Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Is Watermelon Good For Dogs?

can dogs eat watermelon

Can dogs eat watermelon? This question may come up in your head too many times during the summer. Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits during the hot days. It is fresh and watery, and sweet at the same time. Can dog have watermelon? Because if it can, watermelon will make a great summer treat!

What we know so far is that dogs can eat fruits too. So, when someone asks can dogs have watermelon, we assume that dogs can eat it. But how safe is this fruit for dogs? Because, you know, not all good things for human are good for dogs too. What about watermelon dogs eat? Is it safe and harmless?

To actually feel confident enough, we need to dig more about dog eating watermelon. We need to know the nutritional fact, the benefits and side effects, and the best way to feed it to our canine friends.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

can dogs eat watermelon

We all know that watermelon is a great fruit, but can dogs eat watermelon safely just like human do? Watermelon seems to be harmless. It is totally delicious and fresh, and 92% of it is water. It is easy to imagine how fresh it is. Yet, it must contain sugar too considering it tastes sweet as well. Can dogs eat watermelon as it contains sugar?

When you give your dog watermelon, you give your dog enough intake of fiber. This fiber prevents the sugar getting into the bloodstream too fast. So yes, the sugar shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t give too much to your pooch.

Other than fiber and sugar, the watermelon dog eats actually contribute a lot in your canine friends’ health. It is because watermelon is dense with vitamins and minerals. You actually make a good idea if you add watermelon for dogs treat option.

Is watermelon good for dogs and without risk? Just as other foods, there are several things you need to prevent as well. Watermelon isn’t completely harmless. There are parts that are dangerous for our pooches. Can dog eat watermelon with these parts? Absolutely not.

What is the Nutrition Value?

watermelon nutrition value

Can dogs eat watermelon? Yes. This fruit contains a lot of good stuffs. As mentioned above, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. When your dogs have watermelon, a cup or around 152 gram, they will also gain the following nutrition:

  • 46 of calorie
  • 5 miligram of sodium
  • 6 gram of fiber
  • 9 gram of protein
  • 6 gram of vitamin A
  • 3 gram of vitamin C
  • 2 gram of fat
  • 5 gram of carbohydrates
  • 4 gram of sugar
  • 6890 microgram of lycopene

Looking at the nutrition fact above, it is easy to answer almost every question. Can puppies have watermelon? Sure, it seems safe enough. Is watermelon safe for dogs in general? Absolutely. But we can feed them as much as they want.

Do dogs like watermelon? They like it so much that they can eat a lot of it. Of course, this is an issue. We still need to do a portioning to avoid a few side effects. We need to learn more on what to do with our dogs watermelon for best so we don’t cross the bridge and cause troubles instead.

What are the Benefits?

is watermelon good for dogs

When we try to answer question like, can dogs eat watermelon, we need to learn on the good and bad side. Will watermelon hurt a dog? Not necessarily, especially when you are following the feeding guide we will talk about later. In fact, there are major benefits of feeding our pooches with watermelon. They include:

  • Improving Eye Health

Watermelon contains a lot of vitamin A. Can dogs eat watermelon for this reason, you ask? You bet! Eating watermelon helps in maintaining eye health. Dogs and watermelon are a match too because the citrulline inside helps the dog’s body to absorb vitamin A better and transform it into beta carotene far easier.

  • Immune Booster

Watermelon also contains a lot vitamin C. Vitamin C helps a lot in improving our pooch’s stamina. Can dogs eat watermelon and gain more than this? Yes, the vitamin C actually makes sure the body can fight degenerative condition, improve collagen synthesis, and cartilage as well. So, is it ok for dogs to eat watermelon? It’s just the best!

  • Elevate Body Function

Can dogs eat watermelon? Your dogs better be, because this fruit contains a lot of potassium as well. This nutrient helps muscle development, makes sure of electrolytes replacement, and elevates the function of the blood vessel. Is watermelon okay for dogs? It is very healthy actually.

  • Support Production and Growth

Will watermelon hurt a dog? No. In contrary, watermelon contains a little magnesium in it. Magnesium helps in absorbing the vitamins, support the growth of healthy bones, and assisting your dog’s body production of protein. Dogs eating watermelon is actually a good thing.

  • Hydration

As mentioned above, 92% of watermelon is water. It explains why watermelon helps in keeping your dog hydrated. Is watermelon healthy for dogs? Yes, especially for this reason. You may want to keep some of this fruit during the summer for this benefit.

  • Source of Antioxidant

Is it safe for dogs to eat watermelon? It is. Watermelon is a source of antioxidants which are very important to our pooches’ health. They help in repairing damaged cells, so our dogs can live at best even when they age. If there is any wound, recovery will be even better and faster.

  • Source of Lycopene

Lycopene is the reason behind the red color on this fruit. Can you give dogs watermelon if it contains lycopene? Sure! This nutrient helps in preventing cancer growth in body cells, and it also improves the vision at the same time.

