Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows? Are Marshmallows Bad For Dogs?

can dog eat marshmallow

Can dogs eat marshmallows? It is probably one of the most frequent questions you have while you are at home when it comes to sharing with your dogs.

During the summer, marshmallow is just the most popular snack for the kids. You’ll see a bag everywhere in the house. During the winter, marshmallow is just the perfect addition in your hot cocoa. Can dogs eat marshmallow so they know how it tastes?

It has the best texture, soft and chewy at the same time, and it also has the best taste and smell. It is only reasonable for a devoted dog owner to wonder, are marshmellows bad for dogs? Is it okay if we just give our pooch a little taste?

Before we fall to those cute eyes waiting for a bite, we need to consider this through. Are marshmallows bad for dogs? To answer this question, we have to find out more about this cute snack. Let’s dig more.

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows?

marshmallow for dogs

Can dogs eat marshamallows? Asking this question as a dog owner shows that you are wise. Congratulations! It is important to ask such question before a feeding action.

Commonly, marshmallow is made of water, sugar, and gelatine. However, there are more ingredients that you will find in a store bought one. As an additional information, modern day marshmallow is far more sophisticated and complicated to make.

If your dogs eat marshmallows you buy from the store, it will also swallow artificial coloring, tetra-sodium pyrophosphate, modified cornstarch, dextrose, and corn syrup. These ingredients are in the marshmallow in addition to the usual ones. So yes, modern marshmallow is unhealthier comparing to the early version.

Let’s say your dog ate marshmallows, and only a piece. Likely, there will be no harm and your dog will show no side effects at all. However, it doesn’t mean that the treat is completely harmless to our canine friends. In fact, there are serious health risks that may happen.

We need to learn how much is too much and the entire possibilities we must be aware about. Are marshmallows good for dogs or should we avoid entirely? Let’s find out more about the nutrition value in a packed one first.

What is the Nutrition Value?

marshmallow dog

Can dogs eat marshmallows even just a little? Yes, they can if it is just a bite and very occasionally. But feeding more can lead to several issues. If you are curious on how marshmallow affect your pooch, you may as well know the following nutrition value of a store bought pack marshmallow. Each ⅔ cup of marshmallow contains:

  • 100 calorie
  • 0 fat
  • 30 mg of sodium
  • 25 gram of carbohydrate; 16 gram of it comes from the sugar
  • Less than 1 gram of protein

This nutrition value may vary across brands and probably flavour.

If you add marshmallow on the list of your pooch treat, your dog marshmallow will likely have this kind of nutrition value. It isn’t very impressive, right? While it isn’t great for human, it doesn’t look beneficial for our dogs as well.

Marshmallows for dogs aren’t necessary. There are other treats that are as delicious, if not more, and bring even better nutrition value and benefits to our dogs. Those marshmallow dogs eat won’t make any difference in tiny amount, and it only adds sugar in your pooch intake in a larger amount.

What is Dangerous About It?

can dogs eat marshmallows

Can dogs eat marshmallows? They actually can, as long as it is just a tiny treat in a very occasional frequency. Why so? There are ingredients that are actually dangerous for dogs in a larger amount. Giving our canine friends as little as possible will be wise to prevent health issues. The ingredients that are dangerous for dogs include:

  • Corn Syrup and Sugar

When you ask question like can dogs eat marshmallows, you may need to consider the following ingredients in thought. Corn syrup and sugar are the sweetener in marshmallows. Just like other sweet food, our canine friends can only have a small taste of this.

Can dog eat marshmallow in moderation then? Sure. A small bite won’t hurt. Many diseases and health issue happen due to a large intake of sugary food. They can happen to our pooches as well. Particulary for corn syrup and sugar, it is best for our dogs to avoid it.

  • Xylitol

Alright. Now, we know that we need to avoid these sugary ingredients. If so, are marshmallows safe for dogs if they are sugar free ones? Unfortunately, not. Sugar free marshmallow commonly has xylitol in it. Xylitol is a popular option of alternative sweetener, and it brings serious damage in dogs.

