Red golden retriever is a unique dog. While many people feel doubtful due to its fur color, this dog actually brings a lot of special and wonderful traits. These traits will make you fall for them, and the fur color issue will no longer be an issue.

However, this doubt issue is actually logical, especially due to the fact that the color is actually pretty different comparing to the other goldens. For example, red golden retriever puppies already have deeper color than the rest. This can be alarming to people who don’t know the fact behind it.

Also called the red retriever, this dog also receives a little discrimination from the AKC. The color is distinctive so that it makes them different in appearance. Therefore, they are restricted from the competition ring. But, before we make any hasty conclusion, let’s know this dog even better.

Red Golden Retriever and the History

red retreiver

The first existence of red golden retriever was reported to be back in the mid of 19th century. During this period, Lord Tweedmouth I tried to have a hunting dog with certain quality traits, and decided to create one. In the end, his endeavour results greatly in the form of today’s Golden Retriever forefathers.

After he passed away, these dogs were then sent to America by his sons, and these dogs instantly captured everyone’s heart. It has the look of dignity, beauty, and grace, while it also is soft mouth and impressive in sniffing. Soon, golden retriever, along with red golden retriever, became a hit.

This breed continues to be the most favourite ones, but there was no exact report about when the red retriever made its first appearance. However, people believe that the fur color was inherited from the Irish Setter breed which is a warm and stunning mahogany.

Since Jim Kjelgaard fictional novel “Big Red” published in 1945, the red retrievers become more and more popular. Even more, there are a lot of people, and probably even a lot more in the future, who agree that the combination of all the dog traits and this unique color creates a perfect canine.

Red Golden Retriever Appearance

red retriver

As mentioned before, a red golden retriever inherited the fur color from the ancestors which is the Irish Setter breed. While goldens fur change slowly to dark golden red or almost white coat, the red one keeps its dark mahogany shade and creates the red look.

A male red golden retriever can be 24 inches in height, and around 75 pounds in weight. However, the female is slightly smaller, reaching 22.5 inches in height and 65 pounds in weight. In average, the red is slender and elegant with its long and lustrous coat.

In addition, you may find that the measurement is a little smaller comparing to the other goldens, which is true. A fox red golden retriever is commonly smaller than the other. In fact, it is the smallest in breed family. However, its lighter and shorter build makes this dog a great hunting dog, which goes back to its original history.

Other than the build, we should also highlight its fur color. A red retriever commonly has feathering on several parts, for example the underbelly, front part of the neck, and around both eyes. However, this feathering may not as long as in the golden retrievers, and probably less apparent too.

This golden retriever red coat actually consists of the under and outer coat, and this kind of coat makes sure the dog can work in harsh and cold weather. In detail, the outer coat is soft looking, wavy, and long, while the under coat is more dense and short. Moreover, this coat is also water resistant while staying elegant in look.

Lastly, just as in other golden retriever dogs, a puppy red golden retriever also has several dark brown or black features on its appearance. The features include the nails, eye rims and the eyes themselves, as well as the lips.

Red Golden Retriever Color Explanation

golden retriever red coat

There is a scientific explanation on the red golden retriever fur color. In each dog, there are 39 chromosomes pairs. Each pair consists of around 50 to 100 thousands pairs of gene, and only ten pairs of all actually dictate the fur color. Some of the ten decide the color while some others dictate the color distribution, for example the color intensity, stripes, spots, and more.

The genes inside the chromosomes can be two possibilities, including recessive and dominant. The recessive gene is often written in small letter, like ‘a’, while the dominant is prescribed in a big letter, like ‘A’. If a red golden retriever has an ‘Aa’, it is counted as dominant because the big ‘A’ dominates the small ‘a’.

In detail, color determination identifiers in golden retrievers are B, C, and E, including for the fluffy red golden retriever puppies. B and E chromosomes dictate the color, and C chromosomes dictate the intensity.

Therefore, there are several pairing possibilities to make a dark golden retriever. Firstly, there is C+C that results in red, bronze, or dark fur color. Secondly, there is also cch+cch that results in nearly white color. Thirdly, there is also C+cch that results in any color between the previous two.

Controversy on the Fur Color

red haired golden retriever

The red golden retriever is actually just a matter of fur color variation rather than a standalone breed. However, many people believe that the red or dark color is a result of a genetic mutation. Therefore, it can’t be classified as high as the rest of the goldens.

As ridiculous as it is, the AKC already declares the red haired golden retriever isn’t qualified for the competition ring. The fur is considered too red, and only ones with lighter or even darker than this are qualified for the ring.

