Can Dogs Eat Cherries? Can Dogs Have Cherries? The Facts!

can dogs eat cherries

Can dogs eat cherries? Cherries are one of those fruits that are quite problematic if we plan to feed it to the pooches. This fruit is popular in human. It comes in many kinds of foods, from cake to drinks. Cherries taste very delicious, and it is fun to eat as well.

On the other side, we human often think that fruits will make a healthy snack alternative. Unfortunately, not all fruits are safe for dogs too, right? Some are dangerous. Therefore, it is normal if you wonder can dogs have cherries often. And, what is about maraschino? Can dogs eat maraschino cherries?

Firstly, before we jump into a conclusion or immediately answer these questions, it is best to learn more about this particular fruit. We need to understand the nutrition fact, possible benefit and risks, and other important details. Secondly, are cherries bad for dogs? Let’s find out more.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

can dogs have cherries

Can dogs eat cherries? Cherries are categorized as prunus. Meanwhile, there are other fruits in this category as well, such as apricots, nectarines, peaches, and plums. In this family, the fruits are all delicious and fresh, offering a sweet and watery sensation in your mouth. But, however tempting it is, this family is not a popular option for dogs.

Can my dog eat cherries? Just like grapes, cherries are often considered as toxic for our canine friends.

The nutrients in these fruits are all good and healthy. However, they can give side effects to dogs and there are parts of the fruit that are dangerous too. For example, the cherry pits dogs eat are dangerous, as well as the stems and other parts too.

Let’s say dog ate cherry pit or those other parts. After that, there will be risks, including a few serious health issues. Many of these issues will require immediate vet attention. It looks bad, true. Fortunately, a very small bite shouldn’t cause these severe issues.

The important thing now is to know the entire benefit and risks, and to learn how to feed this fruit to our dogs without exposing them to the risks. Are cherry pits bad for dogs? Are there anything we can do about it? Let’s dig deeper.

What is the Nutrition Fact of Cherries?

nutrition fact of cherries

Can dogs eat cherries? Probably. This fruit is popular for its sweet taste. In addition to it, it is known for its rich addition to so many dessert dishes. Being in dessert many times, we often wonder if it is safe enough for daily intake. In other words, in a cup of cherries, you will gain the following nutrients:

  • 87 of calories
  • 2 miligram of magnesium
  • 9 miligram of calcium
  • 306 miligram of potassium
  • 7 Milligram of vitamin C
  • 4 gram of protein
  • 7 gram of sugar
  • 3 gram of fiber
  • 22 gram of carbohydrates, and
  • 3 gram of fat

Considering the nutrition fact, the cherries dogs eat should contribute a lot of positive intake, isn’t it? True, the nutrients are all good, and this fruit doesn’t even have sodium in it. So, can dog have cherries?

Let’s hold the answer of this question. It is mentioned above that there are serious risks behind this good looking fact. What happen if my dog ate a cherry pit? Can dogs eat cherry pits? Let’s learn more about the benefits first. After that, we can learn more about the risks.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries and Gain Benefits?

are cherries bad for dogs

Fruit isn’t a necessity in our pooches’ diet. However, it is nutritious. In addition, it makes a beneficial treat for our dog’s health. In cherries, our dogs can gain a few benefits too.

Can dogs eat cherries and gain these benefits? Yes, they can, but it takes a lot of cherries before our dogs can gain any of it. Accordingly, are cherries okay for dogs? Yes. Hence, here are the good effects of the fruit to our dogs:

  • Keeping the Good Health

Are cherries safe for dogs? Apart from the dangerous parts, the fruit actually contains of vitamin A. As we all know, vitamin A is very vital in dog’s health. It helps in maintaining good condition on so many aspects on dogs. Can dogs eat cherry and get this vitamin intake too? Yes.

It takes a lot of cherries to really feel the difference. However, vitamin A is undeniable important. Furthermore, the vitamin also helps in maintaining dog’s eye health, which is a crucial issue in an aging pooch. With this nutrient, feeding cherries for dogs isn’t a bad idea actually.

