Can Dogs Eat Pickles? Is There Any Side Effects? Read Here for Answer!

can dogs eat pickle

Can dogs eat pickles? This question often comes into our mind because pickles are always available at home. It is also considered as a healthy food while it makes one of the most popular side dishes in US. It is only logical that we think pickles are just as safe for dogs as they are for human.

Pickles for dogs is probably not the best idea if you are thinking about giving a special treat to your canine friends. Of course, pickles may have several health benefits for our dogs, but it doesn’t mean it is a necessary menu for our pooches too.

As the owner, there are more we need to be aware of when it comes to feeding pickles to our dogs. Can dogs eat pickels and stay healthy? Are there health risks? What pickles are really? Let’s dig more on this carefully and find all of the answers.

Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

can dogs eat pickles

When we ask, ‘Can dogs eat pickles?’ and try to find some answers, we also need to understand what is pickle actually.

The word “pickle” genuinely refers to all kinds of vegetables that have been through pickled process. However yes, cucumber appears to be the most common vegetable that gets pickled, and it becomes the most popular too.

Can dogs eat pickles, especially the cucumber one? Here is the problem. Pickle can be pickle after a little bit of process and seasoning. Your cucumber will need to be preserved in acidic liquid or salt water brine for quite some times. But, it isn’t all.

While it requires acidic liquid like salt water brine, pickle commonly has some seasoning too that regularly includes spices, garlic, dill brine, and some salt. Are pickles good for dogs with these seasonings?

As we may as well know, our dogs can have side effects on seasonings human commonly have on the food. So, are pickles bad for dogs? It can be. It is considered a healthy food, but it may not be the same for our canine friends. What about ginger? Can dogs eat pickled ginger? Well, it actually depends on several factors.

Nutrition Value of Pickles

pickles nutrition value

Are pickles ok for dog? It is a tricky question. As mentioned before, pickle is categorized as a healthy meal, and the juice is increasingly popular today as a sport drink replacement. What is the actual nutrition value of this food. In 100 gram of pickled cucumber, you will find these nutrients:

  • 0.8 gram of water
  • 33 gram of protein
  • 2 gram of fat
  • 2 gram of dietary fiber
  • 26 gram of carbs, and
  • 11 calories

It looks okay, so can dogs eat pickles then? The calories value is low enough. It can be burned well after a minute of swimming or running. We can see why people say pickle is a healthy snack. However, we often hear something healthy isn’t necessarily safe for our pooches. Are pickles ok for dog for real?

If you insist in giving this food as a treat, your dogs pickles may need to be different than the one we commonly have. Pickles bad for dogs due to the seasonings and possible side effects of it. So we still need to examine on the possible benefits it gives to our pooches. Then, we also need to check on the risks too.

Benefits of Feeding Pickles to Dogs

pickles dogs

Learning from the nutritional value fact above, we know that pickle has a lot to offer. Can dogs eat pickles and are there benefits coming from it? Surprisingly, there are beneficial nutrients in pickles that actually contribute positively in our pooches’ health. These benefits of pickles to dogs are:

  • Source of Fiber

Can dogs eat pickles because it is a source of fiber? Fiber always brings health benefits to dogs too. In human, it helps in the digestive system and it is a must nutrient when you are in healthy diet. Similar benefit comes for our canine friends as well.

In our pooches’, fiber will help a lot in regulating the digestive system. When the digestive system is well regulated, our pooches’ immune will be improved too. Pickles dog eat can help in preventing bloating, constipation, and fat gaining. Here, pickle officially helps in our dogs’ health.

  • Source of Iron

Can dogs eat pickles because it is a source of iron? Iron is an essential compound for our dogs. Generally, our dogs will need protein too to enable the ultimate benefit of iron. When our dogs consume enough protein and iron, both will generate haemoglobin.

Haemoglobin will play the part of carrying oxygen. While carrying the oxygen, haemoglobin also helps in controlling several important enzymes so they function as expected. So, are dogs allowed to eat pickles? Pickles will be a great snack for iron supply for our dogs, and this is good.

  • Source of Calcium

Yes, pickle is a good source of calcium. This nutrient is proven beneficial for both human and dogs. Can dogs eat pickles? Occasionally, it can. Our pooches can gain benefit from the calcium. This compound helps in maintaining teeth and bone strength. This we know.

In addition to teeth and bone strength, calcium also helps in maintaining the beauty of your dog’s coat, and nail strength. Meanwhile, calcium is an agent when you look to promote your canine friend’s heart function, release of hormone, digestive system, and nerve system. Is pickles bad for dogs, you ask? It isn’t necessarily so.

  • Source of Magnesium

Magnesium is another important compound for our canine friends. Can dogs eat pickles then for this reason? A little bite won’t hurt. Instead your dog can gain many benefits from the magnesium. It plays a major role in keeping a healthy heart function in our dogs.

Meanwhile, magnesium also makes sure calcium absorption is effective which will also promote our pooches’ bone health. Lastly, it also helps in regulating our dog’s nervous system. So are pickles toxic to dogs really? No. Not really in this part only. However, of course, a whole pickle will be too much for some specific reasons.