Golden Retriever vs. Red Golden Retriever

red golden retrievers

It is always worth to compare red retriever vs golden retriever if we want to know more about this particular dog. While we may think we already know the difference, which is the fur color, there are actually a few more that is worth to note. In detail, here are more differences you need to know:

  • More of Hunting Dogs

Just as mentioned in its early history, a red golden retriever is bred for more of a hunting dog. This is much different comparing to the rest of the goldens, which are specifically more of show, service, or pet dogs.

  • Generally Smaller

As specified on the appearance detail, a red golden retriever is a little smaller comparing to the other goldens. Moreover, these dogs are lighter, leaner, and most probably shorter. However, it is also possible that we don’t notice this slight difference anyway because the height difference is only about one or two inches.

  • More Energy

These red golden retrievers are more athletic and streamlined in build. In addition to the build, these dogs have more energy as well. With this situation, it is logical that they need even more exercise than the other goldens, and it is reasonable if they make excellent companions for outdoor activities.

  • Different Fur Texture

While both have inner and outer coat, a red American golden retriever tends to have shorter hair on the outer coat. It doesn’t make them shed less comparing to so many other breeds, but it makes them shed lesser than the usual goldens, which is a good thing too.


golden retriever red

Many people may think that buying a red golden retriever must be cheaper. This dog isn’t allowed to enter any competition, and many people think the color is a reason to score down this particular dog. Fortunately, the fact says otherwise, which is practically a fair way.

The fact is the red mini golden retriever is actually considered rare. As we understand from the explanation on the color gene before, a red needs to have recessive genes, and this kind of manifestation is actually pretty rare to happen. In other words, it will be pretty difficult to find a rare puppy of this dog.

Because of this reason only, it will be logical that the pups will be sold in a higher price. As a matter of fact, the price of a red golden puppy can reach up to three times higher than the other average golden pup. We will specify about the price later below.

Temperament and Traits

dark red golden retriever

So far, we already know that a red golden retriever is high in energy. Therefore, it is reasonable that the dog loves long activities more than the other golden dogs. However, this isn’t the only traits we should know about. There are more, such as:

  • Sociable and Friendly

These traits give a good reason why a red golden retriever will make a house pet as well. This dog tends to be friendly, especially if you let them socialize with guests in the house. Therefore, barking and jealousy are never an issue with this dog.

  • Intelligent

A golden retriever red is known for being very intelligent. In other words, it will be easy to train this dog. In addition, it is also well known that this particular dog is even sensitive and smart enough to know what to do without you tell him to.

  • Food Motivated

This trait actually happens in all goldens, including the red golden retriever. They all love food, and it is easy to motivate them with treats during a training. However, this trait has its back side as well. It also means that the dog tends to gain weight easily due to its love to food.

  • Quick Bond

This trait also makes a red golden retriever a perfect family dog. It bonds fast and easily with humans, and it loves to be a part of the family. This trait also comes with responsibilities on us too in which we should make them a part of our families. Otherwise, the dog gets separation anxiety.

  • Great with Kids

As a part of the previous trait, a red Canadian golden retriever will have a great relationship with our kids. They will make a great play friend, and biting incident rarely happens thanks to its soft mouth. However, it also makes them a bad guard dog for being great even to strangers.

  • Require More Exercise

Because of the high energy, a red golden retriever puppy will need a lot of exercise every day. Firstly, an hour limit of exercise needs to be met. Secondly, mental stimulation is also needed. Otherwise, this dog tends to do a lot of mischievous actions.

Possible Health Issues

red golden retriever short hair

When it comes to health, a red golden retriever shares several similarities with the other goldens. Both commonly live around ten to 12 years, and both are prone to similar health problems. Among others, the most common problems on this dog include:

  • Various Cancer

Unfortunately, cancer is one among most common health problems in goldens, including in a red golden retriever. The best way to prevent this problem is by providing a healthy life style for our pooch while checking on the parents’ health is also important early on.

Commonly, red retriever puppies with cancer will need to go through surgeries and chemotherapy. The success rate is pretty promising, and the side effect of the chemo isn’t as severe as in human. In other words, recovery process should be less harsh. However, checking on the parents’ health record will be very important early on.

  • Joint Issue

Several common joint issues in a red golden retriever include hock osteochondrosis, and elbow and hip dysplasia. When it happens to your pooch, it can bring further issues including movement limitation and sleeping problem. Moreover, it is impossible for them to get the proper exercise with this condition.

The best prevention of this issue is an early diagnosis. Firstly, get the best help as early as possible. Secondly, when it is worse, all recommendations for our reddish golden retriever should be done, including getting an orthopaedic bed for a dog.