So, if my dog ate a marshmallow sugar free, it also swallows the xylitol? It is likely, but you can check on the back of the pack to find out if it has sweetener. Each dog can give different reaction, but it doesn’t take too much before your dog gets the side effects of Xylitol.

  • Vanilla Extract

This is possibly surprising, but vanilla extract is actually poisonous for dogs. So, if marshmallows contain vanilla extract, can my dog eat marshmallows or is it too dangerous? The danger is too high. According to FDA, vanilla extract should contain 35-40% of alcohol. This isn’t good for the dogs.

It means the marshmallow dog eats actually contains alcohol. The problem is dog’s body can’t digest alcohol. If the alcohol isn’t broken down inside the body, it is possible that your dog will get nervous system problem and respiratory issue.

Health Risks of Feeding Marshmallows to Dogs

is marshmallow bad for dogs

If you ever wonder, can dogs eat marshmallows, you know the answer now. Marshmallow contains too many dangerous ingredients for dogs. However, you may still wonder on the possible health risks that may happen to our canine friends. Here are the most expected and immediate risks you will find:

  1. Diabetes

Can dogs eat marshmallows and not getting the diabetes? Your dogs won’t be diabetic if it doesn’t eat too much of it. However, as we all know, marshmallow contains a lot of sugar. A small intake already contributes enough sugar in your dog, and this means that even a small bite can be very risky.

For a diabetic dog, this is even a non-negotiable case. A small bite is already too much for these canines with diabetic issue. It will lead to so many other diabetic related reactions you don’t want to see. So can dogs eat marshmallow? It is better not to.

  1. Cavity

This is probably the smallest side effect if you decide to give marshmallow for dogs. Your dog will likely have some of it left between the teeth. We can remove it by brushing the teeth immediately, but there are cases when it is hard to reach for us.

By then, your dog will have cavities. When cavities stay, it will lead to tooth decay and infection. These two issues are enough reason to put a bar between marshmallows and dogs. But, what if my dog ate marshmallows, you ask? Clean the teeth immediately.

  1. Obesity

This side effect happens when there is too much marshmellow dog eats. A small bite should be fine, as long as it isn’t followed with the next bite. In an accumulation, the sugar will cause obesity in your dog. Obesity leads to so many other health issues, including urinary tract problem, arthritis, and cancer.

Can dogs eat marshmallows? Yes, they can as long as it is just a bite in every blue moon. However if you want to avoid the obesity problem, it is best to opt for other treats instead. Any treat causing obesity in a certain amount is something your dog needs to avoid.

  1. Nervous System Issue

As mentioned above, this is the side effect of vanilla extract in modern marshmallows. Is marshmallows bad for dogs for containing vanilla extract? In fact, it is. Vanilla extract has alcohol in it, and alcohol isn’t something your dog can break down or digest.

Being as it is, the alcohol will put a threat on our canine friends’ nervous system. Eventually with a lot amount of marshmallow, it disturbs the nervous work, and the dog coordination and mobility will alter. Can dogs eat marshmellows? They better not to if you want good coordination in your dogs.

  1. Respiratory Problem

This side effect also potentially comes from the vanilla extract in marshmallow. The vanilla extract may cause respiratory problem. There are many kinds of this problem, but all is about the failure of muscles, organs, and organs tissues to support the breathing process. Can you give dogs marshmallows then?

When respiratory problems happen, our canine friends will have so much difficulty in breathing. Without a pro help immediately, this condition can lead to death. Of course, it takes a lot of marshmallow before it happens, but who knows exactly how much in one dog to another. So, can dogs eat marshmallows? You know the answer now.

When is Marshmallows Too Much for Dogs?

my dog ate a marshmallow

Can dogs eat marshmallows if it is just one and small? Yes. Your dog can eat one small marshmallow for a taste. Likely in a normal health dog, this won’t be an issue, but it can be a serious trigger n a diabetic dog.

