Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? Is Shrimp Good For Dogs? Detailed Answers Here!

can dog eat shrimp

Can dogs eat shrimp just as we do? When we have a dog in the house, it is completely logical and normal if we want to share what is in on table. Let’s say we have a seafood dinner and there are many shrimps to be shared. Can dog eat shrimp and stay okay?

Generally, shrimp is highly recommended as one of power food with a lot of nutrition to gain. When you cooked it the right way, it can be included in a healthy diet too. But, can dogs eat shrimps? There is never an easy answer for this.

dog eat shrimp

Eating shrimp can be even dangerous for human too, right? Many experts say that eating too much can lead too much goodness on our intake, not to mention the possible risk of allergy. So, are shrimp bad for dog in a way? Let’s overview from the entire factors like the nutrition value, benefit, risks, and how to prepare it here.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

cooked shrimp in bowl

Can dogs eat shrimp and enjoy it like we do? This question often comes up as soon as our kids feeding the dog with some under the dinner table. Shrimp is the most popular seafood in US and it is often added in so many other menus including pasta.

Shrimp tastes really good while it is also easy to cook and to match with other foods. We, then, naturally think that it may be an edible menu for our canine friends too. Considering the shape and size, our dog won’t have a problem in chewing as well. So, can you give dogs shrimp?

can dogs eat shrimp cooked

It may be a safe food for our canine friends too, yes. However, there are a lot of cautions here including the amount and how to prepare it. There are also other concerns too. Can dogs eat shrimp, for example. It looks a little bit risky, but is it? Are shrimp tails bad for dogs or is it too small to cause any harm?

There are a lot to learn for a dog owner when it comes to feeding your pooch with shrimp, or maybe the large variants, the prawns. For a positive start, let’s dig more on the nutrition value and benefits of feeding the shrimp to our pooches.

Nutrition Value of Shrimp

shrimp nutrition value

Can dogs eat shrimp if it has a great nutrition value? Yes. Good nutrition value is great for human and it may work as well for dogs. Before we jump to the benefits of eating shrimp for our canine friends, it is best to know the nutrition value of this seafood.

As we may know, shrimp is highly recommended for even a diet plan. It helps in many things. Let’s check out cooked shrimp nutrition value in general. Wait, can dogs eat cooked shrimp, you ask? Yes, it can but it also depends on how you cook it. Either way, here is the nutrition fact in 3 ounce of cooked shrimp:

  • 76 calories
  • 1 gram of fat
  • 15 gram of protein
  • 1 gram of carbohydrate
  • 0 gram of fiber
  • 4 mg of sodium
  • 0 gram of sugar
  • 201 mg of phosphorus
  • And 14.2 mg of vitamin B12

It looks good, so you start wonder, can I feed may dog shrimp to gain this nutrients too? Yes, you can as long as you prepare it as recommended by USDA, which is boiled or steamed. Are dogs allergic to shrimp if we prepare it this way? Not all of them, but yes, it is possible.

Health Benefits of Shrimp to Your Dogs

can i feed my dog shrimp

Before we try understanding the possibility of shrimp allergy to our dogs, it is also important to know all the health benefits our canine friends can gain from eating shrimp. If you wonder can dogs eat shrimp, you will find these benefits too tempting for a yes:

  • Source of Glucosamine

Can dogs eat shrimp? Yes, it can especially because of the glucosamine. Glucosamine is an important compound and it can benefit our dog, especially the older one. This compound is formed by glucose and glutamine.

border collie puppy

Our dogs actually produce glucosamine by themselves naturally. However, this production tends to get slower and smaller as they get older. Can dogs eat raw shrimp and get this compound? Yes, it can though it can be risky due to some bacteria. Eating shrimp will improve the bone joint, improving our pooches’ mobility.

  • Source of Antioxidants

dog is running

Is it okay for dogs to eat shrimp? Yes it is. In fact, shrimp is rich of antioxidants. One of the most important ones is astaxanthin. It is the reason why shrimp turns to pink when cooked. This antioxidant agent fight free radicals so it helps in preventing diseases like cancer as well as premature aging.