  • Better Recovery and Health

Are cherries ok for dogs? The fruit in a controlled portion is a beneficial food. It is a source of antioxidant which is strictly essential in the body. Antioxidant is the nutrient that helps in speeding up the recovery process if your dogs are ill.

The antioxidant is also an essential nutrient. Certainly, if you try to keep your dogs fit and healthy with a better stamina, you need the antioxidant. Can puppies eat cherries? The anti inflammatory properties in this fruit helps a lot in keeping the body cells healthy, which is good for puppies’ growth.

  • Healthy Gut

Can dogs eat cherries? With proper feeding steps, cherries can actually contribute a fiber intake. Clearly, fiber is essential in both human and dogs. Fiber is the nutrient responsible for bowel movement. With enough fiber intake, this movement will be healthier and smoother. No more issues like constipation.

Firstly, fiber helps in the movement of the bowel. Secondly, fiber also helps in maintaining our pooches’ gut health. It keeps the bowel clean and fit. Consequently, it also means lesser intestinal problems. So, can dogs have cherry? Our dogs will need a lot of it to gain this benefit, but yes, sure.

When are Cherries Dangerous for Dogs?

are cherries poisonous to dogs

Can dogs eat cherries?  They actually can. However, the amount and the feeding terms should be thoroughly controlled. It is filled with good nutrients, but cherries can be dangerous to dogs. Firstly, it is dangerous when our canine friends eat too much.

Secondly, cherries will be extremely dangerous with its parts like leaves, skin, stem, and pits. Are cherry pits toxic to dogs? No. However, it can cause other problems. Cherries and dogs come with so many precautions. Therefore, we need to learn them before feeding our dogs with one.

Cherries Parts that are Dangerous to Dogs

can my dog eat cherries

Can dogs eat cherries? Yes. However, there are parts of this fruit that actually are dangerous for dogs. Therefore, dogs can actually eat cherries, but not too much and without the dangerous parts. To make cherries safe for dogs, it is important to remove these parts. They include:

  • Pits

Can dogs eat cherries with the pits? It is actually not a good idea at all. Cherries have pits, which many people often address as seeds. Pits aren’t the same as the seeds. Firstly, these pits are dangerous to dogs because it contains a little amygdalin. This is where the problem comes.

Secondly, amygdalin will turn into cyanide when the pits are chewed or crush and then digested. Are cherries poisonous to dogs due to the cyanide? Unfortunately, yes. This cyanide will cause several side effects which can lead to a few health issues too. Can dogs eat cherries with the pits, you ask? No. It is dangerous.

  • Skin

Can dogs eat cherries with the skin too? Maybe not. On larger dogs, the cherry skin shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Yes. It also contains traces of amygdalin and cyanide. Likewise, it can be just as dangerous. However, this isn’t the only problem.

For smaller dogs, the skin is a serious threat. Can dogs eat fresh cherries along with the skin? The skin can cause choking problem, especially on the small breeds. They can’t chew it properly so it will be a problem. Are cherries safe for dogs to eat without the skin? It is possible.

  • Stem

Is cherries good for dogs if they eat it along with the stem? We know well that stem isn’t actually an edible part. So, it isn’t recommended to feed your dog with cherries along with the stem. It can cause similar problem as the skin does.

The stem of the cherry dog eats is hard to chew and break down. Likely, your dog will just swallow it. Cherry stem is actually toxic for containing amygdalin and cyanide. Similarly, your dog cherry can cause hurtful choking problem. It can even scratch the oesophagus.

  • Leaves

Is cherry good for dogs if they eat it with the leaves? Unfortunately, all parts of this fruit is toxic for dogs, except for the fruit only. The leaves aren’t as hard to chew as the skin or stem. However, our dogs can’t actually break them down nicely too.

Choking problem is a possibility. In addition, intoxication is also another risk. Are cherries toxic to dogs if eaten with the leaves? Yes they are. Firstly, remove the leaves, and all other parts. Secondly, feed this fruit to our pooches.

