Can Dogs Eat Tofu? Is it Totally Safe? Learn Your Guide Here!

can dogs eat tofu

Can dogs eat tofu? It is normal to ask such question, considering that tofu brings a lot of health benefits to humans. Tofu is increasingly popular today. It matches humans’ lifestyle, for both the vegetarian and vegan and those who eat it as one of the side dishes.

Tofu is also one of the most important foods for the vegetarian and vegan. It replaces meat as a source of protein. This is why tofu is often included in any healthy and vegan menu. Some people like how it tastes, and some other aren’t really impressed. It is either you like it or not.

In several countries in Asia, there are many dishes made of tofu, and they are far more delicious than we can imagine. From fried to being served with sauce, tofu is a popular food in the countries. Despite the popularity, we often wonder, ‘Is tofu bad for dogs?’

Can Dogs Eat Tofu?

hungry dog

If it is safe for humans, can dogs eat tofu too? Tofu is made of soy bean and it contains a lot of plant based protein. Inside tofu, there are many other nutrients that are beneficial for our body and our canine friends’ body too.

However, it is very common that several healthy human foods aren’t really safe for dogs. What about tofu? Can dogs eat tofu? Tofu can bring a lot of benefits to our pooches. Many dogs on diet have tried tofu as a treat or temporary protein replacement. So, it is safe to say that tofu is good enough for dogs.

While it is a safe food, it doesn’t mean that it has no side effects at all to our canine friends. There are several concerns too about feeding dogs with tofu. It may affect the dog’s health, and we need to learn more about what it is and how to feed it the right way. Can dogs have tofu and stay healthy?

There are several ways you can do to ensure your dog’s health while you are feeding him with tofu. But for a basic fundamental, you need more than answering question like ‘Can dog eat tofu?’ You need to learn the nutrition value, benefits and risks, and other details too.

What about the Nutrition Value?

nutrition of tofu

If you try to answer question like, ‘Can dogs eat tofu?’ in a complete way, understanding the nutrition fact matters. There are several kinds of tofu based on the water content and firmness. Each kind can have a slightly different nutrition fact. However in general, the nutrition value of 126 gram of firm and raw tofu is:

  • 181 calories
  • 11 gram of fat
  • 6 miligram of sodium
  • 9 gram of fiber
  • 861 miligram of calcium
  • 9 microgram of selenium
  • 5 gram of carbohydrates
  • 8 gram of protein
  • 5 miligram of manganese
  • 4 of iron

So, is tofu ok for dogs based on the fact above? It seems like it.

In human, this nutrition fact shows a lot of things. We can clearly see how tofu is used to help in many ways. Tofu helps in relieving symptoms of menopause, preventing several kinds of cancers, reducing the risk of heart issue, and many others. Is tofu good for dogs too?

There are actually benefits and side effects of tofu for dogs. Can dogs eat tofu, and what can be the benefits and side effects?

What are the Benefits?

is tofu good for dogs

Can dogs eat tofu? Yes, they can. In fact, there are at least five benefits our dogs can gain from this power food. As we can see from the nutrition fact, tofu is nutritious and it is popular for a healthy diet. As for our canine friends, the following benefits are certain.

  • Low Fat and Carb Food Alternative

This is why tofu is highly recommended. It is low in fat and in carb. Can dogs eat tofu? Of course. A low fat and low carb food is good for both humans and dogs. It makes sure we don’t add weight by eating it.

For dogs, a little addition of tofu should help, especially if your pooch is in weight loss diet. Tofu lowers your dog appetite while it supplies enough nutrients for the body too. Can dogs eat tofu? Sure! In fact, snack begging is going to be reduced nicely too.

  • Source of High Protein

As seen in the nutrition fact, tofu is high in protein. For both humans and dogs, protein plays a major part in body’s health. Protein is responsible in the formation of cartilage, nails, tendons, and many more, among many other functions in dogs.

Eating tofu, therefore, is a beneficial act for dogs that are in recovery or that are pretty much weaker than it should be. The tofu dogs eat helps in muscle repair and strength, making recovery process a lot faster. Meanwhile, the protein makes sure your dogs are full longer enough as well.

  • Healthier for Dogs with Allergies

There are cases where dogs experience a certain kind of dog food allergy. The allergy commonly comes from the processed meat proteins in the dog food, and tofu makes a great substitute for it. Tofu will make sure your pooches still get protein intake without the risk of the allergy.

Is tofu safe for dogs? It is generally safe for dogs. However, this shouldn’t be something regular. Your dog will need other sources of protein too, so taking tofu in regular basis still isn’t recommended. It will be best to have more variation on your dog’s diet.

  • Liver Friendly for Dogs

Yes. The tofu dog eats actually is liver friendly. It means eating tofu puts no danger in your dogs’ liver health as many other foods will. It still delivers the needed protein, without giving any danger coming from animal meat like fat and cholesterol.

Dogs with liver problems are commonly on certain diet. They can’t as many kinds of food as the healthy dogs. In this case, adding tofu in their diet is a good idea as soy protein is easier to handle. The protein intake will be sufficient, but the heart won’t be in any risk.