Can dogs eat breaded shrimp? Yes, but it also means adding fat and more dangerous substances into your pooch’s body. If you cook it right, your dog can gain astaxanthin and boost the immune system, reduce any inflammation, as well as promoting join health.

  • Source of Taurine

Are shrimp good for dogs? Shrimp is good for dog as it is also a source of taurine. Taurine is an amino acid. It works in supporting immune system, brain, eyes, and heart. There is around 48 mg of taurine in each oz of shrimp.

cute puppy

While it can be naturally produced in your dog’s body, it is never a bad idea to add some in the diet to help. If you plan to serve it to your dogs and shrimp is cooked right, it helps in promoting nervous control to prevent seizure, preventing blindness in dogs as they age, and reducing dilated cardiomyophaty risk.

  • Source of Omega 3 Acids

dog is playing

The shrimp dog eats need to be cooked nicely, so your pooch can gain the good fats. These fats put balance into your dog’s Omega 6. Omega 6 commonly presents in your dog’s body because of the manufactured food and it needs to be in real balance to keep your dog healthy.

Omega 3 acids help in many ways. It includes supporting your pooch’s cognitive health, reducing skin irritation and itchiness, adding quality of coat, and elevating your dog’s health condition. In addition to it, it also helps in reducing joint problems and allergy reaction.

  • Source of Vitamin B3

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This vitamin is also called the niacin. Basically, niacin works in breaking down any fatty acids. It then turns the acids into energy. In short, niacin helps a lot in the metabolism system. This is also one of the reasons why shrimp ok for dogs.

Niacin can also help in improving your dog coat and elevating your dog’s skin health. It means it prevents baldness when it comes to the coat, and it means lesser skin problems to deal with too. If your dog has one of these problems, eating shrimp will definitely help a lot.

  • Source of Selenium

puppy playing bubble

Selenium is an important compound. It is actually a trace mineral, and it brings many health benefits to our canine friends. Shrimp good for dogs because it contains selenium that helps in maximizing the function of your dog’s thyroid glands and immune system.

In addition to those benefits, selenium also helps in preventing serious damage in your dog’s cell. If the cells are healthy, it is very unlikely for your dogs to get cancer, inflammation issues, or early cognitive aging. Selenium helps in keeping your dog healthy, and active longer.

  • Source of Choline

two golden retriever puppy

Choline is actually a nutrient that our pooches can produce in the body naturally. However just as other nutrients that are naturally produced, it can reduce as our dog ages or due to illnesses. Shrimp dogs eat may help in adding the needed amount as there is never enough production even in a healthy dog.

Choline brings a lot of helps in our dog’s health. It supports heart function, muscle function, and liver function. It also elevates your dog’s brain health and nervous system. Adding shrimp in the diet every once in a while should be very beneficial for our canine friends.

  • Source of Phosphorus

puppy playing ball

Shrimp may be a power food for our dogs due to the fact that it contains phosphorus. Phosphorus plays an important role for our pooches’ bone health. So, is it okay if your dog eat shrimp? Yes, it is. Along with glucosamine and calcium, phosphorus helps in building strong and healthy bones.

Specifically, phosphorus is the macronutrient that adds rigidity to the bone as well as shape on it. Basically, our dogs need phosphorus since early stages. Adding shrimp on the menu a few times should help in maintaining your dog’s bone health and growth in the right direction.

  • Source of Vitamin B12

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Vitamin B12 is often called as cobalamin as well and it carries a huge effect on our dog’s health. First, this vitamin helps in cells’ function and formation. Second, it also helps in maintaining your dog’s digestion staying right and healthy.

When your dog ate shrimp tail, it is likely that it gains vitamin B12 and gets the other benefits too. Our pooches’ nervous system needs this vitamin to work well and staying healthy. Meanwhile, cobalamin also helps in keeping the function of the dog’s brain.