  • Eyesight Problem

Sadly but true, eyesight problem is also a common health problem on all golden retrievers, including for red.golden retriever. In detail, these dogs are often predisposed toward cataracts and retinal atrophy. While it often happens to the older dogs, it is possible for the younger ones to get them too.

Without a proper treatment, this problem can affect your pooch activities greatly. The solution to this problem is commonly surgery, especially when the case is worse. However, healthy life style and frequent health check up on our red golden puppy will help preventing it.

  • Other Frequent Issues

In addition to those problems above, there are other frequent health issues that often happen to a red retriever puppy. Among many, the problems include hypothyroidism that causes imblanace in hormones, myasthenia gravis which is a muscular fatigue issue, and heart ventricle obstruction or also known as subaortic stenosis.

In fact, most of these problems are preventable, especially when we pay a close attention to our dark golden retriever puppies health. With an early treatment and adjustment on the diet, these problems can be prevented effectively, and our dogs don’t need to undergo the heavy treatments.

How to Care

mahogany golden retriever

So far, we fully understand that a red golden retriever is a great dog for a family or for a service work even. Therefore, owning one seems to be a great idea. However, if you plan to have one, you also need to know a few things to take a good care for the pooch, such as:

  • Food and Diet

A red golden retriever is categorized as medium dog when it comes to food amount. Therefore, it needs around two to three cups of dry dog food each day. Furthermore, this amount should be divided into two, one part for the earlier meal time, and the other one for the later meal time.

In addition to the volume, it is also important to make sure the food contains enough protein. For the best result, it is recommended to add several kinds of protein sources for the food variety. It will support your high energy pup to stay active.

  • Daily Exercise

A red golden retriever needs a vigorous exercise every day due to its high energy. In detail, an hour of exercise is the standard amount, and you can divide it into two sections, such as in the morning and in the afternoon.

In addition to the exercise, the owner should also create a play time to keep the dog healthy, happy, and balance in weight. Of course, mental stimulation is always a welcomed idea for the intelligent pooch. In fact, this kind of exercise helps in keeping their minds intact.

  • Necessary Training

House training is necessary especially if you want to keep them as a house pets. In detail, they need to be trained on what is good and what isn’t. Because a mahogany golden retriever is an intelligent one, this training is going to be swift and easy.

However, your pooch is also a sensitive one. Therefore, a direct correction can result in discouragement, which isn’t helpful. For the best result, good behaviour should get reinforcement, and bad behaviour should be redirected in a gentle way. Commonly, this strategy works.

  • Grooming

As we all know now, a puppy red retriever has a luxurious and long coat or fur. Therefore, it requires several grooming routines, including daily brush using a wire brush, weekly trimming, and monthly bath. Of course, additional supplement for the coat is also a good idea as it strengthens the fur and keep its beauty.

In addition to the routines above, it is also important to wipe the ears at least twice a week to prevent issues like infection. Even more, brush your golden retriever puppy red weekly to keep the teeth healthy and clean. If you aren’t sure in these all, get a pro to do this for your pooch.

Price and Breeders

red canadian golden retriever

Now, we are going to talk about the more serious matter, buying one. Buying a red golden retriever is going to be a superb idea. However, it is necessary to get one only from a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will stay honest on the pure blood line and the pooch health as well.

They will be able to provide the pooch parents’ birth and health certificate, in addition to show you a proper living condition to continue in your house. In fact, these are important especially considering that the breed is highly prone to cancer and a few other severe diseases.

Next, let’s talk about a red golden retriever price.

As mentioned before, the red one is far rarer comparing to the other kinds of golden retriever dogs. Therefore, the price is so much higher as well, which is something we should expect by now. While the other golden puppy price commonly starts from $800, the red one is so much more expensive.

According to several reputable breeders, a dark golden retriever price is around $3,000 which is more than four times higher than the other goldens price. Of course, this is still considered as a reasonable tag for the dog.

When you decide to spend that much of money to get the red golden retriever dog, it is also necessary to create a budget on the other possible expense too. For example, vet trips are needed, and a budget on toys and crate is also a requirement. Surely, budgeting is crucial early on.


reddish golden retriever

  • A red golden retriever will make an excellent companion in so many ways. While the golden breed is totally a favourite, the red fur adds a touch of special thing as well. In addition to the beauty, a newborn red golden retriever puppies promise you excellent traits and reliable temperament points.
  • Of course, a red golden retriever short hair is a more practical option. However, it still has the same health problems that we should be ready about. Buy or adopt one from a reputable breeder for the best pup, and enjoy a loving, strong, and reliable companion with an elegant look.


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