Can Dogs Eat Mango? Are Mangoes Good For Dogs? The Truth!

can dogs eat mango

Can dogs eat mango? This fruits seems to be too good to avoid. It is sweet and soft, and it has a lot of juice we can enjoy. Mango always makes a fresh and interesting treat every time. For instance, it is a refreshing snack during a hot summer day. No wonder this fruit becomes really popular.

It tastes totally delicious. In addition, mango is also rich in good nutrients that help a lot in our health and stamina. Further, we often wonder, are mangoes good for dogs? It just seems nice and great if we can share this fruit with our canine friends, right?

Sure. However, we shouldn’t haste when it comes to feeding human treats to dogs. Many human foods with good nutrients appear to be dangerous for dogs. Yes. We need to know more on this fruit first. After that, we can decide to share it with our pooches. Can dogs eat mangoes? Let’s learn more.

Can Dogs Eat Mango?

can dogs eat mangoes

Can dogs eat mango? Mango isn’t actually dangerous for dogs. In fact, the good nutrients inside this fruit will be as beneficial in dogs as in humans. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that mangoes don’t come with its risks. Yes, there will be some effort to make on our side to make sure it is safe for our dogs.

But naturally, is mango good for dogs? Yes. It will be a nutritious treat. However, surely, there are actually other straight forward treats for dogs too. These high quality dog treats contain all the nutrition needed in each serving portion. Unlike feeding with mangoes, these treats will be effortless for us.

So, are mangos bad for dogs then? No, they aren’t. They are still good as treats for our pooches. However, there are many better alternatives too. To be sure that mangoes are good for dogs too, we will need to know better. For instance, we need to know its nutritional fact, the benefits, and the risks as well.

Moreover, we also need to know in detail what the ‘effort on our side’ mentioned above means. Can dogs eat mangos and how should we feed it? It looks like the safety of this fruit for our pooches doesn’t lie only on the fruit. On the other hand, our feeding method is also important. Let’s dig more.

What’s the Nutrition Fact of Mango?

nutrition fact of mango

Can dogs eat mango as a treat? If you can prepare it well, yes. What about the dried one? Can dogs eat dried mango as well? It is just as great too. Mango will make a delicious treat with a bunch of good nutrients for dogs too.

That is to say, a cup of fresh diced mango should deliver the following nutrients:

  • 99 of calories
  • 2 milligram of sodium
  • 6 gram of fiber
  • 4 gram of protein
  • 5 milligram of vitamin E
  • 60 milligram of vitamin C
  • 71 microgram of folate
  • 23 gram of sugars
  • 25 gram of carbohydrate, and
  • 6 gram of fat

Looking at the nutrition fact above, it seems like giving mango for dogs will be beneficial. It is loaded with good nutrients. It contains sodium and sugar too. However, the amount isn’t very alarming for our pooches’ health.

Are mangos good for dogs really? It looks like it. With such good nutrients, there will be several health benefits our dogs can gain. On the other hand, we also need to be aware of the possible risks. Let’s not stop here and find out more.

What are the Mango’s Benefits?

can i give my dog mango

Can dogs eat mango? We are now aware that they actually can, and it will be beneficial for their health too. We will need to feed them in an appropriate way. Consequently, these benefits are certain to gain in each serving. What are the benefits of our dogs mango?

  1. Healthy Eyes and Healthy Skin

Can dogs eat mango for better eyes and skin health? The answer is definite yes. The orange color in mango is due to the beta carotene nutrient in the fruit. The same nutrient forms vitamin A which is the reason behind our dogs’ better eyes and skin health. Can dogs eat mango then? Yes!

  1. Immune Booster

Naturally, dog produces its own vitamin C. But, a little boost will be needed during stressing days or after an intense workout. Can dogs eat mango and get a boost of this? Yes. A piece of mango will do, and it will be a lot of help for an ill dog.

