Chihuahua bite force becomes a concern to so many owners due to this canine aggressiveness. This is quite upsetting because Chihuahua is actually very popular because it can be as loving as it is cute at the same time. However, it doesn’t mean this pup can’t be aggressive, true.

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Chihuahua is known to be a breed with a strong will. Due to this attribute, the dog can be a little harsh and sometimes bites. If you have a Chihuahua, or are planning to, it is important to learn more on this fact. Dog’s bite can be a serious danger if you don’t know how to prevent and deal with it. But, can a Chihuahua bite hard considering the size?

Surprisingly, there are more details on this question than you can imagine. There is a measurement on the bite force, certain statistics on cases, and causes we need to acknowledge. Let’s learn more on the bite force of a Chihuahua here.

Chihuahua Bite Force, Why is That an Issue?

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A Chihuahua bite force is an issue because people mention it as lethal or it can kill a person. But the question is, is it really possible? Chihuahua is a small dog breed and people often refer it as a toy size. Now if you get the chance to know better of this breed, you won’t underestimate this breed size.

Chihuahua is known for its bold and stubborn temper. It gets afraid pretty easily too. The combination of those becomes the sole background of the Chihuahua bite force issue. When afraid or feeling a threat, this dog won’t hesitate to attack first.

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Mostly, these dogs will bark and bite as a form defence. When this happens, of course, people will think the dog as aggressive. But really, how hard do Chihuahuas bite? Looking at the small jaw, it shouldn’t be too hard, right?

To measure the force of a dog bite, experts use certain method. However, the result can’t always be reliable because the dog reaction is also unpredictable. What is the bite force of a Chihuahua? Let’s try to know more as this dog will totally forceful when it comes to its’ food or toy.

Chihuahua Bite Force in PSI

chihuahua bite force psi

It isn’t hard to find out the answer of question like how strong a Chihuahua bite force can be. If you search online, several sources will immediately state that it is around 3,900 PSI. PSI here is pound per square inch. It is the common measurement unit used in this field.

Without understanding or comparing more in it, we must agree that it looks like a huge number, and it is! It is illogical then that a small dog like that can actually create such force of power. We will learn about the physical explanation later. However, let’s try to dig deeper on this Chihuahua bite force thing.

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Back in 2010, Professor Stanley Coren wrote a piece of article in Psychology Today official site. In the article, Coren explained that measuring a dog bite force is really hard to accomplish. There are too may variables involved, and each experiment can be as invalid as the others. But, measuring Chihuahua bite force PSI is the right way to go.

Using the same measurement unit, a lion bite force is around 600 PSI. Shocking? Yes. It also makes the Chihuahua bite force in pounds number an impossible fact. From the animal size alone, a Chihuahua and a lion is so much in gap. Let alone the number and strength of the teeth and the jaw size, right?

Chihuahua Bite Force According to Scientists and Owners

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As lightly mentioned above, a bite force is affected by many variables. One of them is the physical construction. A Chihuahua, just like many other animals if not all, requires its’ entire teeth strength, the lower jaw, and the upper jaw to generate certain bite force. It doesn’t matter if you state the Chihuahua bite force Newtons, these three factors still affect.

To prove that the previous number is impossible, our scientists and researchers suggest us to use a comparison. For a Chihuahua bite force comparison, we can try the saltwater crocodile bite force. It ranges around 3,700 PSI. Do you see?

chihuahua puppy bitting a finger

Just in raw examination alone, we must agree that 3,900 PSI can’t be the exact number of a Chihuahua bite force. With the physical fact, our tiny pooch isn’t the right comparison to the crocodile let alone the ability to trigger such bite force.

Most people are sure that a Chihuahua bite force is around 100 to 180 PSI. It is so much more acceptable than the previous number. Considering the variables or factors, it is potentially the right number for this. It is still strong enough, but it isn’t like a lion or a crocodile bite.

Chihuahua Bite Force Statistics

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Okay, so now we see the possibility that a Chihuahua bite force can be a serious case, but it shouldn’t be damaging like if it is a bigger dog or animal. To clearly see this matter in a objective point of view, a little statistic should clear the cloud, if any.

According to a study by the Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs and the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association in 2009 to dog owners, a Chihuahua bite is one of the most frequent and the most possible to create problems so far. Chihuahua actually makes the fourth place with a 4.2% of chance.

The study also recorded that this dog has several incidents both with vets and children. Yes, children. Let’s dig deeper on this Chihuahua bite force incidents.

  • Incidents with Veteranians

veterinarian and chihuahua

According to the study, Chihuahua makes the first place as a dog breed that tends to have biting incidents in the vet. It also happens to the groomers. This Chihuahua bite force incident is presumably caused by its fearful trait towards new people and places. So far, there is no severe fatality added in the report.

  • Incidents with Children

A bite force of Chihuahua also happens with children. The possible causes include the dog is being left alone with a child, as a result of biting play, and the kid accidentally provokes the dog. This dog makes the fourth place for this case after Labrador Retriever, Pit Bull, and German Sheperd.


