Can Dogs Eat Cauliflower? How Much Cauliflower Can Dog Eat?

can dog eat cauliflower

Can dogs eat cauliflower? It is a good question considering that this veggie is often on the table at dinner and our kids often share it to our pooches under the table. Cauliflower can taste bland and this is probably the main reason why our kids like to share it, right?

Basically, cauliflower is recommended to add into our diet due to it great nutritional value. It contains many vitamins, mineral, and other beneficial substances like fiber too. So, our kids are actually missing a lot, but we also wonder, can our dogs eat cauliflower and gain the benefits too?

cauliflower dogs

A lot of veggies carry many health benefits, but unfortunately, they can be toxic or dangerous to dog. So is cauliflower good for dogs too? Is it not toxic at all? There are even more you need to know before you decide to go wild on this veggie while keeping your canine friend’s safety too.

Can Dogs Eat Cauliflower?

cauliflower vegetable

Can dogs eat cauliflower? Yes, but with cautions. Cauliflower is basically categorized as cruciferous vegetable which contains a lot of fiber. There are other veggies on this category too, including watercress, radishes, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. If you need a guide on dogs eating broccoli, you can refer to my post here.

As lightly mentioned before, cauliflower make a nutritious veggie to add in your dog’s diet. It contains many beneficial vitamins and compounds. With a wise preparation, your dog can gain many health benefits from this veggie. So, cauliflower for dogs can be an agreeable food alternative.

can dog eat cauliflower

Just as the other veggies on this category, cauliflower can bring risks or negative effects on dogs. It is important for a dog owner to understand the entire thing, from benefits to the risks. Can dogs eat cauliflower? Yes, but how and how much is safe enough?

Portioning is also an important factor here. Too often, good thing is no longer good just because it is received too much. It applies for feeding cauliflower to your pooch too. Can dog eat cauliflower every day? How much is enough and healthy? Let’s dig more on this to find your answers.

Nutrition Value of Cauliflower

cauliflower nutrition

Can dogs eat cauliflower in daily dose? Before we decide on this, you may need to take a look at cauliflower nutritional value. It helps you to understand what compounds will be swallowed by your dogs if you feed them with it. According to USDA, a cup of cauliflower, around 107 gram of it, contains the following nutrition:

  • 16 mg of Magnesium
  • 2 mg of vitamin B6
  • 6 mg of vitamin C
  • 1 g of protein
  • 2 g of sugars
  • 1 g of fiber
  • 3 g of carbohydrates
  • 1 mg of sodium
  • 3 g of fat, and
  • 27 of calories

Can dogs eat raw cauliflower with this nutritional value? Can dogs eat cauliflower in a cooked menu? In fact, they can do both. This is a set of healthy numbers for your dog too. Cauliflower contains a lot of fiber and it is really low on sugar. It is good news for your dog, because it will be beneficial for the digestive system while it is great for sugar diet too, not to mention the other compounds too.

So, can dog eat cauliflower rice and stay healthy then? Preparing this veggie for your dog takes a little more consideration than just knowing the nutritional value. Let’s learn more before we go for it.

Health Benefits of Cauliflower

can dogs eat raw cauliflower

Cauliflower is highly beneficial for human and it delivers the same benefit to our dogs too. Can dogs eat cauliflower and gain greatly for its health? Let’s check out on the compounds it contains and how it contributes to our pooches’ health:

  • Fiber

Cauliflower is high on fiber, and it is more of insoluble one. It means the fiber can’t be dissolved by water. Can dogs eat cauliflower with this kind of fiber? Yes, absolutely! This kind of fiber contributes best on the digestion system for both human and dogs.

dog and vegetables

Remains intact, this fiber helps a lot in dragging along the entire food in your dog’s intestines. The other waste inside is pulled by this fiber, ready to get out of your dog’s body. The cauliflower that dogs eat can actually helps in maintaining smooth digestive and balance weight.

  • Minerals

dog is running and play

As mentioned above, there are many minerals contained in cauliflower. Among others, your pooch body will gain minerals like manganese, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. This makes a strong reason why cauliflower good for dogs despite the breeds. So what these minerals can bring to your dog’s health?