Are marshmallows ok for dogs if it is only for once a week? It depends on how much you give. A small bite very occasionally is fine. A few each week isn’t wise enough. Can dogs eat marshmallow in one cup portion then? No. It is too much. The best serving is one small bite every few months if you insist.

Marshmallows Feeding Rules for Dogs

my dog ate marshmallows

As indicated before, there should be certain feeding rules when it comes to marshmallow on dog. How much can dogs eat marshmallows? A small bite is enough, and your dog shouldn’t eat it for at least the next few months.

Can I give my dog a marshmallow that is a sugar free one? You can as long as it doesn’t contain xylitol, or if it is specially prepared for dog consumption. Other rules or compromises on these rules should be avoided by dog owners to keep the canine fellas’ health.

What to Do if Your Dog Eat Too Many Marshmallows

can you give dogs marshmallows

Can dogs eat marshmallows? We know the exact answer now. But, what if the unexpected situation comes, like our pooches find a bag of marshmallow lying somewhere and eat the whole of it? Stay calm and do the following steps:

  1. Water Helps!

So our dogs eat the whole bag. Can dogs eat marshmallows this much? No, they can’t. If it happens, it will help a lot to rinse everything with fresh water. Make sure your dog’s water is full and ready at its’ place. Water can help in diluting everything your dog swallows.

  1. Call the Right Hotline

Yes, there is a hotline for this. We can’t make marshmallows safe for dogs, but we can make sure what danger is lurking in. Call the pet poison control and read the marshmallows ingredients

  1. Watch Out for Side Effects

If we can’t make marshmallow safe for dogs, we should expect a few side effects to happen. In mild cases, side effects like belly bloat, constipation, and diarrhea are very common. If your dog eats these sugary treats, you need to watch if these side effects occur.

  1. Contact the Vet!

Your dog vet is the person who knows your dog’s history best. Your question is no longer, ‘Can a dog eat a marshmallow?’ again, but, ‘What marshmallow side effect can happen to my dog?’ Your vet will provide you the most precise answer, and thus, the right immediate help and treatment.

Can Dogs Eat Sugar Free Marshmallows?


We have discussed this above. Can dogs eat marshmallows that are sugar free? Sugar free marshmallow tends to have a high amount of xylitol as an alternative sweetener. This isn’t a good news. Instead, xylitol brings awful side effects to our pooches.

Around 30 minutes to 12 hours after swallowing it, xylitol will trigger side effects including low blood sugar, weakness, nausea, and probably liver damage in worst scenario. So, can a dog eat marshmallows that are sugar free? No, they shouldn’t. The xylitol will poison our dogs, and the health risks are too high.

Can Dogs Eat Home Made Marshmallows?

can dogs eat marshmallows

If the store bought is too dangerous, can dogs eat marshmallows that we make at home? Basically, a homemade one is a lot safer, but it doesn’t mean it is a good alternative too. You still need a little sugar to make this treat, and it means your dog will still eat the sugar.

If we make this special treat, we tend to give our dog more than it should so there aren’t too many leftovers. If you still ask can I give my dog marshmallows that are homemade, you know better you shouldn’t give them this treat. There are many better treat alternatives.

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows Fluff?

are marshmallows bad for dogs

The marshmallow fluff can be a fluff because of gelatine. This is the ingredient that makes it smooth and nice. Gelatin is generally safe for dogs. So can dogs eat marshmallows fluff? Yes, they can actually eat it. In fact, gelatine can be beneficial for our pooches digestion system.

However, the case will remain the same if you buy it from the strore. A store bought fluff is commonly very sugary and it may also contain artificial additives. Can dogs eat marshmallows fluff from the store then? Abosultely not. It will be too dangerous for our canine friends’ health.

Is Marshmallows Good for Treating Dog Dry Skin?

can dogs eat marshmallows

Can dogs eat marshmallows so it can get healthier skin? Marshmallow root contains mucilage. It is a substance with gel texture, and it is often used in skin treatment product and cosmetic. Mucilage is beneficial substance that helps in treating irritated and dry skin.