Risks of Feeding Shrimp to Your Dogs

can my dog eat shrimp

Can dogs eat shrimp as a regular on the diet? Yes, but you also need to see the risks too in addition to the benefit. Knowing the risks will prevent you from making mistakes in preparation or portion. Tthus, it prevents you from adding too much danger to your dogs. Several risks of feeding your dog with shrimp include:

  • Cholesterol Problem

Can dogs eat shrimp? Yes. However, given that shrimp is high on cholesterol, you need to make sure you don’t over feed the dogs. Cholesterol is produced naturally inside our canine friends’ body, and eating shrimp too much will lead to a serious health problem.

High cholesterol causes plaque right in our dogs’ arteries. If it happens, blood flow isn’t effective and it leads to heart issue. So, is shrimp bad for dogs? It can possibly be because of this reason. Cholesterol is a rare case in a dog, but it is still possible to happen if you feed it over the limit.

  • Listeria and Salmonela Infections

dog is resting

Is shrimp bad for dogs? Yes, it is if you are too lazy to cook it. Raw shrimp tends to have bacteria like listeria and salmonella. They can be removed by simple cooking. Listeria infection commonly causes nausea and vomiting, bad coordination and weak feeling, lethargy, and fever, as well as vomiting.

Meanwhile, salmonella infection can show several symptoms like lethargy, fever, bad appetite, vomiting, as well as bloody diarrhea. To prevent these side effects, please make sure that your dog shrimp is well cooked before served.

  • Blockage and Choking Issues

These issues are commonly caused by eating the tails as well as shells. The shells are made of chitosan, and it is hard for our pooches to digest. The sharp edges can cause serious problems in the intestine and poop tract. So can dogs eat shrimp shells?

They better not eat the shells as well as the tails for safety. If your dogs eat shrimp tails or shells, it is likely that blockage and choking issues happen. So, it will be better to remove all the shells and tails first before feeding.

  • Chemical Intoxication

Depending on where you get your shrimp for dogs, chemical intoxication is the most common problem to happen to your dog, especially for the sensitive one. There are standards the FDA already set, and it makes sure the shrimp consumed is safe enough for us, which applies for our dogs too.

Wild caught shrimp tends to be a safer option. Unfortunately, it will be easy too to get the farmed shrimp. These shrimps come mostly from other countries. Most of these shrimps come from ponds that are filled with pesticides, growth hormone, and antibiotics. These substances are dangerous for your dogs.

  • Health Issues from Cooking Seasonings

dog is having problem

Cooking seasonings can cause gastrointestinal problems, digestion issue, and many other health difficulties. But, can dogs eat boiled shrimp? Yes, they can as long as you don’t add any additional spices in it. For example, garlic and onion can be toxic to your dogs’ digestion system.

  • Allergy

Just as it happens in human, several dogs can show allergic reactions to shrimp. As soon as the shrimp is gobbled down, allergic dogs tend to show reactions like diarrhea, vomiting, gastrointestinal and tummy upset. If your dogs have one of these, stop feeding your dogs shrimp.

How to Prepare Shrimp for Dogs

can dogs eat shrimp

So now we all know that shrimp can be safe for dogs too. However, we need to prepare it first before feeding. So, can dogs eat shrimp when it is well cooked? Yes. However, there are more when it comes to preparing the shrimp. You need to make sure the entire of these points:

  • Cook It Right

Is shrimp safe for dogs? It depends on how you prepare it. The best way to cook shrimp for your dogs will be by steaming or boiling it. Frying the shrimp will only add the cholesterol level, and this is a bad news for your dog.

Steam or boil until it turns pink and well cooked, not only half. It helps in removing the bacteria and any remaining chemical substances from the shrimp. Then, preferably, cut the shrimp into pieces, so there won’t be any risk of choking especially if the shrimp is big enough.

