Can Dogs Eat Cashews? Are Cashews Bad For Dogs? The Truth!

can dogs eat cashews

Can dogs eat cashews? To answer this question, we will need to see through and more than just yes and no. Here is the problem. For human, cashew is a power food. It is rich in nutrients, and it is also rich in taste. It is a fun snack while it brings so many benefits.

Cashews are known to contribute a lot in promoting our bone, heart, and brain health, and it boosts the immune system. In dogs, it is a different case. Are cashews bad for dogs then? Not necessarily. It is just not wise to generalize safe food for human to be as safe for dogs.

Of course, being a power food, cashew can bring benefits to dogs too. So, are cashews good for dogs now? Maybe. But we need to learn on what to expect, what to anticipate, and how to do it the right way. Let’s dig more.

Can Dogs Eat Cashews?

can dogs eat cashews

So we spill some on the floor and our canine friends nibble on these nuts. Then, we ask ourselves, can dogs eat cashews? Several nuts are dangerous to dogs. Let’s take macadamia nut is one among those to avoid when it comes to dogs.

Commonly, it is the nutrients that aren’t safe enough for our pooches. Instead of giving benefits, these nutrients tend to add harm in our dogs’ health. But, what about cashews? Can dogs eat cashews and stay healthy? Maybe. Generally, cashews are safe for dogs, unless your pooch is allergic to nuts.

It can be a great idea to give some cashews for dogs. The nutrients inside the nuts are beneficial to our dogs’ health, and it can be a tasty treat at the same time. However, dog’s intake shouldn’t be the same as human intake. Why? Our dog can only handle so much.

In an excessive amount and quantity of feeding, cashew can be dangerous as well. It can bring health drawbacks and cause more problems. It is important to know the entire things before we decide to let our dogs eat the whole bag of cashews. So, how much can my dog eat cashews? Let’s learn on the nutrition value first.

What is the Nutrition Value of Cashews?

nutrition value of cashews

If you want to get a healthy and wise answer on a question like, ‘Can dogs eat cashews?’, you need to learn about this nut nutrition value. Cashew is a healthy nut, but how healthy it is? You can judge the fact based on the nutrition value of the nuts. According to USDA, in each ounce of raw cashes, you will find:

  • 157 calories
  • 12 gram of fat
  • 2 gram of protein
  • 7 gram of sugar
  • 6 gram of carbohydrates
  • 4 milligram of sodium, and
  • 9 gram of fiber

Of course, this nutrition value comes from unsalted cashews, which are a healthy option for us all. But what about our pooches, can dogs eat cashews looking at this great nutrition fact?

For dogs cashews are great too, but looking at the amounts of each nutrient in each ounce of it, we can suspect that cashews dogs portioning is a key. These nuts can be cholesterol free, and it can be a source of many vitamins. However, too much is never a good thing.

Before we find out more on portioning and risks, it will be best to learn the benefits of this nut to figure out what to do with dogs and cashews here.

What Can be the Benefit?

can dogs eat cashew nuts

If you are asking, ‘Can dogs eat cashews?’, you can rest yourselves because dogs apparently can eat them. Even though there aren’t many researches on this, but with a good portioning, cashews can bring a lot of benefits to our canine friends. These benefits include:

  • Source of Antioxidant

Yes, cashew is a source of antioxidant. Can dogs eat cashews because of this reason? Yes! Antioxidant helps as anti inflammatory agent too while it also boosts our dog’s immune system. This is especially great for pooches with several health issues.

It is common for dogs to suffer from problems like skin allergies and arthritis. In these cases, the anti inflammatory agents will help in repairing, protecting, and even fighting free radicals. So, can dogs eat cashews? Surely. It may help our canine friends recovery, which is a good news.

  • Source of Vitamin K

There are other vitamins too in cashew, but we need to highlight the vitamin K. There are vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. The K1 boosts the calcium benefits in our pooches. The K2 boosts the coagulation in our dog’s blood. Can dogs eat cashews for the sake of vitamin K intake? Yes!