These minerals are responsible for to support our pooches’ muscle integrity and function which is great for an active dog, nervous system, cell function, fluid balance, and the skeletal structure. Enough intake of these minerals will keep your dog free of activity restrictions.

  • Folate, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C

cute puppy

Only at glance, we already see what is coming. Cauliflower really contributes enough antioxidant in one meal. The vitamin A will help in strengthen your pooch’s eyes, giving it better eyesight and clearer colors. For dogs cauliflower also delivers vitamin C, which is an important compound to boost your dog’s immune.

It also contains folate and beta-carotene which make important antioxidant agents in a dog body. It helps in preventing cancer or several heart diseases. They are also anti inflammatory agents, which mean recovery should be fast with cauliflower in the diet.

  • Coline

short hair dog

The amount of coline in cauliflower is so much, and this nutrient has huge benefits to our canine friends. First, it helps in dog’s behaviour and cognitive function. If your dogs eat cauliflower or other sources of coline in an enough amount, they tend to not bending the rules, and they train better on athletic movements.

Second, coline also helps in detoxing the liver. Our dog gets free radicals and dangerous chemical very easily. This can be dangerous especially for the liver. In this case, coline helps in removing dangerous substances and keeping the liver healthy.

  • Flavonoids and Carotenoids

Adorable Golden Retriever on green grass

Naturally, flavonoids and carotenoids are responsible for any natural color in plants. They control the process to keep every plant looks as it looks. But, is cauliflower safe for dogs even if it contains these compounds? Yes, it is. They are beneficial for our dogs’ body too.

In dogs, flavonoids and carotenoids helps in fighting the bad side of the environment. It helps in protecting our dogs from damage caused by sun. It also helps in fighting and preventing bad effects of issues including air pollution, smoke, and pesticides. Enough intakes of these compounds will prevent your dogs from serious diseases like cancer.

  • Isothiocyanates and Glucosinolates

dog lay on wooden floor

These two nutrients are categorized as phytonutrients. Your pooch’s cell can be damaged from free radicals and more, and there are cells that protect the entire from this damage. These cells are protected by phutonutrients to make sure your dog’s body is safe all the time.

Can dogs have cauliflower rice then to add more phytonutrients intake? In moderation, cauliflower rice will be a healthy snack. The phytonutrients will help in reducing cognitive aging and heart diseases risk. In addition to those all, it may help in making cancer growth a little slower.

  • Vitamin K

The cauliflower dogs eat also brings vitamin K. Naturally, vitamin K can be grouped as vitamin that can be dissolved in fat. It means it will be easier for your dog to benefit from this nutrient. So what this vitamin can contribute into your dog’s health?

corgi dog

Vitamin K reduces the risk of your dog getting heart diseases. It also regulates the level of calcium in your canine friend’s blood. In addition to it, vitamin K is a crucial protein needed in metabolism of the bone and blood clotting thanks to the prothrombin in it.

  • Antioxidant Agents

Other than vitamin A, C, folate, and the beta-carotene, there are still more antioxidant agents in cauliflower. The antioxidants play important role in keeping your dog’s health. First, they fight the free radicals. Free radicals are the ones responsible when there is a serious damage in oxidative cell.

Can my dog eat cauliflower then to gain the benefit? Yes. In fact, your dogs will gain even more benefits including slower cognitive aging and healthy aging in a pooch. It keeps your dog intact, active, and it can learn new things in later age too.

dog on weight scales

In short, there are more than enough health benefits our canine friends can get from eating cauliflower. From heart health to cognitive aging, it seems like cauliflower is the magic food both a dog and the owner can use. Luckily, these aren’t the only benefits to anticipate.

As mentioned above, cauliflower contains fiber. This fiber makes your pooch’s digestion runs slower. It makes your dog feeling full a lot longer. This sustained fullness is the main reason why your canine friend will begs less, and eat less too.

