Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Are Cucumbers Bad For Dogs? Find Out Here!

can dogs eat cucumbers

Can dogs eat cucumbers? This question may come up in your head many times, and it is actually quite logical. Firstly, we understand that human food is tempting for our dogs. Secondly, we really want to share these foods. But, the question is, can dogs eat cucumber?

We know well that veggies and fruits are healthy for us humans. On the other hand, we also know that many of them aren’t as healthy for our pooches. Therefore, we are curious now and we start asking, can my dog eat cucumbers and stay healthy?

Cucumber is actually fruit, despite the fact that many people claim it as a vegetable. As in other fruits, there are parts considered dangerous for dogs. For example, the skin often leads us doubtful. Can dogs eat cucumber skin? Let’s learn more about this fruit before we jump to answers and conclusions.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

cucumber for dogs

Can dogs eat cucumbers? This question actually has an easy answer. However, it is also important for us to understand the whole thing right. For example, we need to understand if the entire parts of a cucumber are safe. In addition, we also need to know how much we can give to our dogs.

Furthermore, we may also wonder, can puppies eat cucumber? As we all know, small dogs are prone to choking and other eating issues than the larger breeds. Therefore, understanding the basic ground rules here will be helpful.

Fortunately, cucumber is classified as a safe food for dogs. However, it comes with terms and conditions too. For example, we should avoid feeding it with the other parts. Can dogs eat cucumbers skin? It is probably dangerous. In addition, can dogs eat cucumber seeds? It can be unwise.

Before we start on feeding our pooches with cucumbers, it is important to learn the entire factors. The questions will be more than just ‘Can dogs eat cucumbers seeds?’ here. Let’s find out on the nutritional value, risks, and more. After that, we can decide if cucumbers are totally safe. And if so, we’ll know how to feed it in the right way.

The Cucumbers Nutrition Fact

cucumbers nutrition fact

Can dogs eat cucumbers and gain more than its fun texture? To begin with, the answer is yes. Cucumber is juicy, and crunchy. More than that, it contains good nutrients. In other words, it is true that cucumber good for dogs. In a one and a half cup of cucumber, we should find:

  • 8 calories
  • 4 milligram of potassium
  • 5 milligram of vitamin C
  • 5 microgram of vitamin K
  • 3 gram of protein
  • 9 gram of sugar
  • 3 gram of fiber
  • 9 gram of carbohydrate
  • 1 milligram of sodium, and
  • 1 gram of fat

As can be seen, this fruit contains very low sodium, fat, and calorie. So, if you ask, can dog eat cucumber? The answer is definitely yes. In fact, the nutrients give us a big picture of how nutritious this treat can be. These nutrients can improve our dog’s health, and this is a good news.

Now, we all know we can answer ‘yes’ on a question like ‘Are cucumbers good for dogs?’ However, it is normal if we still have some doubts. For example, cucumbers are good for dog, but are cucumbers bad for dogs in certain situations? Probably. Let’s dig more on both sides then.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers and Gain Benefits?

dog cucumber

Can dogs eat cucumbers? In fact, they can! Cucumbers are claimed to have many benefits to our pooches due to the nutrients in it. For that reason, there are at least eleven obvious benefits our dogs can gain listed here. In detail, here are these benefits when we decide to feed our dogs cucumber:

  • Hydrated

When you are questioning, ‘Can dogs eat cucumber?’, you need to know that 95% of it is water. In other words, it contains a lot of water. Therefore, the answer to the question is yes, your dogs can eat this. It helps in keeping your dog hydrated. However, it shouldn’t replace the role of real water though.

  • Low Calorie Intake

Can dogs eat cucumbers if they have issues, for example being overweight or diabetic? Because cucumber contains very low sugar, this fruit is a low calorie snack. In other words, it makes a safe treat for even a diabetic and an obese dog. When your overweight dog eat cucumbers, there shouldn’t be any harm happened.

