Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? Is Broccoli Good For Dogs? The Answer!

can dog eat broccoli

Can dogs eat broccoli? This is a good question considering that most families have broccoli on the table, at dinner mostly.  In times like this, we really want to share the dinner titbits to our canine friends. But, we often hesitate because we are wondering, is broccoli good for dogs?

When it comes to human, broccoli makes one of the best veggie to add on your diet. It has nutrition that will promote our health. Broccoli is even added on baby’s diet. In here, we must assume that it should be a safe enough veggie to share, right?

dogs and broccoli

Well, before assuming on anything, it is best to find out more on details. We need to know more about broccoli, the nutrition value, if there is any benefit if we feed our dog with broccoli, and can dogs eat cooked broccoli or if it is better to be served raw instead.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli and Stay Healthy?

dogs and broccoli

Naturally, dogs are categorized as carnivore, animals that need meat on their diet. However, dogs are more of facultative carnivore. This group of carnivore can eat non meat food as well. It is also safe to sum that our dog can have both meet and veggie on the diet. So, can dogs eat broccoli as it is a veggie?

Hang on. Let’s understand more about this diet.

Dogs can eat veggie and fruits, but both can substitute meat if you want your dog to get enough nutrition to stay healthy. Broccoli for dogs is probably a great idea when it comes to variation on the diet, but you still need to feed your dog with meat as it is not the main food it should take.

dogs eat broccoli

Can my dog eat broccoli? The fun fact is that there are several dog foods that contain broccoli as the one of the ingredients. So yes, your dog can probably eat broccoli, but it shouldn’t be something routine or as the main menu. Is broccoli bad for dogs in routine? Yes, it is.

So how can dogs eat broccoli then? First, let’s find out how broccoli makes an excellent addition to the menu. Next, let’s learn more on the benefits and how to prepare it for your dog.

Nutrition Value of Broccoli

broccoli nutrition

If you are wondering can dogs eat broccoli, you need to check on the nutrition facts. Broccoli has become one of the most popular veggies for good reasons. In each cup of the veggie, chopped and in raw condition, you will find:

  • Calories: 31
  • Protein: 2.5 gram
  • Carbs: 6 gram
  • Fat: 0.3 gram
  • Fiber: 2.4 gram

Judging from this nutrition facts alone, we already know that broccoli will bring enough good nutrients to our pooch. This veggie is also cholesterol free, as well as low in sodium and calorie. So is broccoli safe for dogs? It is possible that broccoli safe for dogs. Can dogs eat raw broccoli then?

can i feed my dog broccoli

Eating raw broccoli isn’t something you need to judge hastily. However, raw broccoli does have a lot of things to offer. Other than those mentioned above, broccoli naturally offers these too:

  • Folic Acid

Can dogs eat broccoli because it has folic acid? Especially for pregnant dogs, broccoli will be an excellent food. It promotes health in a natural way.

  • Minerals

The minerals include chromium potassium, sodium, magnesium, and many other beneficial minerals. They boost the immune as well the nerve system on your pooch.

  • Vitamin C

Can dogs eat broccoli especially as it contains vitamin C? Yes, your dog can benefit from this as vitamin C delivers anti inflammatory properties while it boosts immune system at the same time.

broccoli for dogs

  • Vitamin K

Broccoli is the veggie that contains the highest vitamin K. This vitamin promotes your pooch density, so it will be really great for an active canine friend.

  • Fiber

Of course, fiber will help a lot in your dog digestive system. It keeps the system works smoothly. However, there is a part of broccoli that is hard to digest for your dog, so make sure to remove it.

Risks of  Feeding Dogs with Broccoli

can my dog eat broccoli

Now your question, can dogs eat broccoli, is answered. It is possible to feed your dog with broccoli. It has high nutrition values that will benefit your pooch. However, this veggie also comes with some warnings, especially when it is coming into your canine friend bowl. There are at least four issues that need to be your concern:

  1. Gas Problem

Can dogs eat broccoli? It can but hold your break before you decide to wild with it. Broccoli is categorized as cruciferous. This kind of veggie tends to produce gas when eaten. Therefore, it is possible that your pooch is gassy after eating the broccoli.

