A fat Chihuahua isn’t as popular as the teacup topic, but it is an actual issue that needs a solution. At first glance, this dog will look extremely cute and loveable. But then, you will realize that there are more of serious risks than the joyous look.

Just as in humans, an overweight problem also means bad news for dogs. Fat Chihuahuas tend to have even more negative effects from the condition, and as the owners, we need to help them slim down to the recommended weight. But, how? Are there certain ways we can try?

chihuahua overweight

To find the right way to help our fat black Chihuahua, we need to consider several factors first. It includes the possible causes of the condition, how we can stop it, feeding suggestion, and many more. Our dogs’ life expectancy also depends on the weight factor, so let’s learn more to save them from the risks.

Signs of Fat Chihuahua

fat chihuahua

Sometimes, it is hard to determine if one Chihuahua is fat or it just has the fluffiest long hair just by looking at it. Or, we are actually still in denial that our fat Chihuahua is actually fat, not fluffy. Luckily, there are several signs that will point to that if we are willing to do a simple examination. The signs are as follow:

  • Weight above the Standard

According to American Kennel Club or AKC, the standard weight for a Chihuahua is six pounds. This is the average normal weight standard. So if your dog is a Chihuahua and it weighs more than this number, it is a fat Chihuahua. Therefore, it needs to slim down to the standard.

  • Thick Fat

chihuahua fat

In a fat brown Chihuahua, it will be hard for you to feel the bones. It is easy to examine and find out the real condition. You should be able to find the bone as you examine your dog in a convenient way. If you struggle in finding the bones, it is because they are covered with thick fat. Your dog, then, is definitely over weight.

  • Abdomen Tuck

A fat Chihuahua dog commonly has a chubby tummy. To make sure your assumption is right, you can try to examine the abdomen. If your dog has a tummy tuck, it is fat.

Main Causes of Fat Chihuahua

overweight chihuahua

It is fascinating. We buy the dog from a kennel and it is healthy and fit. What makes it fat then? A fat Chihuahua is often a result of the owner actions. We often do things we underestimate or take for granted that contribute to this condition. The main cause of your fat Chihuahua is probably one of these:

  • Overfeeding

This is the most common misconception and cause of a fat Chihuahua. Of course, we love our pooches. Therefore, we give them a good portion of food in each feeding time. We forget that a Chihuahua is a small dog, and its portion is far less than the usual dog.

We underestimate this portion part, and continue this habit. Meanwhile, our dog only needs so much calorie per day for being a small breed. This habit becomes the cause why you have a fat Chihuahua. If this is the situation, we know where we can start to fix the situation.

cute chihuahua

  • Food Sharing

A chubby Chihuahua is often a result of an act of love too. There are times when we just want to share a little bit from our plate. We let them have a few bites, eat the leftovers, or even worse, eat from a prepared plate. This act is out of love, but we forget the nutrition value.

That’s right. Human food is often dangerous for dogs due to the amount of sodium, fat, and calories in it. If we don’t share with a lot of care and attention on the nutrition intake, we will see a fat long haired Chihuahua very soon.

  • Less Exercise

Not getting enough exercise is also the most common cause of a chubby Chihuahua puppy. The food portion is maybe right, but your dog is probably not active enough. Carrying them all the time will lead to a lazy behaviour, so you need to control this habit at the first place.

chihuahua lazy

The, you should take your dog for a walk, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. A 15 minutes walk each time should be enough. Most pictures of fat Chihuahuas show lazy dogs in comfort. Avoid this situation. Keep them active, but not too much, to burn some of the remaining calories.

  • Unmodified Diet

The look of a white fat Chihuahua is maybe adorable, but it isn’t healthy at all. If you know your dog is getting heavier and you don’t change the diet, it will make the problem even worse fast.

Is Fat Chihuahua a Dangerous Condition for the Dog?

fat chihuahua

Yes. As in human, overweight problem is also a very dangerous condition for dogs, including for Chihuahuas. Owners commonly ignore or simply overlook this matter. These actions will result in many health risks for your fat Chihuahua and it can be very severe. The following dangerous risks should be considered:

  1. Breathing Diffciulty

Why will a fat Chihuahua have a breathing difficulty? It is actually an easy logic. Being fat, your dog will have a lot of fat in the chest. This fat will eat the space and it reduces the lungs expansion space heavily. Meanwhile, lungs need enough space to expand to function.

With this condition, our fat Chihuahua won’t be able to breathe properly because the lungs can’t expand in full capacity. With the lungs can’t function ultimately, our dogs will soon have breathing difficulty, which affects many aspects of its life. Reducing the fat will be a lot of help here.

chihuahua sleeping

  1. Joint Issues

A fat Chihuahua has the bigger risk of getting a joint issue because of the weight. Being fat, there is more pressure on the joints and bones. This pressure, as time passes, causes even more problems including unstable joints and weaker bones. Sadly, this isn’t everything.

