Lemon beagle is probably one of the most adorable looking dogs on earth. The breed appears in so many Hollywood movies, and the Queen of England is said to love her beagles so much that they get special treatments in the palace. Of course, it is easy to really fall to this dog.

Among the many variations or mix breed of beagle dogs, we should admit that the lemon beagle is the special one. However, we may not know a lot about this particular dog yet, and it is actually a good idea to take a deeper look on this puppy, especially if you want one.

Naturally, a full grown lemon beagle has all the traits commonly appear in a beagle. For example, it has a pair of pretty long and floppy ears, attractive expressions, and active behaviour. However, this particular dog has something special too, and it has anything to do with more than just its color.

Lemon Beagle History

beagle lemon

Basically, lemon beagle is a pure bred and it originally came from England just as the rest variations of beagle. They were mostly trained to be hunting dogs because they have wonderful tracking skills that come in handy. After the first Civil War, this breed was sent to US and it immediately becomes so popular to today.

However, as of today, beagle lemon is now often a family pet as well. You may find many of them during hunting sport, or in the farm, but you should find even more of them in residences as a part of the families there.

This dog is also known as white beagle, and it carries all the good parts of this breed. However, the lemon color is pretty unusual and it explains why lemon beagle price is really high in market Naturally, this dog was born as a white pup, and then as it grows, the lemon spots develop.

Therefore, it is normal if you find a white beagle pup that is claimed as lemon. Most probably, the parents are lemon beagle dogs, and the pups are definitely going to be the same. Therefore, it is important to really check on a pup parents record to make sure it is going to be lemon if you want one.

Lemon Beagle Rarity

lemon beagle puppy

As mentioned before, a lemon beagle color is pretty unusual. It means it rarely happens and most beagles are born with the other color variations. Even further, the other colors include chocolate tri, white and tan, orange and white, and tri color. The variation depends solely on the gene.

The lemon spot happens due to the recessive gene, and the dog needs to inherit it from the parents. Therefore, this dog is considered rare and it makes a lemon beagle puppy price is always shockingly pricey. However, it doesn’t mean that your professional breeder can’t create you one.

If you check on a lemon beagle information or record starting from the parent, you will find that a breeder will need to match and mix the dog parents to get the exact color. Therefore, even a pro will consider breeding this dog as a hard job to do.

Luckily, the albino beagle is still considered even rarer comparing to the lemon beagle. When both are still pups, you will find two white puppies that look very similar. However, they are very different on the very root and they have different colors as they grow bigger too.

Lemon Beagle Appearance

lemon colored beagle

Lemon beagle is widely known for its attractive look. Therefore, it is just logical that people instantly fall in love with this intelligent and good looking breed. Comparing to the other breeds, there are several appearance key points that we can spot on this dog, including:

  • The Puppies Look Different than the Adult

As mentioned before, a lemon beagle will emerge its lemon spots only as it grow older. Therefore, the puppies are commonly plain white. In addition, the puppies coat are commonly lighter and it has less patches than the adult.

  • Unique Nose, Eyes, and Paws

When you wonder ‘What is a lemon beagle dog?’, people will commonly refer this dog by mentioning its dark brown with pink tinge nose. Even further, people may also refer to its all white paws or the cute hazel eyes. In other words, this is a dog with totally cute features.

  • Two Groups of Sizes

Firstly, there are dogs that are categorized as the 13 inch group. It commonly weighs around 20 pounds, and it is indeed the smaller version. Secondly, there is also the 15 inch group. The pup commonly weighs around 30 pounds. There was the pocket group as well, but this group is considered rare or extinct already.

  • Similar Male and Female

Commonly, the male pup will grow bigger and heavier than the female pup. However, there is a possibility that the difference between the male old lemon beagle and the female isn’t that significant. Therefore, this aspect has never been a real issue for owners.

Its Lemon Color Genetics

full grown lemon beagle

Commonly, a lemon beagle develops its lemon patches on the coat. It is all because of a unique combinations of the loci in its DNA.

Firstly, there are around three billion DNA pairs that play important roles in the overall coat look, and only eight of them directly affect the color.

The eight pairs include Spotting lcus, Harlequin locus, Merle locus, Dilute locus, Brown locus, Dominant Black locis, Extension locus, and Agouti locus.

Secondly, only the last five loci are active in beagle breed, and only Dilute locus, Brown locus, and Dominant Black locus affect the lemon beagle coat color.

Thirdly, the combination of the three loci in a lemon beagle puppy is unique. Even further, the combination exactly produces the lemon color in several variations of lightness. In other words, this puppy actually carries the unique combination in its DNA.

There is actually a whole detailed explanation on this coat genetics, but the general summary ends with the same information. While the other loci create the other color variations, a lemon tick beagle color is heavily affected by the three specific loci in a unique combination.