Your dog getting gassy isn’t a problem when the smell isn’t so terrible. Basically, gas can also indicate that your dog is having a little issue on its digestive system. Can dogs eat broccoli then? Yes, they can, but if the gas smell so awful, immediately call your vet for medical attention.

  1. Harmful Bacteria

dog is sick

Can dogs have raw broccoli? The answer is it can be too risky. Broccoli can be served raw but it means a higher risk of getting Salmonella bacteria. Naturally, dog has better resistance to the bacteria than human. Yet still, it doesn’t mean that your dog is free from health risks.

When your dogs eat broccoli in raw, and get infected of the bacteria, they will commonly show symptom like lethargy, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, dehydration, fever, and vomiting. Whenever your beloved pooch shows one of these symptoms, visit the vet immediately.

  1. Choking

Is broccoli okay for dogs? It is if you know how to prepare it. All parts of broccoli are actually edible for your canine friends. However, the stem needs special preparation before being served. Due to the shape and texture, broccoli stem can cause choking problems, especially on smaller dogs.

The best way to serve broccoli dog can eat is by cutting it into small pieces. It will be easier to chew and swallow. Being smaller, the risk of it blocking the oesophagus will be farther as well. Of course, cooking the broccoli soft will be a lot helpful too.

  1. Portion

can dogs eat steamed broccoli

Can dogs eat broccoli in a large portion if we cook it? This is a frequent question ask by owner. The case is that broccoli contains a lot of things including isthiocyanate. It naturally comes with complex sugar and fiber. Too much intake of this substance can cause several health issues.

Your dog can suffer from issues like blockages, diarrhea, upset tummy, as well as gas due to the digestive distress in extreme level. To prevent this, make sure to make this veggie your dog broccoli treats with maximum 10% of the total one day portion of your pooch.

Benefits of Feeding Broccoli to Dogs

can dogs eat broccoli

Can dogs eat broccoli? Learning the possible risks after feeding your dog with broccoli is really wise. We know now dogs can eat broccoli, but we also know the limit. While there are things we need to concern, there are also benefits for dogs broccoli can deliver. The benefits include:

  1. Prevents Zinc Deficiency

This health problem is a common issue especially when it comes to certain breeds like Malamute and Husky. The risk is even a little bigger to smaller dog breeds as well. It leads to a more serious health problems like blindness, skin problem, heart disease, and gastrointestinal problems. Can dogs eat broccoli, you ask? It can and it needs to.

Broccoli is a good source for zinc. If your pooch doesn’t show any bad reaction after eating the first time, it means broccoli ok for dogs. Feeding it with broccoli in a wise portion regularly should help prevent the deficiency.

  1. Reduce Depression and Anxiety

depression dog condition

Broccoli and dogs health is closely related. When your dog feels anxious or stressed, the body releases hormones. These stress hormones tend to consume important nutrients including B vitamins, vitamin C, and zinc which are crucially important to maintain your pooch health.

So, is broccoli good for dogs to eat and does it help in this situation? Broccoli is a good source for those nutrients that are eat up by stress hormones. Plus, there are compounds in broccoli that will help in this situation. Anxiety and depression on dogs are often caused by internal inflammation, and it can be helped with sulforaphane in broccoli.

  1. Promotes Your Dog’s Brain Health

Broccoli bad for dogs when you prepare it wrong. However when you do it right, the same sulforaphane in broccoli helps in promoting your pooch brain health. It is scientifically proven to be beneficial in Alzheimer treatment as it promotes brain derived neurotrophic factor.

As a result, it boosts up signalling pathways function in the brain, helps neuron survival and growth, and enhances treatment for brain injury. So, can dogs eat broccoli? Yes, they can and they should.