  • Fiber Intake

Why are cucumbers good for dogs? Cucumbers contain a lot of soluble fiber, and it makes it good for our dogs’ health. In detail, this fiber improves the movement of the food inside our dogs tract. After that, it helps in making this movement faster and smoother. In addition, it helps in improving our dogs’ stool quality.

  • Source of Antioxidant

Can dogs eat cucumbers and get healthier? Yes, they can. Firstly, cucumber contains a lot of vitamin C. Secondly, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and it prevents cells damage. Thirdly, it also reduces inflammation and cognitive aging, and it fights several cancers. Therefore, starting to give cucumbers for dogs is a wise idea actually.

  • Source of Vitamin K

Can I give my dog cucumbers? Yes, you can. In fact, cucumber is rich with vitamin K, which is important for your dog’s health. Firstly, it helps in clotting the blood. Secondly, it helps in the coagulation process.

  • Source of Vitamin B1

When you give your dog cucumber, you actually give your pooch vitamin B1 intake, and this is a healthy step. Firstly, it helps in regulating the energy. Secondly, it also helps in the metabolism of the carbohydrate intake. In short, the cucumber dogs eat are actually help keeping the dog fit.

  • Source of Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is also called as the pantothenic acid, and this nutrient plays an important role in generating energy in your dog. Therefore, when you ask, can a dog eat cucumber, the answer will be a yes. It is because cucumber helps adding vitamin B5 intake to keep him energetic.

  • Source of Vitamin B6

Your dogs cucumber contain pyridoxine or vitamin B6, and there are many benefits from this nutrient alone. Firstly, it helps in the regeneration of the red blood cells. Secondly, it improves the function of nervous system. Thirdly, it helps in the regulation of hormone, and in improving the immune response.

  • Well Functioning Kidney

There is potassium in cucumber, and there are several health benefits of cucumber for dogs from the potassium alone. It helps in keeping the kidney function, and it supports muscle function. Additionally, it also improve your dog’s digestive system.

  • Source of Manganese

Cucumber is also a source of manganese. Can you give dogs cucumbers for this reason? Actually, yes you can. Firstly, manganese support fatty acid and protein metabolism. Secondly, it improves ligament role and it supports the production of energy. Thirdly, it helps in the maintenance of the bone.

  • Better Bone and Immune

Can dogs eat cucumber peels? Maybe. Your dogs can eat them if you can prepare it well. However, it can be risky for the smaller breeds. Albeit the fact, cucumber still helps in keeping the immune function, and in supporting the integrity and growth of your dog’s bone. Of course, it is due to the iron, zind, and calcium in it.

More Perk of Cucumber for Your Dogs

can dog eat cucumber

In addition to the benefits above, the cucumber dog eats actually bring one more benefit we should appreciate. Apparently, cucumber helps as natural fresheners for our dog’s breath. But, how?

Basically, cucumber also contains phytochemicals and phytonutrients, and both nutrients are the ones that freshen our pooches’ breath. Furthermore, the same nutrients kill all bacteria causing bad odor in our dogs’ mouth. In short, these nutrients are also the reasons why cucumbers okay for dogs.

Nevertheless, this fruit shouldn’t replace dog toothpaste when it comes to fresh breath. However, if you ask, ‘Can dogs eat cucumbers?’, the answer is definitely yes.

When are Cucumbers Dangerous for Dogs?

dog eat cucumbers

How much can dogs eat cucumbers? This question is an important one too because we actually need to know the proper amount to give to our dogs. Albeit the fact that cucumbers ok for dogs, eating too much of it is when cucumber can get dangerous.

In addition, the smaller breeds often can’t eat the other parts but the flesh only. If you insist to give them the peel and seeds too, it gets dangerous as well. Therefore, it is important to serve it right too. So, if someone asks you, ‘Are cucumbers okay for dogs to eat?’, you can answer it with ‘probably.’