Possible Side Effects of Cherries to Dogs

can dog have cherries

Can dogs eat cherries? There are several concerns or side effects that may happen. The funny thing is that the side effects will over shadow the benefits. It’s true! To gain all the benefits of cherry for dogs, our canine friends need to eat a lot of it. On the other hand, eating a lot of this fruit can result to the following issues:

  • Too Much Sugar Intake

Can dogs eat cherries too much? No. The problem lies on the sugar content on this fruit. There is a quite high amount of sugar in cherries which explain its sweet taste. This taste is something your dog will like so much. But, too much sugar intake is never good.

Too much sugar intake can send them to the emergency unit right away, especially for the diabetic dogs. Can dogs eat cherries if they aren’t diabetic? Still, your pooches can gain so much weight with that much sugar intake. Moreover, other health problems will follow. But, if your dog only eats one, cherries good for dogs still.

  • Intoxicated

As mentioned before, all parts of cherries are toxic for dogs. Can dogs eat cherries and any of these parts? Of course not! The pits, stem, and leaves contain cyanide which can be dangerous for dogs. Intoxicated with cyanide, your dogs can experience breathing difficulty, dilated pupils, bright red of the gums, and more.

In severe condition, our canine friends can experience shock. Can dogs eat cherries and not experiencing any of this? Yes. Simply remove the other parts and feed the fruit only. So, can dogs eat pitted cherries? Yes, it is safe enough.

  • Intestinal Blockage

This issue is possible if your dog eat cherry too much over time. The blockage is commonly cause by the stems and pits. They are hard enough to be crushed. Consequently, it makes a rather big chunks are still possible to swallow. This is the beginning of everything.

This size is huge for smaller breeds. For instance, chihuahua is in a high danger here. Firstly, these chunks get into the intestine. Secondly, it creates blockage as they build up. Are cherry seeds poisonous to dogs? It is more than that. It is poisonous and is a blockage potential. Can a dog eat cherrys then? Yes. But, once again, they can eat only the fruit, and not the other part too.

  • Drunk

Yes. Your dogs can get drunk, and it commonly happens when your dogs swallow the rotting cherries. Can dogs eat cherries that are rotten and not get drunk? The thing is that rotten cherries, especially those on the grounds, contain alcohol. Alcohol is dangerous for dogs.

Alcohol in dogs cherries cause several side effects. Drunk is the least. There are other problems too, like movement issue, body temperature and blood pressure decrease, seizure, and even breathing failure. It is safe to say that rotten cherries toxic for dogs.

  • Teeth Damage

My dog ate cherry pits, is it dangerous? Beside the choking and poisonous issues, your dogs’ teeth are possibly damaged too in some levels. The cherry pits are really hard. But, our pooches will still try to chew and chomp them down. You can imagine the result if it happens many times.

The sugar content also plays a role here. Sweet food tends to add some damage to the teeth, including for our canine friends. Can a dog eat cherries without these issues? Sure, remove other parts and feed only the fruit in a good portion. Can you give dogs cherries too much? No. In contrast, you need to avoid these teeth issues.

What about Other Cherries and Flavored Food?

dog eat cherry

Can dogs eat cherries? Maybe. There are several benefits. But, these benefits are nothing compared to the possible risks. The problem is that our dogs need a lot of cherries to gain the benefits. On the other hand, eating too much is totally dangerous. What is about the other kinds? Are maraschino cherries okay for dogs?

  • Maraschino Cherries

Can dogs eat cherries maraschino in alternative to the fresh ones? Maraschino cherries are those added on top of drinks or desert. These cherries contain even a higher amount of sugar for its purpose, on top of dishes. As we know it, sugar is never a good news for dogs.

Can dogs eat cherries that are high in added sugar? No. Definitely not. It can cause GI or even obesity and diabetes on dogs. We don’t want to risk it. Above all, can dog eat cherry maraschino? They shouldn’t even taste it even a bit.

  • Pitted Cherries

Pitted cherries often refer to those cherries which pits and stems are already removed. Can dogs eat black cherries that are pitted? Maybe. These cherries don’t have the dangerous parts anymore except for the skin. Firstly, you peel the skin too. After that, the fruit is quite okay for our dogs.