  • Source of Potassium

Pickle is a good source of potassium. This electrolyte mineral plays an important role in our dog’s health generally. Can dogs eat pickles? Every once in a while, it helps in maintaining their health. And, this is not it. There are more benefits too.

Potassium is also great in maintaining our dogs’ digestive system health and function of the heart. So, are pickles good for dogs? They can bring these benefits to your dogs so it is safe to say that it isn’t really toxic.

  • Source of Vitamin A and Vitamin K

Can dogs have pickle juice and gain any of those vitamins? Probably, but a bite of the actual pickle will be even more effective. As we know it, vitamin A maintains our pooches’ eyes health. This is extremely important to young pups and old dogs.

In addition to the vitamin A, pickle is also a good source of vitamin K. This vitamin plays the role of improving bone strength as well as in regulating blood flows in a normal rate. Can a dog eat a pickle and gain these benefits instantly? No. They will need a lot of it for the ultimate benefits.

Risks of Feeding Pickles to Dogs

pickles dog

Are pickles poisonous to dogs? Pickles aren’t necessarily poisonous or toxic for dogs. However, it isn’t something our canine friends need to eat as well. To actually gain the benefits, our dogs need to consume a lot of it. Meanwhile, a lot of pickles also mean bad news. There are these following risks sneaking in the corner:

  • Dehydration and High Blood Pressure

My dog ate a pickle, what can be the side effects? The immediate side effect will be excessive thirst and dehydration. As it happens in human, eating too salty food will trigger these reactions. Our pooches can have issue in their urination as a result of these two conditions.

In addition to it, we can’t feed our dogs with food that tastes too salty. It rings no good to our canine friends’ health. In fact, too much sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure in dogs too. So, don’t let your dogs eat pickles if possible.

  • Pancreatitis

When you ask, can dogs eat pickles? You need to think about this risk. Pickle, as mentioned a few times above, is too salty for dogs. Insisting on giving this food to our dogs may result in pancreatitis, which is a serious inflammation right on our dogs’ pancreas.

When it happens, the pancreas won’t be able to break down fat and sodium so it compromises our pooches’ health. Pickles dogs eat can lead to several issues like vomiting when eating, hunched walk if not refusing to move entirely, and sore tummy. It also requires medical attention immediately.

  • Seasonings Poisoning

Pickling process people practice today is way more advanced when it comes to seasoning. Can dogs eat pickles? No, they can’t because there are seasonings in it that dogs will find poisonous. What are these seasonings? They are onion, garlic, and probably white vinegar. Each person may have his own variation too.

The onion can cause haemolytic anemia while the garlic is the most known for causing bad reactions like weakness, urine with blood, high blood rate, panting, and maybe vomiting. So can dogs eat pickles? For the best, we should avoid giving pickles to our canine friends.

  • Upset Digestion

This is also the obvious risk of feeding your dogs with pickles even the unseasoned one. Due to the making process, pickles can cause GI issue. Our pooches can experience side effects like tummy discomfort, constipation, and diarrhea. So you should answer by yourself. Can dogs eat pickles?

These side effects are more like the short term ones. It commonly disappears after a 24 hour period. However, it isn’t really worth it. So, can dogs eat fried pickles? While unseasoned is already risky, let alone the fried one. It only adds the amount of fat and cholesterol for our dogs.

Best Pickles for Dogs

are pickles good for dogs

So, we can conclude that pickles aren’t great for dogs. It will be better if we can avoid feeding our canine friends with one. However if you must insist, there are a few kinds of pickle that you can consider safe. Are pickles okay for dogs? They are better if choose one of these kinds:

  • Sweet Pickle

Can dogs eat sweet pickles? A few slices every once in a while won’t hurt your dog. This pickle contains less sodium. However, moderation feeding is vital to avoid the side effects of sugar. The sugar free one isn’t really an option though, as it contains xylitol that is toxic for dogs.

  • Beet Pickle

pickles beet

Can my dog eat pickles beet? Naturally, beet contains great nutrients that will be beneficial for our dogs’ health. However when it is pickled, we still need to check on the sodium level as well. If the sodium level is low enough, a few bites are okay for the bigger pooches.

  • Egg Pickle

Can dogs eat pickles especially this one? Egg pickle is an okay option. It won’t be as good as if you cook the egg and feed it to your pooch directly, but it is less harmful comparing to the usual pickles. Just feed this very occasionally to prevent health issues.

  • Ginger Pickle

can dogs eat pickled ginger

Ginger pickle is a frequent food given to dogs actually, as long as it doesn’t contain seasonings and too much salt. Can dogs eat pickles of this kind? Yes, they can. It helps in curing motion sickness and tummy ache.

  • Dill Pickle

This pickle is an okay option. However, this pickle isn’t actually beneficial even though it is less harmful. Can dogs eat pickles of this kind? Yes, they can but only a few bites after a while. Always make sure to it doesn’t contain any seasonings like onion or garlic, and too much salt.