This vitamin K in the cashew dog eats also prevents any risk of heart issues in dogs. The same supplement of this vitamin is given to dogs, when they accidentally swallow rat poison. The K1 is higher in cashew, but both benefits will be deliver from this nut.

  • Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

If you notice, omega 3 fatty acids are available in many dog foods. This makes cashews good for dogs for being rich of it. They are basically the main help when your dog needs to repair the fur and skin. They strengthen the skin and hair while they also soothe our pooches’ skin irritation.

Feeding cashews for dogs with itchy, flaky, and dry skin will help a lot in the skin health. The fur will get better too, and your dog can get back its healthy and gorgeous skin and fur. Of course, omega 3 fatty acids are available on many foods too, including the fish oil.

  • Source of So Many Other Good Stuffs

Is cashews good for dogs? Yes, the nuts have many benefits our dogs can gain. The calcium is important for teeth and bone strength and for the transmission of the nerve impulse. Cashews and dogs are a good match too because the iron inside the nut plays an important role in promoting growth of blood and enzyme in dogs.

If you wonder, can a dog eat cashews, you won’t be asking again after knowing the nuts actually contain copper and magnesium too. These two nutrients help in iron and other vitamins absorption, generating red blood cells, and many more.

Why Cashews are Dangerous for Dogs?

can dogs eat cashews

Alright. We already know the possible benefits we can get if our dogs eat cashews. Now, we also need to know the dangerous part of this nut. Looking at the nutrition value fact, it is hard to believe that cashew can bring dangers to our pooches. Sadly, these good nutrients can be dangerous too.

  • Calorie, Salt, and Fat

Even though the amounts of these three nutrients aren’t too much for human, it can be too much for dog. Too much intake of calorie and fat can lead to obesity, cholesterol, and other related issue. So, how much can dogs eat cashews to avoid these issues? Just a little is fine.

  • Awkward Shape

Cashews also have a rather awkward shape and crunchy texture. It is possible that our canine friends can’t chew it ultimately before swallowing. This can lead to several issues, from choking to intestinal obstruction. Can dogs eat cashews that are cooked then? Without additional spices, yes they can.

  • Potential Allergy Cause

It doesn’t happen to all dogs, but as in humans, several dogs may have a certain allergy to nuts. If so, you shouldn’t let your pooch eat any of these cashews. Can dog eat cashews and get awful allergic reaction? Depending on the dog and the amount of cashews, it is potentially possible.

Risks of Feeding Your Dogs with Cashews

cute dog is sleepy

So yes, there are good nutrients in cashews that actually can be a dangerous threat for our pooches. Can dogs eat cashews if there are dangers lurking? Yes, they can, with a wise portion. However, we also need to understand the risks of feeding this nut to dogs. The most common risks include:

  • Obesity

The cashews dogs eat contain calorie and fat. The amount is not so much for us humans, but it is high enough for dogs. Can dogs eat cashews as much as they want then? We know better now. A large portion can lead to obesity issue, and it leads to problems like heart problems and cancer.

Can my dog have cashews and just a little? Yes, but how much is a little? We need to compare the calorie intake per day with the amount of cashew. Also, we need to watch on frequency of feeding. A fewer frequency is better for the pooch’s health.

  • Pancreatitis

This issue commonly happens when our dogs eat something fatty. When your dog ate cashews too much, there will be difficulty in breaking down the fat. If it happens, our pooches may have pancreatitis. The symptoms of pancreatitis include lethargy, abdominal pain, and bad appetite.

So, if my dog ate a cashew, it can have pancreatitis? If it is just one cashew, your dog will be fine. Pancreatitis commonly happens to dogs that are prone to it naturally, and that just ate too much. Without a proper treatment immediately, pancreatitis may require a very aggressive procedure to fix. Are cashews safe for dogs that are prone to this issue? Never.