It leads to weight loss which is good news for dog with obesity problem. Furthermore, cauliflower is low on sugar and calorie. This veggie makes a proper food for a dog with diabetes. So is cauliflower okay for dogs? It definitely is. A wise portion will bring these benefits to your pooches, but there is more about feeding this veggie to your dogs though.

Risks of Feeding Cauliflower to Dogs

can dog eat cauliflower

Can dogs eat cauliflower? Yes, they can but it comes with bad side too. Before you add this veggie on your pooch’s diet, it is best to know the possible risks if you feeding your dog with it. It allows you to determine which is allowed and which isn’t.

The basic information on cauliflower nutrition value, the shape, as well as the fact that it is included in cruciferous group should give us enough clue on the side effects possibility. To be more precise, the risks should include as follows:

  • Choking

Due to the shape and texture, it is highly possible that eating cauliflower causes choking problem. It can be a little hard for our dogs to completely chew the veggie into smallest possible pieces. Therefore, swallowing a big chunk of it is entirely possible.

dog is choking

Can dogs eat cauliflower big chunk? No, they can’t. It can create blockage in oesophagus and this is when the choking happens. In other cases, the big chunk causes serious blockage in the intestine, and your dog will experience serious digestion issue. If not solved, it can lead to a more serious medical issue.

  • Upset Stomach

This risk actually applies on almost all fruits and veggies containing high fiber. High fiber is great for digestion at one side, but eating too much of the fruits or veggie leads to gastrointestinal issue. It creates discomfort on the tummy and it may affect your canine friend’s appetite for some times ahead.

dog with stethoscope

Often, it also comes with other symptoms like very aching tummy and it isn’t nice at all for both the dog and the owner. The best way to avoid this issue is by applying moderate portion. Dog cauliflower should be served in the best way and in the best amount so your pooch can gain the benefit and never getting this side effect.

  • Gas and Loose Stools

This risk is similar to the previous one. When your pooch experience GI or gastrointestinal issue, you will notice several symptoms like your dog becomes gassy, or worse, it comes with nausea and loose stools too. These indicate that your canine friend experiences serious GI problem.

Nausea often comes with vomiting, and it changes the appetite and your dog entire health. Each dog has different resistance towards this problem, so it is wise to go slow in feeding it with cauliflower. Can dogs eat cooked cauliflower to avoid this problem? Maybe, but the key is on the feeding portion.

Hungry dog with bowl

  • Intoxication

There is a debate whether any part of cauliflower is toxic for dogs. Naturally, the entire parts of this veggie should be safe for your dogs, when prepared and fed in the best way. However, preferring to organic one will be best. It prevents your dog from getting any bacteria or chemical remnants on it.

Is cauliflower ok for dogs if it is organic? It is likely, as long as you don’t serve it seasoned too. Seasoned cauliflower can be toxic. Avoid adding seasonings like garlic or onion, salt, butter, or flavouring. There should be no other ingredients between cauliflower and dogs.

Cautions of Feeding Dog with Cauliflower

cute dog

So, there are many health benefits of feeding your dog with cauliflower. Whenever you are wondering, can dogs eat cauliflower, you already have the answer. Yes, they can. However, this super power veggie also comes with the bad side and risks. If you are excited to feed your pooch with cauliflower, pay attention on the following cautions for safety:

  • Becareful with Large Chunk

Can dogs eat cauliflower in big chunks? As mentioned above, it will possibly lead to choking hazard. It can block the airway, or it can block the guts. The smaller your dog, the more dangerous these chunks will be. Make sure to get rid off the chunks just in case.

  • Raw isn’t Always Wise

cauliflower in a bowl

Many people think eating the veggie raw is the best way to gain the natural benefits. It is probably true, at least a part of it. Sadly, raw cauliflower is harder to digest when it comes to our canine friends. We need to do more in preparing it so it isn’t only easy to eat but also to digest.

  • Seasoning isn’t Friend

Is cauliflower safe for dogs when we add seasoning on it? We know this veggie can taste rather bland. However, it isn’t enough reason to let the seasonings in. Your pooch doesn’t need the seasoning as it tends to be toxic for them. Leave the seasoning for health reasons.