Cucumber Parts that are Dangerous for Dogs

are cucumbers good for dogs

Can dogs eat cucumbers and the entire parts? Yes, they probably can. However, there are parts that can be a threat as well for some dogs and they affect nothing for some others. In detail, here are the parts of cucumbers dogs may eat and may be a danger:

  • Cucumber Seeds Cucumber Peel or Skin

Can dogs eat cucumbers peel or skin? Yes, they probably can. Basically, cucumber peel isn’t as thick as most fruit peels, but it also depends on the variety. In other words, the peel is probably easy to chew and digest, especially for larger dogs.

However, it is maybe a different situation for the smaller ones. The peel of cucumber for dogs with small jaw can be hard to break and chew. As a result, it can cause a blockage issue in the intestine, not to mention the possibility of a choking incident.

  • Cucumber Seeds

The seeds are the other problematic part. Is cucumber ok for dogs along with the seeds? It is actually safe enough. However, it can cause a blockage in the intestine as well, especially for smaller dogs. For this reason, are cucumbers ok for dogs with smaller built if we remove all the seeds first?

Yes, it will be the best approach to try, and it may prevent your small pooches from getting a blockage issue. In short, is cucumbers good for dogs? Depending on the size of your dog, it can be fine while it can be a problem at the same time.

Risks of Feeding Cucumbers to Dogs

are cucumbers bad for dogs

So far, we already know that cucumber is an edible fruit for our pooches. However, we may still have some doubts. Can dogs eat cucumbers and get no risk at all? The answer is probably. Yes, it is because there are actually possible risks too here, for example:

  • Choking

Can dogs eat cucumbers and get choked? Yes, it is highly possibly. Firstly, our dogs tend to gulp every food they are excited about. Secondly, if they swallow the big chunks, these chunks will cause the choking issue.

In addition, several cucumbers variety is thick on its peel, and this peel can cause the choking too. In other words, dogs and cucumbers don’t always get along so easily.

By then, can dogs eat cucumbers and avid this hazard? Yes, they can. Simply pay attention on the variety of the cucumber, and your dog size. After that, feed your dogs with cucumbers after the right preparation.

  • Tummy Upset

As mentioned before, cucumber contains a lot of fiber, and this can be a problem. In particular, high fiber food helps the digestion, but if it is eaten too much, it can cause issues. The issues are, for example, diarrhea, gas, and bloating. Are cucumbers safe for dogs in a smaller portion?

Yes, it will be the best way to prevent all the possible risks. Can puppies eat cucumber in a small portion and avoid the risks? Sure! However, puppies are smaller, and it is enough reason to pay attention on how you feed it.

  • More Urination

Yes, when your dogs eat cucumbers too much, this issue can happen. Firstly, cucumber is actually a diuretic fruit. Secondly, natural diuretic tends to make the kidney to excrete even more urine than usual.

For this reason, can dogs eat English cucumbers too much? It is better not to. If you insist, there are several conditions that can happen. For example, your dogs will pee too much and become incontinent. In addition, your dogs can get dehydrated.

My Dog Eat the Whole Cucumber, What to Do?

can my dog eat cucumber

Can dogs eat cucumbers? We are well aware now that they can. In addition, there are several benefits coming from there. However, it often comes up in my mind, can dogs eat cucumbers whole? What should we do when it happens? To answer these questions, here are some steps you can follow:

  • Watch Out for Signs

Can dogs eat cucumbers whole? It possibly won’t be a problem, but there are still risks. You should watch out for signs, like diarrhea, excessive urination, gas, and bloating. These signs usually pass naturally, but it is necessary to make sure it doesn’t get worse. If you ask, is cucumber good for dogs, then? Yes, but it is better not to eat a whole of it.

  • Keep Them Hydrated

Is cucumber bad for dogs? It is actually not, but it can bring mild side effects as well. In the case of extreme urination, our dogs can get dehydrated, and it is because there is too much fluid going out. Give them enough water to drink to prevent worse situation. By then, we can make sure cucumber okay for dogs anyway.