  • Intestinal Health

Just as most other fruits, watermelon also contain a lot of fiber in it. Fiber makes sure the food can move smoothly. With good intestinal tract activity, your dog won’t likely have issues like tract blockage, diarrhea, and constipation. Can dogs eat seedless watermelon? It is the best idea!

  • Sourceof Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays important role in the body functions and brain. It helps in the regulation process of hormones, protein production, and fluid balance. Are dogs allowed to eat watermelon? Yes, because it will help the neurotransmitters as well.

When is Watermelon Dangerous for Dogs?

do dogs like watermelon

Can dogs eat watermelon? This fruit isn’t dangerous for dogs. However, there are situations that will make this fruit dangerous at the same time. First, you can’t give too much of it, especially the first times. It may cause tummy ache or upset.

So, can dogs eat watermellon in smaller portion? Smaller portion is a wise way to go.

Second, think it as a treat. Feed the right part of the fruit, and not the watermelon rind for dogs, as a snack only. It shouldn’t make the entire of the diet.

Are dogs allowed to have watermelon dominating the diet? It won’t be enough source of everything by then.

Parts of Watermelon that are Dangerous to Dogs

dogs eating watermelon

How much watermelon can a dog eat? A snack or treat portion is best, and it is important to give the fruit only, not the other parts. Can dogs eat watermelon parts, you ask? There are serious risks if you insist on this. These parts are dangerous for dogs.

  1. Watermelon Rind

It is recommended for owners to never give watermelon rinds for dogs. The rind is pretty hard and roughage. It will be hard for our dogs to chew and digest. When we don’t remove the rind, our dogs tend to chew just as it can and that’s it.

When swallowed, the watermelon rind chunk will cause many issues because it is too actually too big. Can dogs eat the rind of a watermelon rind and experience no side effect of it? Probably, but your dog will most probably experience issues like vomiting, choking, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. This watermelon rind dogs eat should be removed.

While it can cause serious problems internally, it can cause serious teeth problems too. As mentioned before, the rind is tough. Can dogs eat watermelon rind? No, but they may try to chew harder or just swallow it. In case of trying to chew harder, it may damage the dog’s teeth.

Can dog eat watermelon rind and not having teeth issues? Maybe, but likely, there will be a serious damage on the teeth. These issues affect so much of your dog’s routine, from eating to the overall health. It is really not worth it to force your dog to chew it. So, are watermelon rinds good for dogs? You know the answer now.

  1. Watermelon Skin

Now we can answer question like, ‘Are watermelon rinds good for dogs?’ Now, what about the skin? Serving on the table, we often have watermelon along with its rind, seeds, and skins. Sure, we only eat the fruit. But the skin is thinner, so can dogs eat watermelon skin?

The skin may not be a serious problem for the bigger dog, which means the skin won’t be a choking hazard. But can dogs eat the green part of watermelon? If it is the skin, they can’t. The skin is hard to digest.

  1. Watermelon Seed

Another part that is dangerous is the seeds. Can dogs eat watermelon seeds? These seeds are hard, and it will be even harder to digest. So no, dogs can’t eat these. When you wonder is watermelon rind good for dogs, the answer is very similar to the seeds.

The seeds can cause problems like intestines blockage and choking in the least. Can dogs eat watermelon seeds and not having these problems? They can, but a lot of seeds will still cause these problems even in a larger dog.

The issues can get even worse. Your dog may experience diarrhea, tummy pain, vomiting, and upset tummy. Watermelon bad for dogs if you include the seeds. The issue may disappear within hours or days, but is watermelon good for puppies if it comes with the seeds? Nah.

Now, we may think that the seedless watermelon will be better. Can dogs eat watermelon if it is seedless? It is actually a better option, but seedless watermelon still has the white thinner seeds.  Can dogs eat watermelon white seeds? No, they can’t. They are still as dangerous, carrying the same risks.

Is watermelon good for dogs if we remove the entire seeds first? Yes it is. In fact, it is a part of the feeding suggestions. The seeds will immediately cause troubles on smaller dogs. However, it can be a real threat for the larger ones too. Removing all the seeds will be the best strategy. Can dogs eat watermelon safely then? Yes, they absolutely can.

So, let’s recap a little bit. Will watermelon rind hurt dogs just as much as the seeds? They pretty much give the same risks. A small chunk of the rind will do as bad as a lot amount of the seeds. So is watermelon bad for dogs? Not entirely. It is nutritious, but you need to remove these three parts all the way for best safety.

Possible Side Effects of Feeding a Dog with Watermelon

can puppies have watermelon

We may as well know the possible side effects of feeding watermelon to dogs. Can dogs eat watermelon? Surely, but it isn’t without side effects too. If you feed it too much, there are several side effects like these ones:

  • Upset Tummy

Can dogs eat watermelon like a lot? Unfortunately, though it sounds so refreshing, dogs can only eat so much of this fruit. It is just that too much of good things can cause problems too. Too much watermelon, as mentioned above, can cause issues like constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting. So, how much can I feed my dog watermelon?