Does the Color Change as the Pup Grows?

lemon beagle puppy

This is the magical part of a lemon beagle. In addition to its adorable look and charming traits, this dog is also known for its changing color. Therefore, yes, this dog changes color as it grows.

As mentioned before, a lemon beagle pup usually has white coat. You won’t find any sign of the lemon color during the first weeks old.

After the first year, there will be markings appear on the coat. The markings commonly appear on the tail, belly, back, parts of the face, and the ears. However, they may not appear all together, but it is also possible that your lemon beagle marking comes one by one.

At first, the markings or patches will come in light shade. Therefore, it is highly possible that you may think it can’t be a lemon colored beagle at all. Relax. The patches will intensify as your dog grows older, and the lemon color will soon look bolder than before.

For example, your once a yellow beagle dog will have darker yellow patches on the coat as it gets older. Darkened patches are normal in beagle. In addition, beige or khaki are normal dark patches on beagle with lemon coat.

Kennel Club Recognition

lemon beagle puppy

Many unique dogs aren’t recognized by kennel clubs or AKC. Therefore, it is normal if we are questioning about the lemon beagle. Considering the rarity and its uniqueness, it is possible that this dog isn’t recognized as it happens to red golden retriever.

If a status of AKC registered is important for you, a lemon beagle is one of those dogs. Moreover, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale also states the same thing as the AKC, and this color is officially accepted for the beagle breed. In other words, the lemon colors still meet their breed standards.

However, it is actually the contrary with the Canadian Kennel Club or CKC and United Kennel Club or UKC. Both don’t accept lemon beagles as the standard color of beagle breed. Therefore, you won’t find any lemon beagle registered on their lists. Yes, it is rather disappointing, but it isn’t the end yet.

Miraculously, you can still register your lemon beagle full grown dog on both clubs. Usually, they will record your dog under tan color, not lemon. These two colors are actually different, but it works anyway if being registered is an important aspect here.

Its Temperament

rare beagle colors

Before adopting one, it is important for every future owner to really know their lemon beagle temperament. There are many aspects to know, but they can be summarized into several important points. These key points include:

  • Lemon beagle is known for being energetic, and it explains why it loves being active and in outdoor. Also, it has the wits, which will make it an intelligent pet under a good training since the early age. You will find it understanding your command and signs and following orders fast due to its intelligence.
  • This dog is also known to be great being in a pack. Of course, it goes consistently with its history as a hunting dog that goes in a pack. It also explains why this dog is highly tolerant towards small pets and young kids. However, a training is always needed when it comes to socialization with others.
  • A lemon colored beagle is also known for being loving. It is loyal to its family, especially to the one taking care of the dog, and its deposition to the family is always sweet. In addition, it is completely cheerful, non aggressive, and gentle, and it makes the dog a perfect family pet.
  • If you ever read other lemon beagles information, you may find a warning on its smell sense. This dog is originally a scent hound, so it will be naturally curious on a new smell. Therefore, it can be a problem in public. Luckily, it is a totally solvable issue with a consistent training.
  • Lemon and white beagle shares the same level of separation anxiety possibility with the other variations of beagle. It will bark continuously to get what it wants, especially when it is left alone for quite some time. Fortunately, with a little training and patience, we can help making this dog a well behaved one.

Health Issues and Lifespan

newborn lemon beagle puppy

In general, a lemon beagle dog can live for a pretty long time. Many dogs survive for twelve years, while the others can reach 15 years. Of course, there are dogs that live under these years, but it is commonly due to the diseases they have.

However, it is also known that a healthy beagle that is free of genetic illnesses can live for 20 years even. As we can expect, it is pretty uncommon, but it is highly possible. In fact, the amount of beagle dogs that grow this old increases as the owners are more aware on their dogs diseases and treatments.

However, as slightly mentioned before, there are several health issues that a lemon beagle may have, both genetically and non-genetically. Moreover, the health problems tend to be the same, just as it happens in other breeds as well. The problems include:

  • Hip Dysplasia

This is a health issue in which your lemon beagle ball and socket joint is misaligned. It is pretty common on this breed, and it causes a lot of pain. To cure it, your dog may need a major medical treatment including surgery. Without a proper help and treatment, the severe pain can even cause a posture decline on your dog.

  • Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition in which your dog’s eye gets extreme pressure over time. While lemon is one of the rare beagle colors, this disease isn’t rare in beagle. In addition, glaucoma can cause a serious damage on the optic nerve and also blindness.

  • Patellar Luxation

Patellar luxation is a condition in which there is a misaligned knee caps in the lemon white beagle, and this disease is also called sliding stifles. Commonly, this disease doesn’t appear until the later age, and it often requires surgery to get it well healed.