  • Good Food for Bladder Stones Issue in Dogs

Several dogs have kidney issue. These dogs tend to have the higher risk of forming bladder stone. In this case, eating animal meat will only add purines intake which is something to avoid for these dogs. Giving tofu for dogs will help here.

Tofu gives some protein intakes, but it contains lesser purines. While eating low protein store bough dog food is fine, feeding your dogs tofu as a variation is a good and healthy idea too.

When is Tofu Dangerous for Dogs

dog is waiting for food

So, we are happy that tofu and dogs are a go. However, it doesn’t mean that tofu is totally harmless to dogs. There are several conditions in which tofu can be a threat too. Before you go wild in feeding your canine friends with tofu, let’s find out when this food starts to be alarming.

  • Not Enough Protein Intake

Can dogs eat tofu only for the entire protein intake? Unfortunately, protein in tofu isn’t enough for the entire protein need. It is alright to substitute meat every once in a while. However to make sure our pooches has enough protein intake, we can’t just feed it with tofu only.

  • Hypersensitivity on Dogs

Can dogs eat tofu? If your dog doesn’t have an allergy to soy, it is likely that your dog can eat this food. With the allergy, eating tofu can cause several symptoms like difficulty of breathing, nausea, vomiting, and many more.

  • Not All Dogs Can Eat Tofu

Even though claimed as a food with a lot of nutrients and safe, tofu and dogs on certain categories are no go. Tofu isn’t an appropriate and safe food to give to dogs with thyroid, kidney, and liver issues and to pregnant dogs.

  • Not All Dogs Can Eat It

Can my dog eat tofu if it doesn’t have any allergy? Yes, your dog can eat it as long as it doesn’t show negative reactions as well, even a mild one. The reactions include digestive upset or a small reaction like refusing the tofu. If the body refuses it, don’t push it.

Possible Side Effects of Tofu on Dogs

dog is eating

While the idea of feeding your dog tofu seems like a good enough idea, there are several drawbacks that you need to be aware about. Tofu can be dense with nutrients and it can be an alternative food for our canine friends, but it is also mentioned that soy protein isn’t a easy to digest for our pooches. And, there are more side effects too.

  • Insufficient Protein Consumption Rate

Can dogs eat tofu alone for the whole protein need? The fact is tofu doesn’t have enough variety, quality, and amount of protein that our pooches may need. Without sufficient protein intake, it is hard for the dogs to lead a healthy life.

Enough protein and amino acids are crucial for dogs. It makes sure our dogs can grow ultimately, have a good appetite, face no reproduction issue, and have strong bones. There are more benefits to enjoy with the right intake. In this case, tofu just can’t deliver them all.

  • Dog Bloating Risk is Higher

Dog bloating is also called as gastric dilatation volvulus. It happens because there is gas in dogs, and it requires immediate attention. Without a proper help, bloating can lead to even more severe condition including death. When your dogs eat tofu, it may happen.

We make tofu with soybean, and soybean naturally produces gas. Can dogs eat tofu and don’t get this side effect? It is possible. It doesn’t happen to all dogs, but a few get this. For best, give a small portion of tofu and study your dogs’ reaction. Consult to your vet for the wisest suggestion.

  • Higher Risk of Kidney Stone

Is tofu good for dogs? It has many beneficial nutrients, but sadly, it also has silicate. Silicate is the culprit because it actually contributes in the development of kidney stones. These stones can cause pain and bloody urination in dogs, and it requires an advanced medical treatment.

Can dogs eat tofu at all then? Yes, of course. A healthy dog shouldn’t have any of this issue, but you shouldn’t try on dogs with kidney problems. Eating tofu will only worsen dogs with kidney issues so avoiding it at all is probably the right way.

  • Gastrointestinal Distress and Upset

This issue is pretty common to happen, especially to dogs with sensitive tummy and when a dog has too much of the tofu. Soybean in tofu contains sugars that dog can’t digest and phytoestrogens. This causes gas as well as diarrhea on dogs. Can dogs eat tofu then?

As long as your canine friends don’t have kidney or gastrointestinal issues, it is okay to let your dog eat tofu. So, is tofu okay for dogs if these issues aren’t on our dogs? Generally, yes. However, overfeeding isn’t wise so it will be best for us to feed with portion.

  • Pesticides Contamination

Can dogs eat tofu as a part of the diet? Yes, occasional addition will be a nice variation on the menu. However, we must be selective on the tofu. Made of soybean, there are chances that the soybean has remnants of pesticides that was used to control pests in the field.

Can dogs eat todu that is organic? It appears to be the best idea. Organic or GMO tofu is available to purchase today. They don’t have any pesticides in it or any other harmful materials. It is healthier for us and the dogs too.

  • Allergy

It is a common issue that several dogs are allergic to protein source foods. But tofu is often considered safe, so can dogs eat tofu and have no allergic reaction? It is very possible. However, a few dogs are maybe allergic to soy, including soy milk or tofu.

Generally, the allergy will come out in several symptoms. They include itchy red ears, rubbing or scratching the face, chewing the feet, any gastrointestinal disorder, and itchiness in several body parts. If your dog shows one of this symptoms, stop feeding him with tofu.