  1. Better Body Function

Can dogs eat mango and gain a better body function? Actually, they can. There is vitamin B6 in mango, and it plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism, fat, and protein. In addition, it also keeps your dogs’ nails, coat, and skin healthy.

  1. Healthy Digestive System

As in most fruits, there is a lot of fiber in mango. Fiber helps in aiding the digestive system in dogs, as well as human. Can dog eat mango and have a better digestion? Definitely yes. It often helps in solving digestive problems like constipation in dogs.

  1. Healthier Heart

Potassium is needed to keep the heart healthy. Can puppies eat mango and get an additional intake of potassium? Yes, mango is a source of potassium as well. It is an important mineral and electrolyte for dogs, in which it boosts the nervous system, muscle, and hearth health.

  1. Better Bones and Teeth Health

This is one of the reasons why are mango good for dogs. There is calcium in mango. Firstly, it functions as potassium does in dogs. Secondly, it also promotes our canine friends’ teeth and bones health. In short, we provide calcium intake for our pooches when we give our dog mango,.

  1. Nervous System Booster

This benefit is possible, and it is due to the magnesium content in mango. Magnesium keeps the dogs’bones strong, regulates is blood sugar, and supports our pooches’ immune system. Is mango okay for dogs then? Yes. It is okay because of the magnesium, and it is good because of the other minerals too.

  1. Antioxidant Intake

Mango is a source of antioxidant. Can dogs eat mango skin and get the antioxidant? No. But, the fruit will do. Antioxidant helps in defending the body from certain types of cancer, and allergies. Furthermore, it also defends the body from skin problems and several degenerative diseases. With the immune system is boosted, our dogs live healthier.

  1. Faster Recovery and Stronger Immune

Is dried mango good for dogs? Without additional ingredients in it, it will even help in a better recovery and stronger body immune. The protein in mango aids in muscle and other essential body tissues repair. The nerves and muscles are improved too.

When are Mangoes Dangerous for Dog?

can dogs eat mangos

By now, we know the benefits of feeding mango to dogs. Furthermore, we also know that this fruit also comes with its risk. When mangoes are start to be dangerous for dogs? The mango shouldn’t be served with the other parts. Can dogs eat mango parts? No. Dogs can only eat the fruit.

The parts make this fruit dangerous. Moreover, it is also risky to feed mango to dogs without paying attention on the portion. The mango dogs eat shouldn’t be too much. Most importantly, it is because too much of good things isn’t a good thing anyway.

Parts of Mangoes that are Dangerous to Dogs

can puppies eat mango

We also already know now that feeding too much is risky. Furthermore, the parts are possibly dangerous too. Can dogs eat mango parts? No. In fact, these parts are potentially dangerous, as slightly mentioned above. To know really well on this, let’s talk about each part carefully.

  • Mango Pit

Can dogs eat mango pit? Let’s review it a little. The size of this pit is almost the majority of the entire mango. This is already an affecting factor. The size may not matter so much if it is easy to break and softer. On the other hand, we know the fact that mango pit is hard.

Can dogs eat mango pit, then? It will make a potential choking hazard. If it blocks the oesophagus or the intestine, it will likely lead to a life threatening health problem. In addition, the cyanide inside the pit is really toxic for dogs too.

  • Mango Skin

Can I give my dog mango with the skin? Mango skin is dangerous for dogs. First, it is hard to chew for dogs. It can lead to choking problems. Even if the choking doesn’t happen, it is still hard to digest. If your dogs eat mango skin, there may be vomiting, intestine blocking, upset tummy issues.

Second, the skin contains urushiol. This component causes rash if your dog touch it. It doesn’t happen all the time to all dogs. However, it is potentially a threat. If you want to make mango good for dogs, it is best given without the skin at all.

  • Mango Stem

Can a dog eat mango stem? First of all, the stem isn’t supposed to be a part of the treat. It isn’t edible. Furthermore, it is hard to chew at the same time. Our pooches are possibly able to break them into smaller pieces, but it is still dangerous.

