good fat will lower your dog cholesterol respectively. However with low cholesterol, your dog is safe from heart problems.

puppy on scales

  1. Source of Good Substances

If anyone asks you is avocado okay for dogs, your answer should be it possibly is. As mentioned earlier, avocado contains great substances like niacin, folate, and antioxidants. It helps your dog to get pretty fur, and they help in fighting possible diseases including cancer.

In short, is avocado safe for a dog to eat? If you know how to safely feed your dog with avocado, it is actually quite safe. In fact, it has so many health benefits for your dog that it may solve several existing health issue your dog has today.

Is There a Safe Dog Feeding Plan with Avocado?

With so many health benefits, it is logical that you want to try avocado dog food once in a while. However to prevent the risks explained above, it is imperative that you know how much avocado is bad for dogs, how much can dogs eat avocado, and the other important details.

three puppies are eating

To simplify everything, you can feed your dog with avocado following these four basic rules:

  • Always Feed with Ripe and Fresh Avocado

Can my dog eat avocado? It can if you feed him with a ripe avocado. Ripe avocado has smaller amount of persin. It means the risk of getting the side effects is also smaller. Always make sure that the avocado is on the best condition which is ripe and fresh before you feed it to your dog.

freash avocado on wood table

  • Feed Your Dog with Only the Fruit

Is avocado safe for dog? As explained before, the fruit or flesh is the only part that is safe for dog feeding. Make sure that you prepare it yourself. Remove the fruit from the skin and get rid of the pit too. Make sure to supervise your dog while it eats the avocado to prevent any troubles.

  • Always a Small Portion

Is it safe for dogs to eat avocado? Yes, it is. Your only job is just to keep it in a small portion. It means if you plan to feed the dog with avocado the whole day, you divide that small portion into several servings.

  • Keep It Plain

Can I feed my dog avocado with a little more ingredient? No, you absolutely can’t. Plain avocado alone is already a little risky, adding ingredients, like guacamole ingredients, can be even more dangerous for your dog. Your dogs avocado need to be strictly as plain as possible.

avocado slices

These four rules should be enough to help you getting the right feeding when it comes to avocado in the menu. It keeps the avocado safe for dogs, and there likely won’t be any health issues or possible risks to encounter.

How Much Avocado is Safe Enough for Dogs?

are avocados safe for dogs

It was mentioned a few times before that it will be safe if your dogs eat avocado in a small amount. But how much is small?

An avocado, in medium size, can contain fat as much as 21 to 29 grams and calories as much as 227 to 320 calories. Can dogs eat avocado in this size? Yes, in normal health condition. This size of avocado should be a fitting portion for a medium size dog.

avocado slices

However, you need to remember that such portion is safe for the entire day only. Are avocados bad for dogs? Yes, if you repeat this portion two or three times in a day. This portion is the whole avocado your dog is allowed to take. More than that, avocado toxic to dogs.

So, if you wonder, can I give my dog avocado? Yes, you can. Are dogs allergic to avocados? They likely aren’t, but this fruit isn’t recommended for dogs that need to lose some weight or with some health issues. Always consult to your vet for best suggestion.

Can Dog Eat Avocado Oil?

is avocado oil good for dogs

The debate on giving avocado to dog has been endless. Can dogs eat avocado? Yes, they can but we are still in doubt about the portion. After the confusion, the recommendation of avocado oil feels like a breeze. Is avocado oil bad for dogs or is it good? Let’s learn more on its facts here:

  • When you are in doubt and wonder is avocado oil safe for dogs, the answer is yes, it is very safe. Avocado oil is made of the very extract of ripe avocado, but it contains no persin or a small amount if any. It means the risks that can possibly emerge due to the amount of persin can be avoided. So, is avocado oil good for dogs? It totally is!

mixed dog breed

  • There are many avocado oil for dogs available to purchase today, and most of them are safe and good for dogs. However, you need to know that the amount of fat in this oil is still huge. You still need to control the intake to ensure your dog health.
  • Your dog needs only a small amount of avocado oil to get the benefits and avoid the risks. A teaspoon of the oil is enough to small to medium size dogs. A tablespoon should be sufficient for the bigger ones. Can dogs eat avocado oil this much every day? No. Give them the oil once a week only.

Is There Any Dog Food Containing Avocado?

avocado dry dog food

As a matter of fact, there are many commercial dog food products that are avocado based. It is a little different compared to the oil one. This one contain a little of the persin. Can dogs eat avocado dog food? These dog foods commonly are made of fresh and ripe avocado. It is then dried and packed.

The amount of persin in this dog food is made safe enough but you need to follow the feeding instructions to make sure the dog food avocado ok for dogs at your home.

However, can dogs eat avocado dog food and face no health risk? This is something you need to monitor yourself. Avocados and dogs are somewhat a risky relationship, so you need to watch your dog closely.

puppy is eating

Watch if there is any onset including itching, vomiting, diarrhea, or any other reactions to the avocado dog food within the day or the week, immediately stop feeding your dog with it. Can dogs eat avocadoes dog food after these reactions? They can’t.

These reactions show that the avocado and dogs in your case is a no go including in the shape of dog food. Then, is avocado good for dogs if it is fresh in this case? You better consult to your vet, because these reactions indicate that your dog body may refuse fresh avocado as well.

What to Do If Your Dog Accidentally Eat Avocado

what happens if a dog eats avocado

There are times when you drop a slice of avocado and your dog catches it. When you find out, you may get panic. Don’t. What to do if dog eats avocado? Follow these steps:

  • Find out how much my dog ate an avocado. If it is only a slice, or a medium size fruit, it should be safe enough.
  • Check if my dog ate avocado, and more than just the fruit. If it also eats the skin, leaves, or even the pit. If it did, bring your dog to the vet before any blockage or acute reaction happens.
  • Watch for your dog health condition for the following days, and give him enough water.

Final Thoughts

  • So, can dogs eat avocado yes or no? They actually can. Avocado has many health benefits including promote your dog health in the right portion.

can dogs eat avocado

  • Therefore, you need watch out on the amount of persin and good fat in it. Your dog can only take so much. A medium avocado, the fruit only, is enough for a day. Is avocado bad for dogs if you give them more than this? Yes, it is.
  • Can dogs eat avocado dog food and oil? Yes. A tablespoon or even teaspoon avocado oil is enough for the entire week. Avocado dogs food should be safer, but watching out for bad reactions is always wise because it still contains a tiny amount of persin.
  • Are avocados safe for dogs? Yes. It is recommended to feed your dog a medium avocado in a day, and please don’t repeat it until at least next week. Make sure to avoid avocado if your dog has health problems or need to lose some weight.

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