  1. Enhances Your Dog’s Eyes Health


One of the main reasons why broccoli ok for dogs is because it contains most important carotenoids, including zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta carotene. Beta carotene will transform into vitamin A as it gets into your dog body, help fighting eyes health problems.

Meanwhile, zeaxanthin and lutein naturally accumulate in retina, which means they promote your dog’s eye condition directly. So not only that broccoli safe for dogs, it is beneficial too for your dog’s health.

  1. Liver Detoxification

Can dogs eat broccoli? Your dogs can eat broccoli in a certain portion especially because it will help in liver detoxification. Chemicals that are toxic for dogs are in the air. Your dog breathes it, and they are stored inside the fat. It tends to accumulate and cause problems like cancer.

To prevent this, your dog needs Phase II liver detoxification that requires Nrf2. If the broccoli dogs eat is prepared well, the sulforaphane will activate the Nrf2 pathways and enhances the process. It means eating broccoli helps in fighting cancer for your dogs.

dogs and broccoli

  1. Leaky Gut Repair

Can dogs eat broccoli? Yes, they can as it helps in repairing leaky gut too. A dog’s gut is separated with a single layer of cell from the other body parts. This layer function is to prevent any leaking of dangerous microorganism and undigested food from the gut. When it leaks, your dog health is seriously compromise.

Can a dog eat broccoli? It can because it contains indole glucosinolates that will help the most in repairing and strengthen the gut layer. With a healthy gut, digestive system in your dog will be promoted too, leaving your dog with happy tummy.

  1. Microbiome Balancing

running dog

Can dogs eat broccoli? Yes, they can when you care about balancing the microbiome inside your dog’s digestive tract. The microbiome here is the entire bad and good bacteria, and the microorganism. They all need to be in balance, and broccoli can help.

The bacteria need prebiotic. After digesting it, your dog bacteria will transform it into SCFAs that are important to maintain your dog’s immune system. So, can you give dogs broccoli? Yes, you can because broccoli is a source of prebiotic too. Feeding your dog with broccoli regularly in a controlled portion should help boosting the immune system.

  1. Helps in Reducing Internal Inflammation

If you ever question can dogs eat broccoli, you know now that they can. In fact, broccoli menu is recommended in healing process. Inflammation isn’t always negative. With this process, your dog’s body can get healed. However, severe inflammation needs further help to prevent worse condition.

Broccoli contains vitamin C and sulphoraphane that play important roles in reducing the stage of inflammation. Can a dog eat broccoli during treatment or recovery process? Yes, it can. Those two important compounds will release anti oxidant enzymes and reduce the inflammatory significantly in a natural way.

cute dog

  1. Preventing Cancer

Can puppies eat broccolis? Yes, even puppies can eat broccolis. This veggie contains sulphoraphane. This compound also hinders enzymes like methyltransferases and HDAC that play important role in DNA transcription. In a simple way, sulphoraphane helps your dog’s body to produce genes that suppress tumor.

Can dogs eat steamed broccoli and get this benefit? Yes, they can. You need to cook the broccoli but don’t get it overcooked. Prepared well, it will be easier for your dog to digest the broccoli and gain the benefit of the veggie and prevent cancer in the body. Is raw broccoli good for dogs? It is recommended not to feed it raw, but it is for safety reason only, nothing related to this benefit.

  1. Oxidative Stress Prevention

This kind of stress is caused by piled up free radicals inside your dog’s body. Broccoli can help fighting it. Can dogs have broccoli stems? For safety measure, make sure the stem is cut so your dog can digest it in a safe way. Digesting broccoli helps in gaining antioxidant that will prevent this stress.

This stress cause many severe health problems including cancer. Getting enough antioxidant like vitamin C will prevent it from happening. So in this case, is broccoli bad for dogs? Not at all. Instead, broccoli will be helpful.