  • No More Cucumbers

Can dogs eat cucumbers raw too much? Actually, they shouldn’t because there will be side effects. When the side effects happen, it is important for us to stop feeding them cucumber. Firstly, it helps preventing the effects from getting worse. Secondly, we can start hydrating them to soften the effects. So basically, is cucumber good for dogs to eat? Yes, but with appropriate amount.

  • Visit the Vet

Is cucumber okay for dogs? Yes, it is actually okay, but there are risks too as mentioned before. When the risks get worse, or if your dog has a rare allergy, it is important to immediately contact the vet and get help. In other words, if all of these happen, is cucumbers safe for dogs still? It will be better for your dog to avoid this fruit for now.

Feeding Suggestions

can i give my dog cucumbers

Can dogs eat cucumbers? Yes, they can. In fact, our dogs can gain many benefits from this fruit. However, these benefits are impossible to get, and our dogs can get the side effects if we don’t feed it right. If you need a guide in preparing cucumber safe for dogs, these steps are very reliable:

  • Always Wash First

Can dogs eat cucumbers whole? Yes, they can if the cucumbers are all organic. However, store bought ones commonly have remnants of pesticides or wax layer on the skin. In other words, there are many dangerous ingredients on it. Wash if first. Can dogs eat cucumbers that are washed? Yes, it is also safer.

  • Peel It if You Need to

Can dogs eat cucumbers peel? Yes, they can for several varieties with thinner skin. However, it is still a risk, and the smaller dogs can get choked. Can my dog eat cucumber safer with the skin peeled? Yes. In addition to preventing choking, it also helps in preventing intestinal blockage.

  • Get Rid of the Seeds

For sensitive dogs, the seeds can be a problem. They make cucumber bad for dogs because they cause upset tummy issues. If you ever get one of these issues, don’t let your dogs eat cucumber with the seeds. For best, remove the seeds first before feeding.

  • Cut into Appropriate Sizes

Is cucumber good for dog if eaten whole? Probably. However, large cucumber pieces can be a serious choking hazard. Therefore, it will be best if you cut it into smaller pieces first. Adjust the pieces size with your dog size. As a result, you make cucumber ok for dogs once again.

  • Watch Out Your Portion

When it is too much is when cucumber bad for dogs. Ideally, your dog can’t take more than 10% of its calorie intake. Therefore, it is recommended to give them just enough cucumber to prevent problems. Check on your dog calorie intake per day to know exactly how much cucumber can a dog eat.

  • Consult to Your Vet First

Are cucumber good for dogs? Yes, cucumber is good for dogs, except for the sensitive ones. Several sensitive dogs may show some side effects immediately. Therefore, it is wise to consult to your vet first before feeding with cucumbers.

More FAQs

dogs and cucumbers

So far, we understand well all the important facts. For example, can dogs eat cucumbers? Yes, they can. Another example, can dogs eat cucumbers whole? Maybe, but it is better to remove the peel and seeds. However, there are still more questions too out there, i.e.:

  • Can Dogs Eat Cucumber Pickle?

Pickles isn’t one of the ways to make cucumbers safe for dogs. Pickle contains a lot of salt and other ingredients that can be dangerous for dogs. Cucumbers and dogs are a great match if the fruit is served as fresh and natural as possible.

  • Can Dogs Drink Cucumber Water?

Are cucumbers healthy for dogs? It naturally is. However, you need to choose the right cucumbers and ways of preparing it. Homemade cucumber water is a fresh treat and it is safer than the store bought one. Can dog eat cucumbers and drink the water occasionally? Yes.


dogs cucumbers

  • Summing up, can dogs eat cucumbers as treat? Yes. Cucumbers will make a healthy and fresh occasional treat. However, it also comes with risks. Therefore, we also need to pay attention on variety, portion, and how we prepare it.
  • In addition, is cucumber safe for dogs? Naturally, cucumber doesn’t have any toxic for dogs in it. However, there are sensitive dogs that can show allergic reaction to this fruit. Therefore, consulting to your vet is a major step you can’t skip. In short, cucumber and dogs are a match, and you should love this treat alternative too.

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