  • Stomach Upset

This is probably the lightest risk you will find. One of the answers of questions like ‘Can dogs eat cashews?’ is maybe. The thing is that cashews are fatty treats. Fatty treats are hard to digest for our dogs.

It then leads to several stomach upset issues including vomiting, diarrhea, and many others. The best way to avoid this is by controlling the portion. If you ask, can dogs eat nuts cashews? The answer is they can if you control how much your dog take each time.

  • Bladder Stones

Can dogs eat cashews? If not too much, they can. When our dogs eat too much of it, they swallow too much phosphorus in the nuts. The phosphorus pile can build bladder stones.

We may argue that we won’t give that much so there will be bladder stones, but phosphorus are on other foods too. It is only wise to stay small in portion. Can my dog have cashews, you ask? They can with a respective amount we can control.

Other Risks of Feeding Cashews to Dogs

can dogs have cashew nuts

The risks above give us enough picture on what can happen if we are being careless in feeding the dogs with cashews. Can dogs eat cashews? As long as these dogs don’t have health issues like diabetes, bladder stone, and kidney issues, they can eat these nuts. However, without those issues as well, the other risks are possible too, such as:

  • Allergic Reactions

Are dogs allergic to cashews? Not all of them, but it is possible. If you should recognize symptoms like irritations, rashes, ear infections, hives, face scratching, paw biting, or coughing, it is possible that your dogs are allergic to nuts. Call your vet if one of these symptoms happen badly.

  • Salt Poisoning

This issue is possible if you feed your canine friends with store bought cashews. Will cashews hurt dogs if we buy it from the store? Yes, it probably will. These cashews commonly contain a lot of salt. Too much salt intake can lead to lethargy, depression, and even death without an immediate help.

  • Liver Failure

This rarely happens, but possible. Cashews with mold will cause this. Can dogs eat cashews with mold and not getting liver failure issue? If you wash clean the cashews before feeding, they may not have this problem. Can puppies eat cashews that are clean? This is the best way!

How Do We Know Our Dogs Just Ate Too Much Cashews?

dog is hungry

It is actually a little hard to spot it on unless you find the pack or container empty and no one claim to finish them. Can dogs eat cashews too much? We know well they can’t, right? We also know that this intake comes with consequences.

After eating too much cashews, your dog may show several reactions. If your pooches are allergic to nuts, there will be swelling, itching, and hives at least. Are cashews okay for dogs with nut allergy? They are definitely not. When these reactions appear, you need your vet help immediately.

Can dogs eat cashews a little more if they aren’t allergic? No, they can’t. If so, it is highly possible that your dogs will at least get the choking issue. You also need to watch if there is any sign of intestinal or respitaroy blockage due to the shape and size of the nuts.

Our Dogs Just Ate Cashews, What to Do?

dog is lazy

Learning the risks, we may be panic and ask, ‘Can dogs eat cashews? What to do if they did?’ Relax. It happened and we need to measure the situation following the incident. If you catch your dog eat too much of the nuts, here are the steps you can do.

  1. Prepare a Lot of Water

Water always helps. It is a bit harder to chew raw cashew nuts for dogs. There is a possibility that they just swallow the chunks. Drinking a lot of water will help in rinsing these chunks and preventing choking or blockage. If it is salted cashew, it helps rinsing the sodium as well.

  1. Call the Pet Poison Control

Can dogs eat cashews that are store bought? They actually can’t. Therefore, you need to call the pet poison control through the hotline and consult on the ingredients added on the nuts. They will tell you what to expect and to prepare.

  1. Symptoms Finding

Are cashews poisonous to dogs? Yes, it is possible. Therefore, it is important to watch out if several of the symptoms should happen. These symptoms should happen within a half hour to 24 hours after the incident. If nothing happens, your dogs are safe for now.