However, there is no scientific evidence that feeding our dog with marshmallow which contains mucilage can help any dry skin issue. Instead, marshmallows give many bad effects. So, can dog have marshmallow as a dry skin treatment issue? It seems like it isn’t the answer though.

Is Marshmallow Good for Treating Dog Urinary Infection?

can dogs eat marshmallows

This question may come up due to the fact that the root of marshmallow is known to be helpful in treating urinary and GI tract. It can help in soothing tissues that are affected and easing the inflammation. Can puppies eat marshmallows if it has urinary infection then?

So far, there is no specific evidence if the same method is applied in dogs. However, it will be a great thing to try if we are willing to dogs marshmallows for this treatment. To prevent the side effects, a dog friendly marshmallow is preferable for this treatment.

Are Marshmallows Allowed on Puppies?

can dogs eat marshmallows

Can dogs eat marshmallows? No, they can’t. What about puppies? Feeding your puppies with marshmallows is just another level. The habit of giving human food scraps teaches your puppies to beg for food for the rest of their lives. This isn’t something you should underestimate.

Plus, the calorie intake from marshmallow is just too much for a puppy. Crossing the rule will lead your puppies to obesity and other health issues. You know the answer of question like, ‘Can dogs have marshmellow’, and you know better now that you can’t give it to puppies as well.

Is Toasted Marshmallows OK for Dogs?

dog marshmallow

Can dogs eat marshmallows if they are toasted, like smores? You need to make sure that the marshmallows aren’t the sugar free ones. If it is, there can be some xylitol in it, and it is extremely dangerous for the dog. Don’t let your dog touch this marshmallow.

If so, can dogs have marshmellow if it is toasted and not sugar free? One drop should give no effect on your dog, so remain calm. Just make sure to clean up the stickiness on its nose and teeth to prevent tooth decay. In addition to it, one drop is enough for the next few months.

Healthy Alternatives for Marshmallows Treats

marshmallows for dogs

Can dogs eat marshmallows for a treat? Well, if you look for something as fun, there are other alternatives, which are even healthier than these marshmallows. If you want something tasty, sweet, and fun for a dog treat, you can try these options:

  • A Fresh Apple Slice

Can dogs eat marshmallows? No. Can dogs eat fresh apples? Yes. Apples are rich in vitamin A, fiber, and potassium. Feeding your dog with a fresh slice will be a delicious, fun, fresh, and nutritious idea. In alternatives, you can also feed the pooch with applesauce or a dried slice.

  • Mango Cubes

There is no way that marshmallows good for dogs. But, fresh juicy mango is always a god option for a dog. To make it as a treat, you can cut them into biteable cubes. These cubes will make a fun and delicious treat that is rich with vitamin s, potassium, antioxidants, beta carotene, and fiber.

  • Sweet Strawberry

Marshmallow good for dogs is never going to happen, but sweet and fresh strawberries are just your winner. This fruit is high in fiber, vitamin, sugar, and it is low in fat too. It makes a great treat after a play time.

  • Frozen Oranges or Watermelon

Can dogs eat marshmellow? No. But your dogs are allowed to eat frozen oranges and watermelon during the summer. These fruits are low in calorie but high in many good things like vitamins, magnesium, beta carotene and potassium. The frozen ones are great for those sunny days.


can my dog eat marshmallows

  • Let’s summarize everything now. Can dogs eat marshmallows? It is better that they don’t due to the high sugar and probably xylitol in the sugar free one. They can cause many awful health risks to dog.
  • Are marshmallow toxic to dogs? The store bought is mostly toxic due to the ingredients, but making a homemade and dog friendly may prevent your dog from getting intoxicated.
  • Dogs and marshmallows can’t go together. To avoid health risks like obesity, nervous system issues, and many more, it is best to opt for healthier treats like fruits. A drop of marshmallow every once in a few months shouldn’t be an issue though, so you can relax.

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