How strong is a Chihuahua bite during the incidents? There is no further note, but it shouldn’t be too much looking that there is no additional report added. The most importantly, each Chihuahua bite happens commonly because of natural instinct of defense. So naturally, a Chihuahua doesn’t bite people like predators or wild animals.

Chihuahua Bite Force Fatalities

how hard do chihuahuas bite

Learning from the statistics above, it is safe to say that a Chihuahua bite force case happens because of natural defense instinct. However, we shouldn’t underestimate the small teeth and small jaw. That is why we shouldn’t tempt the dog for an attack too.

Even though the real measurement on a Chihuahua bite force isn’t definite yet, these jaws and teeth are still a threat. Clamping down your calf isn’t possible, but sinking the teeth in any part of our body and causing bleeding are highly possible.

are chihuahuas aggressive

According to a survey done in 2019 in Denver, Colorado, there were 18 cases of short haired Chihuahua aggressive bite or around 3% of all cases. All of these attacks are level 3 attack. Hey, there are levels? Yes, there are five levels, including:

  • Level 1

There is no skin contact with the victim, but the dog behaves aggressively.

  • Level 2

There is a direct contact with the victim’s skin, but there is no wound or cut.

  • Level 3

There is teeth penetration, around one to four wound, and it only a half of teeth maximum.

  • Level 4

It is similar to the previous level with only one wound is deeper, and often, it also comes with wound and bruises around the deep wound.

  • Level 5

There are a few attacks and at least four bite wounds, and the dog is a high risk to other living being around it.

are chihuahuas aggressive

So yes, a Chihuahua bite force case is high in possibility. We can’t get the real number of the Chihuahua bite force PSI, but we shouldn’t underestimate the damage potential.

There is a report on death victim back in the period between 2005 and 2017, but it is possibly caused by the other two pit bulls in the scene too without an exact statement on the Chihuahua bite PSI. There are also a few reports on a Chihuahua bite force cases, in which the dog just attack the victim, which were strangers around it during the event.

Is Chihuahua Dangerous?

can a chihuahua bite hard

A Chihuahua bite force cases are quite alarming, especially after learning the statistics and fatalities. It seems like this dog can be a real threat despite its tiny size. Of course, there are logical reasons why such cases happen and there should be a few ways we can go through as solutions.

But, are Chihuahuas dangerous really? According to the scientists, your Chihuahua can bite and create wounds. It is possible for those teeth and jaw to tear apart your cloth or even bite off your finger, sure. However, this shouldn’t be something severe or deathly.

little chihuahua

Chihuahua isn’t a dangerous breed. Are Chihuahuas aggressive? They have this temper, but it rarely happens unless it is in an extremely uncomfortable or threatening situation. In many cases, being neutered or spayed helps a lot in reducing this aggressiveness. Naturally, this breed is a loyal companion for the owner and a great pet as well.

Chihuahua Aggressiveness Causes

aggressive chihuahua

Okay. Now, we understand that there is a possibility on a Chihuahua bite force case. However, this breed is naturally a loving pet and loyal. These dogs can be aggressive and scheme attacks but only under valid reasons. The possible reasons also include these:

  • The Hormones

This can cause a Chihuahua bite force case, and it is actually reasonable. Especially in female ones after birth, the dogs are more aggressive. It happens due to the hormone they have for a few weeks after birthing. It makes them anxious and ‘cranky” for some times.

Two cute mini chihuahua dogs in bed

If it happens, give your dogs some space. Commonly, it gradually turns better and better, and it finally behaves normally again. However, if this behaviour doesn’t go away within a month, it is best to take your Chihuahua to a vet. Your dog may need a further help medically.

  • The Teething

This is a period that happens when your Chihuahua puppies are a few weeks old. It should keep going on until they are four months old. The teething period causes so pain on your dog, sp they have the need to chew and bite something to relieve the pain. This is when a Chihuahua bite force incident may happen.

chihuahua teeth checking

During this time, it is highly possibly that your Chihuahua bite force someone. To prevent this from happening, always supervise your dog. Then, make sure you have a teething toy nearby and ready. This phase should pass sooner than you imagine.

  • Pain

Just as in human, your dog may get aggressive when it feels pain. Being aggressive and lashing out is possible when you dog experiences pain. Especially when the affected area is touched, it is likely that the dog will attack you.

how hard do chihuahuas bite

To prevent an aggressive Chihuahua, it is best to supervise your dog condition closely, Should you see any symptom like retreating behaviour, being aggressive, or eating pattern changing, see your vet. Your dog may need a pro help.

  • Too Playful Behavior

Why are Chihuahuas aggressive because of too playful behaviour? How does this happen? Here how it happens. Many owners play with their Chihuahuas and just let them nip a little. They also encourage the behaviour because it is cute. These dogs then think that biting is a being playful thing.

chihuahua puppy

In a case of Chihuahua biting owner, we need to check if it is the owner who introduces such behaviour. If so, it is important to discourage the habit. Direct the dogs to bite on toys or other possible objects to reduce the risks of biting. With consistency, this behaviour can be reduced and controlled.