  • Cherry Eye

It is a condition in which the third, out of three, eye lid actually pops out, and it is pretty common in all beagle dogs including the lemon teacup beagle. The disease gives an extreme pain on your dog, and a surgery is often needed to cure this condition.

Male vs. Female

lemon color beagle

The difference between male and female lemon beagle has been slightly mentioned before. Firstly, when it comes to the sizes, the difference is really small even if any. Therefore, many owners don’t think size as much of a matter at all because both can be as big or as small as you expect them to be.

Secondly, when it comes to the personality, nothing is different between the male and female. Since it is still a newborn lemon beagle puppy, the temperament of both will be just so similar. Under the same training, they will both turn out to be as excellent too.

How to Care

lemon beagles pictures

Now, we understand a lot about lemon beagle, and we are heading towards getting one. Before you get one for yourself, it is also necessary to learn more on how to care for one. It isn’t a rocket science, but there are several key points we all owners need to master, such as:

  • Food and Diet

As we all know, a lemon beagle dog is high energy, and if it is a working dog in your house, it will require balance diet to match the daily activities. The recommended composition is the 20% of it should be protein at the least. In addition, minerals and vitamins are needed too.

For best composition, choose crunchy kibble which nutrition meets the diet requirement for a medium sized dog like a lemon beagle that is high in activities. This kind of food also commonly helps a lot in reducing the risk of tartar and plaque build-up the beagles are prone to.

  • Exercise Need

For a start, your lemon color beagle will do great with an hour of playtime and a brisk walk for one day. However, it won’t be enough very soon. Daily chores or canine sports will be needed, especially for ones that are family pets as the dogs grow bigger.

In addition, you can also engage your lemon pocket beagle to some sniff activities. Firstly, your beagle will really enjoy its time tracking scent as it comes natural in it. Secondly, it will come in handy in situations in which search and rescue are needed in the future.

  • Grooming

Grooming lemon white beagles shouldn’t be challenging because this dog is a short hair. Firstly, bathing is recommended for only once a month to prevent dry skin and other problems related to it due to dry skin. Therefore, you should learn to be okay with a few stains in the between bath time. However, a good brushing is needed every week to promote oil production and prevent too much shedding.

In addition to the bathing and brushing, we also need to do the trimming. In both puppy and lemon beagle adult, trimming the nails are important while wiping the ears will help in preventing infection and the buildup of wax.

  • Training

Training a lemon drop beagle puppies is recommended since the first day, and this isn’t going to be a picnic. Several owners consider hiring a pro to help with the training, or joining puppy class hold by pro trainers.

However, it is really worth the effort because a lemon drop beagle is known for being really intelligent, loyal, and curious. With a little stimulation, even a complicated training will be well accomplished.

Price and Expenses

lemon beagle adult

Now, let’s get real. Purcashing a lemon beagle puppy isn’t cheap. In a reputable breeder, a puppy of this breed is often offered starting from $750. However, $1,200 price tag isn’t uncommon as well. In addition, a puppy from champion parents or rare variations can reach up to $2,000.

However, consider the rarity, the price for a lemon beagle pup is even higher than the previous price tags. You can expect for even a higher number in cities or countries in which this color is very rare but in high demand. Therefore, it is important to conduct a survey for the price first.

Next, you also need to know the other expenses of owning beagle colors lemon & white. For example, the one time expenses including for hair brush to flea treatment should cost you around $350 for the least and $590 in higher rates.

In addition to those expenses, there are also recurring expenses including for vitamins, vet checkups, treats, food, and several others. In average, you will spend around $250 for a monthly expense. Therefore, it is important for you to make up your mind if you really are okay spending this much for your or it is better for you to admire only the lemon beagles pictures.

Is This Dog Hypoallergenic?

This question is actually the most asked question. Is this dog hypoallergenic? Unfortunately, this dog isn’t hypoallergenic. Firstly, a lemon beagle dog coat sheds pretty often. Secondly, it still happens even though brushing will help reducing it. From these two points alone, we already know the answer.

Therefore, it is always recommended for those who have allergies to dander or fur for not getting lemon pocket beagles. The shedding will always happen no matter how minimal, and it will be hard to handle an energetic dog while you actually are trying to survive the allergy.


lemon white beagle

  • A lemon beagle is great dog to have. Firstly, it has all the great traits and temper. Especially for an active person, this dog will make a perfect companion. Secondly, its unique patch color is totally attractive, adding a plus value on this dog.
  • However, training one can be a little challenging and we may even need the help of a pro. In addition, it costs a lot to buy one and it costs quite a lot to care for it as well. Therefore, unless you are totally ready and that you wilfully want it, you shouldn’t consider buying lemon beagle puppies.


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