If you want your dog eat pickles, these can be your safe alternatives. But, don’t expect your dog to gain any benefits from them. Instead, you need to work on the portion and ingredients to ensure they are really safe for your dogs to eat.

Bad Pickles for Dogs

is pickles bad for dogs

As explained above, giving your dogs pickles should be in a controlled portion because it can be harmful anyway. After learning the safe kinds, you may wonder, can dogs eat pickles of other kinds too? Yes, they can as long as it isn’t one of these bad types:

  • Garlic or Onion Pickle

Onion or Garlic Pickle

Can dogs eat pickles when they are garlic or onion? As we already know, garlic and onion are included as seasonings that can be toxic to our dogs. When they are pickled, it becomes a real nightmare we need to avoid.

If you insist to feed your dog with this pickle, your pooch will likely get anemia. It is always best to never introduce this pickle to your dog.

  • Pickle Juice

can dogs have pickle juice

Is pickles good for dogs? What about the juice only? Naturally, pickle juice contains a lot of salt, vinegar, and spices. These are dangerous to our pooches’ health.

You may think you can lessen the harm by diluting the juice with more water, but it is still a no. There is too much salt, and the risk of worsening your dog condition is too big.

  • Fried Pickle

Can dog eat pickles when they are fried

Can dog eat pickles when they are fried? Fried food is never a safe option for human, let alone for a dog. It only adds the bad effects including cholesterol and fat.

It will be best if your dog never have to taste it. You can always opt for a homemade pickle made of vegetable that contains no harmful ingredients.

How to Feed Your Dogs with Pickles

can dogs eat pickle

Pickles and dogs aren’t a good match naturally. However, if you really want your dog to have a taste, or else, if your dog really likes the taste of pickles, you can prepare it by yourself. Preparing the pickles carefully may reduce the possible health risks to your dogs. For best result, try these tips:

  • Check on the Composition

Pickles ok for dogs as long as it is low on toxic ingredients. That is why you need to first check on the composition if you buy it at the store. It is always preferred to buy a local homemade one with less seasoning to prevent poisoning.

  • Feed in Moderation

After choosing or making the right pickle, you can feed your dogs with it. Can dogs eat pickles around a cup per serving? No, it will be too much. Just prepare a few small bites or a few thin slices per feeding. Can dogs eat pickles every day with such portion? Don’t feed your dogs with pickles again for another half week or even a week for the best.

  • Never Serve the Juice

Can dogs eat dill pickles? Yes, they can as long as it is in moderation and the pickles are low on sodium and seasonings. What dogs can’t have is the pickle juice. It has too much sodium so it risks our pooches’ health.

What to Do When Our Dogs Eat Pickles

can dog eat pickles

Not all pickles safe for dogs, and the portion should be in moderation too. It is best to not feed our dogs with pickles, but hey, accident happens. Can dogs eat pickles just a little bit, and what should we do if they eat the pickle? Follow the following steps:

  1. Find Out How Much Your Dogs Ate

Can dogs eat pickles like a bunch of it? We know they can’t. Therefore, it is important to find out how much our dogs just ate. If it is just a few bites, it should be okay.

If it is a little more than that, mild reactions may appear. Check on your dogs and pickles carefully.

  1. Help with Fresh Water

If our canine friends ate only so much, it may show mild reactions that should disappear within 24 hours. Can dogs eat pickles and show no bad reactions at all? It is possible. You only need to stay alert.

Are pickles safe for dogs? It isn’t totally toxic, but fresh water to wash out is always helpful in this case.

  1. Watch Out for Worse Reactions

Dogs eating pickles shouldn’t be a problem if the pickles are low on sodium and seasonings. However if your dog eats a lot, it is best to watch your pooch closely. Worse reactions may appear and it requires a professional help.

  1. Go to a Nearby Vet

Can dogs eat pickled beets? Yes, if they are dog friendly and in moderation. But if not, or if your dog shows severe reactions, take your pooch to the vet immediately.


are pickles okay for dogs

  • Okay, let’s sum up everything we know now. Can dogs eat pickles? Pickles aren’t necessarily harmful or toxic for dogs. However, it isn’t a great option of treat or snack as well. Pickles have a great nutrition value, but the benefits require a lot of consumption to deliver. Can dogs eat pickles that much? It is too much risk.
  • Pickles commonly have additional seasonings, and these seasonings can be toxic to our dogs. Can puppies eat pickles? Considering that there is a risk of poisoning, it is best to never feed our puppies with pickles. There are serious health risks on this case.
  • When eating too much pickle, our pooches tend to show bad reactions. Depending on the pickles and the amount they eat, the reactions can vary from mild to severe and dangerous. Can a dog eat pickles and show no bad reactions? It is highly possible especially when it only ate as much. However, it is always wise to stay alert.
  • If you insist to feed your dog with pickles, it is best to give the dog-friendly one. Choose one that is low on sodium and contains no toxic seasonings like garlic, vinegar, and onion. Can you give dogs pickles if the pickles are dog-friendly? Yes, please, but still, in moderation every once in a while only.

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