Watermelon is supposed to be a treat. So, it shouldn’t be too much like a whole portion of a meal. Too much watermelon means too many risks as well. If you wonder, can you feed dogs watermelon, the answer is certainly yes. But can you give watermelon to dogs just as much as you can, the answer is totally no.

  • Choking

Choking can be caused by the seeds and the rinds mostly. How can I give watermelon to my dog then? You need to remove these dangerous parts first. Are watermelon seeds bad for dogs? Yes, they can cause many issues and it is really isn’t worth the risk. Just don’t as question like ‘Can dogs have watermelon seeds?’ anymore. Avoid the seeds, rinds, and skin right away.

Feeding Suggestions

can dogs have watermelon

So far, we know well that watermelon can be a fun and nutritious treat for our dogs. But how much can you give a dog watermelon? We need a guide on the portion here. And, in what shape can dogs eat watermelon? A few more tips should be helpful, right?

The following guide should be helpful and easy to follow:

  • Choose “Clean” Watermelon

Can dogs eat watermelon that we buy at the store? Of course. However, it is recommended to give your dog only the organic one. Organic watermelon tends to be cleaner than the other kinds, and it should be free of chemical remnants which are dangerous for our canine friends. Can dogs eat watermelon and gain the ultimate benefit then? Yes, this is the best kind to buy.

  • Remove All the Seeds

Can dogs have seedless watermelon? It is best to. Beside the organic, it will be helpful for you to get the seedless. The seeds cause a lot of health issues, and it will be another effort to remove them all. Even if you buy the seedless, don’t forget to remove those thin white seeds. They still can be hazardous.

  • No Skin, No Rind

There is already a full explanation why it is dangerous to let your dog ate watermelon rind and skin. To prevent health issues, it is the best way to remove them all first before feeding. Always feed with only the fruit and not the other parts of watermelon.

  • It’s a Treat!

Can I give my dog watermelon three times a day? It depends. Watermelon is supposed to be a treat. It should be 10% of the total diet need per day and not more. Sure you can give your pooch watermelon chunks three times a day, as long as it follows the portion guide.

  • Combine with Other Foods

In addition to the amount or portion, it is also important to keep combining other food too. Is it okay for dogs to eat watermelon every day? Maybe, your dog won’t have any side effect if you feed it right. But sooner, your dog will need a lot of other nutrients intake. Combine with other foods for balance.

  • Keep It Small in Bites

One of the problems with dogs eat watermelon rind, seeds, and skin is the choking issue. The same issue can happen if your dog doesn’t chew the fruit well. For safety, it is advised to cut them into smaller bite chunks. It often helps in preventing the risk.

Ideas to Feed Dogs with Watermelon

can i feed my dog watermelon

Learning the facts on dogs and watermelon, we can figure out how, when, and how much should we give the fruit to our pooches. Can dogs eat watermelon seeds? No, they can only eat the fruit without the other parts. To keep it fun and nutritious, you can try the following ideas of serving for your dogs:

  • Watermelon Chunks

Can dogs eat watermelon chunks? This is actually the easiest way to feed your dogs with watermelon. Can puppy eat watermelon chunks too? Yes, they can as long as you make it small enough. This shape helps in preventing choking and it is still fun for the pooches.

  • Frozen Bites

Can dogs eat watermelon frozen bites? It is actually similar to the previous idea, but it is way cooler. Dogs normally love this treat especially in a hot summer day. Can dogs eat watermelon frozen bites and experience teeth issues? To prevent any teeth issue, make sure it isn’t too hard to chew.

  • Watermelon Puree

This is also a great idea to try, especially for smaller dogs. Is watermelon toxic to dogs if it is pureed? It isn’t toxic at all. In fact, it only makes it even smoother and nicer. It will look like baby food, and it can be served cold or in room temperature. Is watermelon good for dogs to eat this way? It definitely is.

  • Watermelon Popsicle

As an alternative to the frozen bites, a pops will be nice too. Is watermelon safe for dogs to eat this way? Yes, sure. Your dogs will enjoy licking on this sweet and cold treat after a play time or exercise. It is fun and the nutrients are still there too. Is watermelon okay for dogs to eat this way very often? Occasionally is enough so your dog will treasure it to.

  • Watermelon Fro Yo

Can my dog have watermelon fro yo? It seems like a fun and delicious treat. However to make it safer, it is best to prepare it yourself, and use non fat plain yogurt. It helps in avoiding preservatives, sugar, and sweetener. Are dogs allergic to watermelon fro yo? They usually don’t if you choose the ingredients carefully.


can dog eat watermelon

Now, we know everything. Let’s sum it up.

  • Can dogs eat watermelon? Yes! It is a nutritious and delicious treat. We need to remove the seeds, rinds, and skin, and feed with portion though. Can dogs eat watermelon every day? It is better to feed it occasionally, combined with other foods too for balance nutrient intake.
  • Too much watermelon intake can cause several side effects and health problems. How can a dog have watermelon then? We need to be selective on the watermelon. Choose a natural one. We also need to follow the feeding rules. We also need to try feeding it little by little. Can dogs have watermelon without the side effects then? It most probably can. Happy trying!

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