These pieces are possibly harsh and hard still. These pieces can possibly hurt the oesophagus wall or the other essential tissues. Moreover, it can be a real choking hazard. In smaller dogs, it can block the intestine, and it is life threatening. So, can dogs eat mango peel and stem? Never.

Possible Side Effects of Mangoes to Dogs

can dog eat mango

Can dogs eat mango? Yes. Further, we are fully aware now that dogs can eat mango as a treat. There are benefits our dogs can gain from mango, and these are the reason why mango is a good choice for a treat. However, is mango safe for dogs totally? No. In other words, there are side effects too, such as:

  • Choking

As mentioned a few times before, choking is a potential threat while feeding our pooches with mango. Can dogs eat mango and the choking doesn’t happen? Yes. We need to remove the dangerous parts of mango. After that, dogs and mango is a safe thing.

The pit is the main threat here. Mango pit size and hardness potentially cause the choking. Is mango bad for dogs even after removing the dangerous parts? Not at all. Avoid the pit and this coking threat won’t happen to your dogs.

  • Poisoned

This side effect still relates to the pit. Can dogs eat mango pit? Never. Choking is a risk. Furthermore, getting poisoned by it is also a potential threat. The pit will break when it is chewed. In addition, it will release a little cyanide. Is mango bad for dogs with the cyanide?

Cyanide affects badly on our pooches’ digestion. In addition to it, it also threats the dog general health. Mostly, our dogs will show several side effects from vomiting to shock. Can dogs eat mango pit and avoid these side effects? Maybe. On larger dogs, the amount is too little to affect their health.

  • Stomach Upset

Mango also contains fiber that is beneficial for the pooches’ digestion system. Therefore, we consider mango safe for dogs. It is true. On the other hand, too much of good things can be bad as well is a fact. For example, the fiber intake will be too much when your dog eat mango too much too.

Too much fiber is a bad thing on dog. Most often, there will be tummy problems. Constipation and discomfort are possible to happen, and there are even worse side effects too. So, can dogs eat mango too much? No, it isn’t wise.

  • Digestive Issues

This side effect can be caused by the fiber intake. In addition, it can be caused by the dangerous parts of the fruit too. Can you give dogs mango peel and stem? No. In short, both parts can cause issues in the digestive system. The side effects include vomiting to intestinal blockage.

If we want to make mango ok for dogs, we can’t include any other part of mango, but the fruit only. Without those parts, there will be no digestive issue. Are dried mangoes good for dogs? No, if it is with the peel or skin, stem, and pit.

My Dog Eat the Whole Mangoes, What to Do?

can dogs eat dried mango

Can dogs eat mango the whole of it? No. As mentioned a few times above, there are mango parts that are dangerous for dogs. If eaten whole, our dogs will suffer from the side effects.  Knowing that mango bad for dogs, what should we do if Fido eats the whole of it?

  1. Check on How Much Your Dogs Eat

The problem commonly comes after your dog eats too much. Can dogs eat mango like a lot? No. Firstly, our dog eat too much of bad things. Secondly, the side effects will be too much too. On the other hand, the effects of one mango won’t be as severe as many mangoes at once.

Can dogs eat mango just one and nothing happens?  It is possible, or maybe, the side effects will be mild. Nevertheless, a whole mango also means the pit and peel are included. Therefore, it is highly possible that your dog condition will be severe.

  1. Watch Out for Side Effects to Appear

Now, you know how many your dogs eat. After that, you can estimate the damage may happen. For example, can dogs eat mango the whole? No. If it is just one whole mango, the side effects you need to watch out is the choking and blocking, possibly.

The worse problem possibly happens when your dogs eat more than one whole of mango. Imagine. In other words, it means more than one pits, and more than a bunch of the peel. Eating a few whole is totally dangerous for dogs, despite the fact that mangoes good for dogs. It can be life threatening.