  • Never Use Seasonings

As informed before, kitchen seasonings are often troublesome for our pooches’ digestive system. They tend to have bad reactions and side effects even though the shrimp may taste even better. Onion, garlic, and sodium should be avoided. So can dogs eat shrimp chips? Being fried and salted, it is a big no.

Butter, oil, or grill seasonings should be prevented to add as well. It is best for our dogs’ health to eat the shrimp or prawn in plain taste. It prevents a lot of health issues in advance. Can my dog eat shrimp in plain, will he like it? He will like it as shrimp tastes great too plain actually.

  • Remove the Exterior and Heads

It has been explained in details how the exteriors are going to be a lot of problems to our dogs. It can cause several bad reactions including vomiting, choking, as well as blockage. Plus, shrimp skin tends to get between the teeth and it can hurt.

Can dogs eat shrimp cooked with the skin on? They technically can but there will be risks of issues. The best way to prepare the shrimp is by removing the head, skin, and tails, and then cooking it as you choose. What to do if your dog eats shrimp tails? Calm down, and check for bad reactions. Give your dog enough water to help rinsing it.

  • Watch How Much You Give

While it brings many health benefits, shrimp is also included as one of those foods that can be too much goodness is dangerous too. There are health risks including cholesterol if you insist to give your dogs too much of this shrimp. You need to know the right amount for feeding.

Is shrimp safe for dogs if it is just one or two each time? Medium dog should have enough if you feed him with a half or just one shrimp for the day. If it is a bigger dog, one or two should be sufficient. Plus, don’t feed them with shrimp every day, every once in a while as a treat is enough.

Other FAQs on Feeding Shrimp to Dogs

dog with FAQ sign

Can dogs eat shrimp? Alright, you already have all the answers about feeding shrimp to dogs. However, there are still many questions related to this too, and they can be your questions too. Let’s overview these questions, and get the direct answers for it.

  • Can We Treat Dog Obesity Problem with Shrimp?

Naturally, shrimp is low on calorie and high in protein. It makes shrimp a good food to add on weight balance diet. However, it doesn’t mean that we can just substitute something from our dog’s diet with shrimp for the purpose.

Can puppies eat shrimp too? Puppies can even eat shrimp but you need to control the amount of it. It can’t be too much. Therefore, using shrimp to treat obesity problem on your dog isn’t possible. Your dog will need to eat a lot of it to get enough protein intake, but then comes the cholesterol problem.

  • What to Do if My Dog Show Allergic Reactions?

This is why experts and vets recommend giving a test first by feeding only a small amount of shrimp to our pooches. If your dog just ate a shrimp and it shows allergic reactions, stay calm. Pay attention on the reactions.

If they are mild ones, it tends to go away as soon as your dog drink enough water and stop eating the shrimp. If they are severe, it is best to bring your dog to the vet for immediate care. Can a dog eat shrimp if it shows only mild reaction? The answer is no. It is better to prevent health issues. Don’t take risks.

  • Is It Okay to Feed My Dog with Prawns?

Is shrimp ok for dogs? What about prawns? Prawns are basically shrimp too, but they are a lot larger. Prawns bring the same health benefits to our dogs, and so, the same risks too if not bigger.

The main concern of feeding prawn to your dog will be the amount. You can’t give your medium dog a half or one prawn. It will be too much. Reduce it to a quarter or a half. Adjust the portion, and it will be fine.


funny dog

So, can dogs eat shrimp? Yes, they can. Shrimp contains a lot of vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants that are good for health. However, you need to prepare it right, cooking healthily without seasoning. Is shrimp okay for dogs this way? It will be the best way of serving it to your dogs.

What if my dog ate shrimp tails or the skin? It is fine, but there are choking and blocking risks so pay attention for bad reactions. Bad reactions can also come from allergy. Can dogs be allergic to shrimp? Yes as it happens in human. Is shrimp good for dogs with allergic reactions? No, it isn’t. Stop feeding allergic dog the shrimp despite the entire health benefits the shrimp can bring.

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