With such pressure over time, a fat Chihuahua will get arthritis even in a young age. Dogs with joint and bones issues will be less active. It decreases the quality of life while it has the potential to worsen the obesity problem. It’s an evil circle.

  1. High Blood Pressure

True. A fat Chihuahua has the higher risk of getting high blood pressure problem. This condition can lead to so many other health problems. As in human, hypertension has a few bad effects to tissues and vital organs in the body system, and then, it affects your dog activity badly.

chihuahua examine by veterinarian

This issue will then trigger several serious illnesses on a fat Chihuahua, like organ failures, stroke, heart problems, and even death in severe cases. Of course, a dog with this problem can’t live longer. Preventing the hypertension at the first place is the best thing to avoid such circumstances.

  1. Diabetes Mellitus

This risk shares a lot of similarities to what happens in human too. For us human, obesity can lead to this disease. If you don’t know it, this is probably the hardest type of diabetes to control, and it can happen to your chubby Chihuahua too.

As in human, this disease requires insulin injections regularly on your dogs too. This is the only way you can fulfil your old fat Chihuahua body demand and prevent even worse condition. Of course, this isn’t easy or cheap. It will be best for you and your bank account if this health issue never happens.

  1. Spinal and Back Issues

If your Chihuahua fat, it tends to have spinal and back issue for a very logical reason. The weight is too much for the whole body to handle. In a result, it adds the amount of stress and strain excessively right on the weakest part of the lower back.

fat chihuahua

If the dog doesn’t lose some weight fast, this condition will lead several further issues including torn ligaments, fractured bones, as well as spinal disc slipping. Your overweight Chihuahua can never have a high quality life, and you can never see a happy and active dog in the house anymore.

  1. Heart Disease

This is probably the deadliest side effect of a fat Chihuahua. The thing is your dog heart will be surrounded by fat. This fat adds pressure on the organ, and it forces the organ to pump blood even more and harder than the standard. Your fat Chihuahua dog heart needs to work harder every day.

If this situation continues, it will be likely for your fat Chihuahua puppy to get heart disease not to mention the high risk of a heart failure. As we all know it, a heart failure only ends with death, which isn’t a good news.

chihuahua dog

  1. Less Quality and Life Length

This last risk is probably the result of the previous six. We can see now that the risks fat Chihuahua puppies need to face are too many. All of them only decrease their health. With health problems, a really fat Chihuahua can never enjoy life. It’s life can never be a quality one.

In addition to it, those health problems are too severe. Your overweight Chihuahua lifespan is totally shorter than those in ideal weight.

How to Help Your Overweight Chihuahua

chihuahua overweight

We know enough on the risks if we do nothing to our fat Chihuahua. What we need to know next is how we can help them. Yes, it is still possible for us to prevent the health risks from happening. There are actually several ways too that are proven to be effective. Here are several of the recommendations:

  • Modify the Feeding Portion

A fat Chihuahua is highly possible to happen due to its small size. The best way to reduce or prevent it is by modifying its feeding portion. There is a chance that you feed too much. Therefore, consult to your vet for a healthy adjustment.

You also need to check on the nutrition value information on the back of the dog food package. You don’t need to always do as it recommends. Feel free to reduce the portion if you have a fat Chihuahua that needs to lose some weight immediately.

  • Modify the Diet

hungry chihuahua

This isn’t the right time to spoil your small fat Chihuahua with fatty or sugar rich food. It will only make the health issue worse. You should replacing the usual food options with ones high in nutrient and fiber. It is also great to give your dog health supplements to reduce several severe issues.

Your dog may refuse it at first, but it isn’t the right reason to give up. The Chihuahua overweight problem very solution lies fundamentally on the intake your dog has. Avoid diet that will only make the health problems even worse.

  • Decrease the Amount of Treats

chihuahua is boring

A fat Chihuahua doesn’t need a lot of treats anymore. In fact, there is a high possibility that it got too many all this time. The best way to reduce its weight is by cutting the treats. Treats commonly are high on sugar and fat, and these aren’t the right food during the weight loss program.

Sometimes, it can be a little challenging to totally cut out the treats. If the condition should allow it, you can opt for healthier treat that is fat free or low in sugar. These obese Chihuahuas can gain more benefit from high fiber and healthy treats like steamed veggies.

  • Exercise More

chihuahua doing exercise swimming

Just as in us human, exercise plays a vital role in keeping a healthy body. This rule applies for an overweight Chihuahua as well. To reduce the weight, enough amount of exercise is an obligatory. You can take your dog out for a walk for around 10 minutes two times a day.

In alternative to it, you can engage your dog into a few indoor games. It keeps your overweight Chihuahuas active and these games should make a good exercise replacement.