  1. Get Help from Your Vet

Are mangoes OK for dogs if eaten a whole? Never. We are well aware that the other parts, but the fruit, are dangerous for dogs. After making sure you know the amount your dog eats, and your dogs show a few side effects, call your vet.

Issues like choking, blockage and other severe side effects require professional help. There are medical procedures your dogs need to go through to survive this. Therefore, don’t wait until the symptoms get worse before you call your vet. So are mangoes bad for dogs if eaten a whole? Definitely.

Feeding Suggestions

dog eat mango

Now, we understand now that mango isn’t dangerous for dogs. But, can dogs eat mango safely? Yes, there are several simple steps you can take to prepare the fruit safely. If you want to feed mangoes for dogs, these ways will be a safe way to go.

  1. Check on Your Dog Medical History

Can dogs eat mango? Yes. Most dogs will have no problem eating mango. However, a few may be prone to health issue after eating mango. Dogs with certain health problems or surgical condition are often not allowed to have mango.

Are dogs allowed to eat mango if they have health problems? Probably. Dogs with issues like diabetes and pancreatitis can’t eat mango. Therefore, you need to check on your vet, and find out if there is any underlying condition. After that, you can decide if it is safe to feed your dog with mango. If your dogs are healthy, mango is a go treat.

  1. Feed It Clean

Can dogs eat mango the whole way? No, they can’t. The stem, skin, and pit are dangerous part we need to remove. Therefore, it will be best to wash the mango first. After that, peel it. Subsequently, remove the pit.

Next, we can feed our canine friends with the fruit only. Are mangoes okay for dogs this way? Yes, it is the best way to feed your dogs with mango. Furthermore, it makes sure there is no risk and side effect to encounter. As a result, our dogs can gain the benefit as much as possible.

  1. Size Appropriate

What is meant by size is the fruit and portion. First, you need to adjust the size to make mango and dogs a go. Mango fruit is soft enough. Therefore, larger dogs can just bite a big piece. On the other hand, the smaller dogs need further help. Cut the mango into dices. The size of the dices should be relevant to the dog actual size too.

Can dogs eat mango pits? Never. However, it can eat the entire fruit. Firstly, make sure that it doesn’t eat more than 10% of the caloric diet. Secondly, make sure to enrich the menu with other fruits as well for the next couple of weeks.

Feeding Ideas

are mangos good for dogs

Can dogs eat mango in many different ways? Yes! There are actually several fun ways to feed your dogs with mango. Are mangoes safe for dogs in these ways? Absolutely. Here are the major ideas you need to try:

  • Just as It is

Is mango ok for dogs if we just feeding the cut fruits? Yes. It is actually the easiest and the healthiest way. Your dogs can taste the sweet and refreshing taste without being prone to the risks.

  • Process First

There are many ways of processing the mango first. You can serve it frozen for a nice treat in the summer. You can also try to make it as puree for younger pups. In addition, it is always a nice treat to have the dehydrate mangoes. Can my dog eat mango these ways? Without additional spices or ingredients like sugar, yes!


can dogs eat mango skin

Let’s sum up everything, shall we?

  • Can dogs eat mango? Yes, totally. Mango is a safe fruit for most dogs who don’t have any underlying health condition. Are dogs allergic to mango? Generally, mango isn’t a fruit that causes allergic reactions. On the other hand, the peel may give a side effect on our dogs skin.
  • Can dogs eat mango seeds or the other parts too? Never. In other words, its fruit is the only part of mango that is safe for dog. With a little preparation, mango fruit makes a nutritious treat for our pooches. So, can dogs eat mango once we remove all parts but the fruit? It is the best way!
  • Our dogs can also enjoy mango in many ways. Can dogs eat frozen mango? Sure. It can eat it frozen, pureed, or dehydrated. In conclusion, our dogs should try it as long as it doesn’t include additional ingredients like sugar.

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