Havanese Puppy Pictures

Havanese puppies have been popular since 1800s when it makes cute companion dog to many Cuban aristocrats. It looks totally handsome with its silky hair. It has expressive eyes and it is small enough which makes it the cutest. This breed is also known as Velcro’s dog for being super attached to its owner.

Being affectionate, this breed makes a perfect pet for a family in a house or in an apartment. While it is cute, this breed is also known for its intelligence. It is super easy to train them, and they can make good career on dog games or even circus.

Below are some cute havanese puppy pictures, Enjoy 🙂

Havanese puppies are also known as Velcro’s dog as it is closely attached to the owner. It hates being alone and always seeks for companion. While it is friendly to other dogs and strangers, it is an affectionate breed for the entire family. It can live in a house or apartment just well.

Being easy to train and really intelligent, this breed is also known to make great career on dog sports as well as circus. Its expressive eyes are completed with silky hair that doesn’t need a lot of brushing. It has been a popular companion dog for Cuban aristocrats in 1800s, and it is still popular now.

Look some cute havanese puppy pictures below, I am sure you’ll love it 🙂

Among so many cute dog breeds, Havanese puppies are popular until today. It was a loyal companion for Cuban aristocrats during the 1800s, and it makes an affectionate pet for a family now. It lives well in a house and apartment, and in hot or cold weather. Being very intelligent, this breed is easy to train, which explains how this breed is often involved in circus or dog games career.

The silky hair is often long enough, but it doesn’t shed much so it doesn’t need a lot of brushing. The expressive eyes will show friendly manner to kids and other dogs. If you train it, it can be friendly to strangers as well.

There are several cute havanese puppy pictures below, Enjoy 😉

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