How Much Tofu is Safe?

is tofu ok for dogs

It appears that dogs and tofu is an okay combination. We can feed our dogs with tofu, but there are precautions as well. As soon as we are sure that our canine friends don’t have any allergy to soy, tofu, and the kinds, it is important to know the right level of feeding.

Can dogs eat tofu every day? It is probably fine, but a certain need of nutrition wouldn’t be met. You can feed your dog with one or two small portion. Do this once a week and combine the diet with other source of protein too.

How to Feed Your Dogs with Tofu

can dogs eat raw tofu

We are almost ready to feed our dog with tofu. To make sure we aren’t crossing any rule and our pooches’ health is well prioritized, we need to consider how to feed tofu the dog eats very carefully. In general, these two principles come in handy:

  • Can dogs eat tofu with seasonings? Just as in other human food, it is best to cook it without additional flavouring, sauces, or seasoning. It prevents bad reactions. In addition to it, cutting the tofu into small pieces will be wise and safe. Grated or mashed are also okay for alternatives.
  • Feeding tofu to dogs should be done in moderation. It helps in preventing the side effects while it is also important to keep the dogs’ diet in balance. Mixing tofu with balanced dog food in the menu is a smart way to do it.

Possible Negative Reactions When Your Dog Eats Too Much Tofu

So, we understand now that feeding dog with tofu should be done in moderation. But what can happen if we overfeed once or twice? According to the experience of several dog owners, we shouldn’t underestimate the moderation rule. If not, the following reactions can happen:

  • Gas Issues

Can dogs eat tofu too much? No, they can’t. As mentioned above, the soybean contains gas. If our pooches eat too much of it, they also swallow too much gas. While dogs with GI issue can experience severe bloat, a healthy dog can experience smaller side effects.

It includes stomach discomfort, gassing, diarrhea, and several other symptoms. Sometimes, it affects their appetite too which can lead to several health issues. These gas issues shouldne tbe underestimated. Is soy bad for dogs then? No. It is good enough when you know the serving level for the pooches.

  • The Start of Allergy

Soy allergy mostly comes as a natural thing which means the dog’s body already weak against soy. However, there are a few cases in which a dog that doesn’t have this allergy can get it too due to the overfeeding. Can dogs eat tofu too much? No. It is very risky.

Allergy can happen when something is given too much. It applies on soy, thus tofu, as well. Can dogs eat soy still? Sure, but it is best to stick on moderation rule. It doesn’t only prevent worse reactions but also prevent the allergy development.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

A hormonal imbalance issue commonly happens when we overfeed the dogs with tofu or other soy products. The culprit behind this issue is the phytoestrogens, the estrogens in plants. It affects the hormone production, in which the result isn’t as expected and needed. Can dogs eat tofu still then?

Of course, but look out for the recommended portion. Too much tofu may lead to reactions like skin problems, poor quality hair, and other similar issues. In the worse case, it can lead to thyroid problem as mentioned above. So, can dogs eat soy products too much? You know the answer now.

Other FAQs on Feeding Dogs Eating Tofu

We already cover on the benefits, risks, other possible side effects, and guide on feeding the dogs with tofu. Out there, there are even more questions on this subject. Let’s review on these questions and find out the answers. You might need it in the future.

  • Is Soy Alright for Dogs?

Yes, soy is actually alright to dogs with no allergy. Therefore, eating soy products is also alright. Can dogs eat tofu then? Of course. It is best to follow the feeding rule though so there is no chance of side effect or health risk from happening.

  • Is It Okay for Dogs to Eat Raw Tofu?

Raw is often a recommended way of feeding our pooches. But, can dogs eat tofu that is still raw? As long as your dog doesn’t have an allergy to soy, one serving of raw tofu each week will be a great alternative of good nutrients and protein source.

  • Is It Okay for Dogs to Eat Cooked Tofu?

Being cooked is also a good alternative considering it gives different texture and maybe taste. But, can dogs eat tofu products with seasoning? No. Your cooked tofu needs to be plain. Your dogs may have health risks due to other substances added in the tofu.

  • Can We Make Tofu the Main Protein Source?

Tofu is rich with protein, minerals, and vitamins. It makes a good source of all good things a dog needs. So, can dogs eat tofu yes or no? Surely, but it can’t be the only main protein source every day. Use it as a variation source once a week and balance will be met.


can dogs have tofu

  • Let’s conclude everything we know now. Can dogs eat tofu? Yes. Our pooches can eat tofu as an alternative of protein source. Tofu is made of soy, and soy is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. It has good things our dogs can benefit from.
  • However, there are dogs who have soy allergy, and these dogs shouldn’t be in contact with soy at all. Meanwhile for the healthy dogs, feeding in moderation is crucial to keep the balance and health. Can dogs eat raw tofu? It is one of the best ways to feed it to our canine friends.
  • What about the cooked one? Can dogs eat cooked tofu? As long as we make it plain, it will be safe for our pooches as well. It gives lower health risk comparing to the seasoned one. At the bottom line, it is best to feed our dogs with tofu only once or twice in a week with a small portion, and mix the diet with other protein sources too.

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