  • Feeling of Fear

What’s the bite force of a Chihuahua? The number isn’t so high, but it still requires your attention. This breed is known for being protective of their space and owners. The idea of a stranger trying to pet them is frightening actually. They suddenly feel the need to defend themselves.

In this situation, Chihuahua puppies biting are highly possible scenarios. You need to separate your dog from guests, and keep them indoor to avoid any incidents. This helps them from being nervous and afraid of new things and people.

How to Prevent Chihuahua Aggressiveness

chihuahua biting owner

So there are several reasons that become the triggers of a Chihuahua bite force incident. It may seem like the incidents are out of our power to stop, but it actually is within our power. There are at least three simple ways we can try to prevent any incident from really happening. They include:

  • Neuter or Spay Early

The problem is that a dog may behave suddenly in a very different way when they are heated. This behaviour often includes an aggression. For example, when male dogs fight for the right to mate with a certain female dog, the aggression can be so serious.

Getting your Chihuahua neutered or spayed as soon as possible will help in reducing this behaviour. It isn’t one of how to stop Chihuahua from biting during teething period, but it stops them from being aggressive too often or too easily. Plus, it reduces the risk for your dog to get cancer and prolong its life.

chihuahuas dog fight

  • More Quality Time

Why my Chihuahua bites? Your Chihuahua loves being the center of your attention. It also loves to stay with you all the time. When you buy this breed, make sure that you can make commitment to make time for this dog. If not, bad behaviours will be the certain result.

When you left a dog of this breed too long, the Chihuahua puppy biting case will be even worse. Your dog will likely bite the furniture or even get aggressive to anyone near it. With consistent quality time, it is likely that your Chihuahua will be a lot happier and friendlier.

twin sisters playing with chihuahua dog

  • Socialize Sooner and Better

A Chihuahua bite force incident is a high risk you can prevent way before. When you get it as a puppy, it is important to familiarize your daily activities to your dog. It is also important to introduce the people around you as soon as possible.

It helps your dog for not feeling wary of everything and everyone. Dog like this will likely feel way more relaxed and less aggressive. It is confident and it doesn’t get afraid very easily. By then, a Chihuahua bite force is no longer an issue for you.

Chihuahua’s Bite vs. Pitbull’s Bite

bite force of a chihuahua

So you see, there are reasons and there are solutions too if you are concern about Chihuahua bite force. Incidents commonly happen because of the dog’s natural instincts and these are factors we can accommodate or prevent way before it actually happens.

However, there is something that we may still wonder. How much bite force does a Chihuahua have, especially comparing to Pit Bull’s? Pit Bull can deliver fatal bites especially because it is a big breed with big bodies and super strong jaw.

Based on statistics, Pit Bull caused 346 fatalities and death cases, while Chihuahua caused only one case of fatalities and possibly death case in 2005 to 2019.

However, the fun fact is that Pit Bull tends to be calmer than Chihuahua. When it comes to bite, Pit Bull can be more severe. However, when it comes to chance for aggression, your Chihuahua may experience a lot often for being small. They call it the Napoleon Syndrome, which is a common issue in a small dog breed.

More FAQs

chihuahua bite force

We have a thorough explanation on this Chihuahua bite force, but there are still questions we may want to ask connected to this issue. For a better understanding, let’s try to snwer these questions to help owners to control their Chihuahuas better.

  • Is a Chihuahua Easy to Train Once It Shows Aggression?

As explained before, your Chihuahua shows aggression due to a certain reason. Even after a Chihuahua bite force incident, your dog is still trainable. Just find out the fundamental cause of the aggression and address it to an effective solution.

  • Can I Left My Chihuahua Alone at All?

It depends on the dog. If it is trained to be with other people or in a new place well, leaving the dog alone shouldn’t be a problem. You don’t even have to worry about what is a Chihuahua bite force in the future. In contrary, a shy dog should be supervised all the time.

  • My Chihuahua Bit, What to Do?

Do Chihuahuas bite randomly? Never. First, make sure there is no victim. If there is a victim, get him or her to nearby medical assistance. Second, find out the trigger and give a solution for it. It helps in preventing these incidents from happening again.


chihuahua bite force

  • In sum, we can trust that a Chihuahua bite force is just around 100 PSI or 180 PSI max. The bite may create wounds, but it shouldn’t be deep enough. According to report, such incident happened due to the fact that the dog felt threat or fear, and the aggression came from natural defense instinct. The reasons behind the biting have the solutions too.
  • Owners can always practice good socialization to the dogs, and try to get them neutered or spayed as early as possible. Quality time is also an important factor, and these three can help preventing incidents. Make your Chi happy and comfortable, and let it grows with confident instead of fear. By then, no matter how big a Chihuahua bite force is, it won’t be an issue for your dog.


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