More Health Problems as Causes

fat chihuahua dog

This is maybe a little uncommon to discuss, but a fat Chihuahua can be caused by a few health problems too. Yes, the circle will be a health problem causes the overweight issue, and this overweight issue causes another health problem. It’s very dangerous. Here are those health problems that can cause overweight issue you need to look out for:

  • Cushing’s

Cushing is one of the diseases that can cause a fat Chihuahua, in which obesity is probably an indication too by then. This is a diseases that heavily affect the dog’s adrenal gland. When it happens, your dog will suffer a lot that it affects the daily activities.

The symptoms include white skin patches with scales, fur problems, and weakness on the fat chihuahua. This weakness makes your dog move less and gain more weight. The cure of this disease includes prescribed medication and adrenal tumor removal.

  • Thyroid Issue

Thyroid is a hormone that is responsible for the metabolism system in the body. If there is an issue on this hormone, your dog metabolism can’t stay as it was. Soon, your dog will lose the healthy Chihuahua weight and it becomes a lot faster in a short period of time.

chihuahua dog

How much does a Chihuahua weigh? Six pounds is the ideal number. With this health problem, your dog will weigh even more than six pound. The symptoms include so much shedding, coat dulling, and intolerance towards cold. Luckily, there is a cure treatment we can try.

  • Diabetes

Yes, diabetes can be a cause and can be an effect of overweight too. Your dog may have the average Chihuahua weight at first, but as soon as it has diabetes, this weight will keep increasing. Not for long, it can have any other possible risk on its health.

Is my Chihuahua overweight if it weighs not more than six pounds? It isn’t but this health issue can increase the number fast. Follow every rule. Don’t go overboard with the feeding, engage some exercises, and try the medical suggestion.

Feeding Rules for Overweight Chihuahua

white fat chihuahua

A fat Chihuahua requires a different set of principles when it comes to feeding and the portion. Sticking to these rules will help a lot in losing some of the weight and preventing them from getting the health risks. If you ever need a guide, you can always refer to these rules:

  • Consult the Vet for Portion

A fat Chihuahua needs a different portion and it should be based on its weight. To decide the right portion for feeding per day, or even per meal, you should get your vet’s help. Then, you can get the exact number and instructions to follow.

consult with vet

  • Always Consider the Recommendation

When you feed your dog with dog food, and you need to reach the healthy weight for Chihuahua, always consider following the recommendations at the back of the package. There is always a guide for the right amount for certain weight. You can follow this recommendation.

  • Weight Based All the Time

This rule applies all the time including when you use the previous rule. When you look at the recommendation for feeding amount, consider the weight based suggestion your vet gives you. If you stick to it, even the heaviest Chihuahua can get the ideal weight back.

  • Stick to the Recommendation

Sometimes, we can get a little touchy while helping our dog to stay on the diet. We just want to add a little just every once in a while. You know what? Don’t. An effective diet for overweight Chihuahua only works if it is done consistently. Get yourself together!

More FAQs

fat chihuahua

Basically, we now know everything we have to know when it comes to helping a fat Chihuahua. However, there are maybe a few more questions you want to ask. Let’s review them and give them the direct answers here.

  • What is the Ideal Weight Range for Average Chihuahua?

Your Chihuahua isn’t a fat Chihuahua as long as the weight is still between three to six pounds. This range is the standard or average range, so in the middle of the range is still a safe position. Make sure you keep your dog weight on track by checking it every once in a while.

  • What is the Heaviest in Weight for Chihuahua in History?

fattest chihuahua in the world

Of all dogs in Chihuahua dog breed, Gracie is the heaviest in history. This female dog weighs around 42 pounds, which is seven times the Chihuahua healthy weight. This weigh prevented from walking even a short walk. Luckily, a trainer help her, and Gracie can lose around 30% of her weight and

  • When Does Chihuahua Get Full Grown?

A Chihuahua commonly reaches its peak growth at the age of ten to 12 months. How much should a Chihuahua weigh at this age? It depends on the dog because it depends on the activities, diet, and health.

Final Thoughts

fat chihuahuas

  • This dog breed is adorable and it will be lovely to have one at home. However, if we want them to live the best, it is important for us to prevent them to change into a fat Chihuahua. This condition isn’t healthy at all. There are awful health risks that a fat Chihuahua can get.
  • Instead of being the fattest Chihuahua in the world, it will be best for us to help our dogs losing some fat and getting back to the ideal weight for health purposes. It prevents them from getting any of the risk while it also helps in improving their life quality.
  • There are several natural ways we can try to help. It includes healthy diet, adding exercises and activities, and controlling the portion. You can always use the Chihuahua weight calculator as a help when there is a change on the weight.
  • There are many success stories of fat Chihuahua loses weight, so this isn’t a lost case. We can help our dogs to get healthier in natural ways. It takes time and a lot of effort but totally possible. If you have this problem, you can start fixing it by visiting your vet today.


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