Are dogs allergic to cherries like this? They aren’t necessarily allergic to this kind of cherries. But it doesn’t mean that the cherries are safe as well. Furthermore, we know well there are still risks when our canine friends eat too much.

  • Foods with Cherry Flavor

Of course. There are alternatives. For example, we will find foods with cherry flavours. There are many of them and most are delightful. Can dog eat cherries flavoured food? Unfortunately no. These foods contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweetener, additional chemicals, and many more.

It is too dangerous, Furthermore, it brings even more health risk. In short, can dogs eat cherries without seeds? Maybe. Can dogs eat food with cherry flavouring? Never.

My Dog Eat Cherries, What to Do?

can dogs eat maraschino cherries

We know all the answers now. Can dogs eat cherries? Maybe. But, there are awful risks we need to prevent. Dogs and cherries aren’t exactly the smartest match. It will be best for our dogs if they never eat the cherries. On the other hand, what if our dogs eat them accidentally? What should we do? Follow these steps:

  • Water Always Helps

It is possible that our dogs eat cherries too much. After that, we should expect side effects, especially on the smaller breeds. When the condition is quite severe , several signs may happen. For instance, your dogs may experience panting, breathing difficulty, or dilated pupils. For these reasons only, are cherries ok for dogs? We know better that it isn’t.

In this emergency situation, making sure your dog drinks enough water is important. It doesn’t heal any bad symptoms. However, water can dilute anything our pooches swallow. Moreover, it can neutralize it a little bit. Can dogs eat cherries? No. In the meantime, make sure they empty their water bowl when the symptoms happen.

  • Look for Bad Symptoms

As mentioned above, there will be some symptoms. Cherry pits poisonous to dogs, as well as other parts but the fruit. Therefore, we should expect our dogs to show bad effects, for instance after eating cherries too much. Watch out for your dog for the next 24 hours.

Cherry pits and dogs aren’t a good match, so signs like gastrointestinal issue may appear, as well as probably choking, breathing difficulty, and even shock. Some symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting should disappear the next day.

  • Take Them to the Vets

There are times when the symptoms seem to be more severe. For example, your dogs experience shock, constant weakness, and panting. In this situation, you need your vet’s help. Can dogs eat cherries with seeds or stems? No. These symptoms will appear if your dogs eat them all. It is likely that your pooches need immediate attention.

The best way to solve this situation is by taking our pooches to the vet. Are cherries good for dogs? Maybe. However, you need to feed without the seeds and stems. Severe reactions will turn into a dangerous health issue without a proper help and medication. Don’t wait too long, and go to your vet.

Feeding Suggestions

can dogs eat cherry

Alright. Firstly, you decide to give your dog cherries. Just for a taste. Secondly, you start wondering, how many cherry pits are toxic to dogs? How much I can give the dog? Follow these guides for a safe feeding:

  • Can dogs eat cherries a lot? No. Make sure to give them only one or two in a day maximum. Consequently, our dogs aren’t exposed to the risks so much. Mostly in larger dogs, there may be no side effects at all.
  • Then, make sure to feed with the clean one. Can dogs eat cherry seeds, stems, and the other parts too? No, they don’t. Therefore, it is important to remove the other parts first. We can’t forget that only the cherry fruit is safe for our pooches.


cherries and dogs

Let’s sum up everything we know now.

  • Can dogs eat cherries? Our dogs can eat cherries. On the other hand, they don’t have to as well. There are too many risks comparing to the possible gained benefits from this fruit. But, it should be fine if it is occasionally. For example, it is just one or two in a day.
  • Can dogs eat cherries with the entire parts as well? No. Always feed cherries to dogs with the fruit only. The other parts are poisonous for dogs and they can cause serious health issues.
  • Can dogs eat bing cherries? Maybe. It is possible to do in a very small portion occasionally. In addition, feed only with the fruit. Can dogs eat dried cherries? Never. It is soaked in syrup or sugar, and is extremely dangerous for dogs. As a safety suggestion, it is better if our pooches don’t eat the cherries. There are other fruits that are safer and that contain a lot of good nutrients as well.

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