  • Moderate Portion Only

small portion of cooked cauliflower

Can a dog eat cauliflower as much as it wants it? No, it can’t. The compounds of the veggie are beneficial for the health, but it can be kind of toxic when taken too much. Moderate portion, which can be different on each dog, is highly recommended to prevent any possible risks from happening.

How to Feed Cauliflower to Dogs

can dogs eat cooked cauliflower

Alright. Now we know the benefits, the risks, and the cautions of feeding too. It is confirmed that cauliflower ok for dogs, but we need to prepare and serve it in the right way to prevent health problems. Whenever you need a guide while adding cauliflower on today’s menu, you can always rely on these points:

  • Feed in Small Portion

Can dogs eat cauliflower in a small portion? Actually, this is the best way. Small portion can be different to each dog. However, one to two bite in a day should be enough considering the risks when the portion is too big. Plus, don’t feed this veggie again for the next seven days yet.

can dogs eat cauliflower

  • Cook and Cut

With all the choking and blocking hazards, it is best to always cook the cauliflower. It helps in making the veggie easier to digest and softer to chew. Can dogs eat cauliflower safely when cooked? They can, especially when you cut it small enough to your dog bite size.

  • Stay Out of the Toxic

Cauliflower dog can eat is one that has no toxic seasonings like garlic, onion, butter, and salt. Never prepare the veggie with this seasoning for your dog. Plus, canned or jarred ones tend to have a lot of sodium in it. It can be toxic too. Avoid it when it comes to your pooch meal.

can dogs eat raw cauliflower

  • Always Watch Out for Bad Reaction

Can puppy eat cauliflower at all? Yes, it can actually. However, you will also need to watch out for bad effects. Each dog can be different. As soon as your dog shows symptoms like vomiting, nausea, or gassy issue, reduce the portion or stop at once.

When you are in doubt and asking, can puppies eat cauliflower, ask your vet first. Depending on your pooch health history, cauliflower can be a forbidden food. Let your vet decide if cauliflower should be added on your canine friend’s diet or not.

Ideas to Serve Cauliflower Safely to Dogs

dog is waiting for food

Let’s say we want our pooches to try cauliflower for a little twist on the menu. Can dogs eat cauliflower added in other foods? Yes, they can. In fact, it is probably the only way to keep it interesting considering the small amount it is allowed to eat and the prohibited seasonings.  Here are several simple ideas you can try:

  • Mix It with the Regular Dog Food

Can dogs eat cauliflower when added in dog food? It is completely safe, so yes they can. Make sure to boil, steam, or grill the cauliflower first. Then, cut it into small and fine pieces, and sprinkle it into the dog food.

  • Make Puree Using Ground Chicken Stock

Making it into puree is also a smart idea. Your dog definitely loves unseasoned chicken stock, so mixing it with cauliflower should be an easy meal. Can dogs eat cauliflower puree with other veggies too? Yes, they can as long as the entire veggies are well cooked and ground.

  • Add Into Sweet Potatoes

Steamed sweet potatoes for dogs and cauliflower will be an excellent variation. You can steam both veggies, smooth the sweet potatoes, and mix cauliflower sprinkle in it. This is going to be sweet and easy to digest treat. It is totally a delicious way to make cauliflower safe for dogs.


dog and bowl

  • So, can dogs eat cauliflower? Yes, they can! In fact, there are many health benefits our pooches can gain from eating cauliflower. It includes immune booster, cancer prevention, and other benefits too like better digestive system. However, can dogs eat cauliflower in a large portion?
  • Our dogs definitely can’t eat cauliflower in a large portion or too often. A bite or two once a week is already enough treat. Is cauliflower bad for dogs when it is too much? Yes. There are health risks too that our dogs may suffer from. It is best to feed them in moderation and rarely.
  • In addition to it, it is also recommended to prepare meal for dogs and cauliflower in it well cooked, and without possibly toxic seasoning. It keeps the treat healthy, easy to digest, delicious, and bear no health risks. Care to try now?

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