More Health Impacts of Broccoli to Dogs

can dogs eat broccoli

Can dogs eat broccoli learning that it delivers many benefits? Yes, they can. Broccoli is a super power veggie and it is beneficial for human as well as dog’s health. Other than those listed above, there are still other health impacts your dog can gain from this veggie. The benefits are:

  • Promotes Bone Health

Just as in human, dogs also need enough intake of vitamin K in order to maintain bone density. Bone density helps in keeping the dog active and strong enough to carry the body, as well as surviving bone injury. Can dogs eat broccoli? Yes, they can and they should because broccoli is a good source of vitamin K.

  • Preventing Diabetes

Can dog eat broccoli? Especially for diabetic dog, it can be helpful. You need to consult to your vet first to really transform the diet, but broccoli can be really helpful. Its sulforaphane compound improves your dog’s body way of processing sugar intake.

healthy dog

  • Preventing Seizure

The same sulforphane helps in many other ways including in being an anticonvulsant. It means when your dog eats broccoli, it gains benefit of preventing, or reducing if your dogs already experience it, seizure due to health issues. So can I feed my dog broccoli, you ask? You can.

How to Prepare Broccoli for Your Dogs

broccoli safe for dogs

So, can dogs eat broccoli? Yes, they can. You know the benefits of feeding your dog with broccoli, and you also know the possible risks you may encounter. To prevent these risks, it will be best if you know how to prepare the broccoli. Can dogs eat broccoli stems? Let’s dig more about the preparation here including for the stems.

  1. Feed It Raw or Cooked?

Can dogs eat broccoli when it is raw? As mentioned before, feeding your dog with raw broccoli can be risky. There will be many bacteria that will disadvantage your dog’s health. Of course, your dog can chew and process it though if you insist.

some cooked broccoli

As an alternative for feeding it raw, it will be best to cook it first. Several methods are possible to try. Can dogs eat broccoli that is boiled? Yes, they can. You can also steam the broccoli or grill it plain. It helps in removing the dangerous bacteria but keeping it healthy at the same time. So, is cooked broccoli good for dogs? It is!

  1. Organic Broccoli

Is broccoli good for dogs? Naturally, broccoli has many healthy benefits for our pooch. However, inorganic one tends to have chemical trace in it, which can be harmful for your pup health. Especially when you prefer to serve it raw, this can be really dangerous.

To keep it safe and to reduce the amount of chemical substance, it will be best to prefer to organic broccoli. It has the same health values, but it is safer and healthier in many ways. It will be good both for you and your pooch.

  1. Wash First

Even the cleanest produce need to go through a long process and it goes by many hands as well. Imagine how dangerous it is if you dog eats broccoli that is unwashed. There are remaining on the broccoli and these shouldn’t get into your canine friend’s tummy.

wash broccoli with water

The best way to prevent further problems is by washing them first before preparing and feeding. Can French bulldogs eat broccoli too after this? Not only French bulldogs! All breeds can eat broccoli when it is washed and prepared well.

  1. No Seasoning, Please

It has been mentioned above that additional seasoning can be the trigger of a digestion problems and other health issues. When you prepare for the broccoli, please make sure to leave out all seasonings to keep it natural and as beneficial as it is. So, can dogs eat broccoli rabe? Broccoli rabe has seasoning, so they shouldn’t.

How much broccoli can a dog eat without seasoning? Around 10% of the total diet your dog has in a day is the best portion. Feeding it every few days as treats is wiser than giving it every day, especially when your dogs show gassy reaction after eating.

Final Thoughts

a dog eats broccoli

  • So, can dogs eat broccoli? Yes, they can. In fact, broccoli contributes a lot of help in boosting your pooch immune and in promoting health. Even though it isn’t meat while dog is a carnivore, your canine friends can benefit a lot from this non meat source of protein. When your dog eat broccoli, it actually eats something totally healthy.
  • Considering the health of the dog and broccoli natural condition, it will be best to cook it first plain before feeding even though feeding it raw is fine too. Cut them into bite size pieces to prevent issues like choking. Can dogs eat Chinese broccoli if it is cut nicely? Sure! Have a try now!

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