  1. Go to Your Vet

When the symptoms happen and your pooches show severe ones, it is best to immediately call or visit your vet. There is a high possibility that your canine friends need immediate treatment before it leads to something worse. Can I give my dog cashews then? Let’s not go wild on this so we don’t have to visit the vet too often.

How to Feed Our Dogs with Cashews Safely

cashews nuts

So we know the risks, the benefits, and what to do when bad things happen. The next question is, ‘How can dogs eat cashews safely then? Fortunately, there are simple steps that you can do so your dogs can eat cashews and not getting the side effects from there.

  • Feed with Clean Cashew Only

Can dogs eat cashews that aren’t clean yet? Cashews can have shells and mold, and this isn’t the kind we should our dog with. Wash it clean before feeding. It is a small effort, but it prevents many problems including choking and more serious health problems.

  • Keep It Plain

As mentioned before, our dogs can’t chew the cashews very nicely. To make it softer, we can cook it first. Are cashews good for my dog if I cook it first? Yes, as long as keep it plain, not adding other ingredients like salt.

  • Always in a Small Portion

Are cashews ok for dogs if we feed them in a small portion? It is the best way. 10% of the total calorie intake for your dog is the maximum amount per day. Then, don’t give them any more a few more weeks for best.

  • Just Occasional Treat

Can dogs eat cashew nuts every once in a week? It depends on the dog condition and the amount of the nuts. However, it is best to stick with a small portion every a few weeks. It prevents any build up of the nutrients that can be dangerous to dogs.

Can Dogs Have Cashew Milk or Butter?

cashew milk

Cashew milk and butter are popular ways of enjoying this nut.  Can dogs eat cashews that are made into milk? Cashew milk is made of unsalted raw cashew and water. If we don’t add other ingredients like sugar, or flavouring powder, it will be a great alternative of drink for our furry friends.

If you need to find a bit of sweetness in this milk, you can add a small dash of pure honey. Can dogs eat cashews that are made into milk with honey? It is completely safe for you and your dog. It contains a lot of beneficial nutrients, and it is very tasty too.

What about the butter? Can dogs eat cashew butter? Yes, they can. However, it is recommended to make the butter by yourself. The store bought one commonly contains salt, oils, sugars, or alternative sweeteners. These can be a serious threat for your pooches.

Our dog cashew needs to be plain, so it is only logical that the butter needs to be plain as well. Are cashew nuts bad for dogs in the form of butter? They aren’t bad as long as you keep it plain. Plus, one to two tablespoons a day is high enough limit.

Best Alternatives for Cashews

dog with fruits

While feeding your dog cashews occasionally is fine, and those cashews safe for dogs, there are actually several treat alternatives that can be as healthy. If you want a treat that are more risk free, you should consider the following options to give to your dogs:

  • Watermelon

Can dogs eat cashews as snack after playing in a hot day? Of course as long as you follow the feeding rules. However, fresh and juicy watermelon will be even better. Rich with vitamins and minerals, this refreshing treat helps a lot in a hot day.

  • Banana and Peach

Can dogs eat cashews in a limited amount? It is a wise way to feed your dogs. However, as we are talking about feeding in moderation, banana and peach will make excellent alternatives. We can feed our dogs with these fruits in moderation too for vitamins intake.

  • Carrots

Can dogs eat salted cashews? It is very tasty, but it can be poisonous for our dogs too. If you want a sweet and nutritious alternative to this, carrot makes one of the most favourite. Your dog will love the taste and texture, and it is more risk free than cashews.


dogs eat cashews

  • Can dogs eat cashews? Cashews are nutritious and delicious even for our dogs. However, there are also health risks and other possible issue that can happen if our dogs eat too much of it. It is best to feed in moderation occasionally. To prevent health issues like liver failure and poisoning, we need to make it safe too.
  • To make cashews ok for dogs, we need to feed ones that are clean and plain. Additional ingredients like salt and sugar are dangerous, and possibly deadly. It is always wise to prepare the cashews by yourself to control the healthy intake.

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