A short haired golden retriever is a highly desirable dog, especially these days. Firstly, this dog offers all the best traits of the golden retriever breed to the owners. Secondly, it looks like the coat shading issue is going to be easier to handle. In short, it is going to be a perfect dog for all families.

However, the entire great facts don’t make people just buy or adopt one without a doubt. In fact, many people are questioning the purity of the dog breed. Can it be really pure bred? If not, what breed is this we are looking at?

Fortunately, there is a whole explanation on the entire misconception about a short haired retriever. We can find out the true existence, the reason behind the short hair coat, and more. If you plan to adopt or buy one, keep reading here to find all your explanations and answers.

Short Haired Golden Retriever, Does It Exist?

short haired retriever

Does short haired golden retriever really exist? To answer this question, we need to look at several facts on the golden retriever breed.

Firstly, there are many types of golden retriever and each of them can have a slightly different feature including the coat. However, there is no short hair type of this breed when it comes to the coat. So no, it doesn’t actually exist.

Secondly, we can’t just cut the coat short to make one because it affects the dog health as well. A short hair golden isn’t something you can make. Therefore, cutting the coat short isn’t something your breeder should do as well just to make the sell.

Fortunately, there are several types of golden, and one of them can be referred as the short hair retriever. This dog has shorter hair coat comparing to the other golden retriever types, but it doesn’t mean it is a short haired dog.

If you really want the short haired one, you may need to start accepting the fact that there is nothing like a golden retriever with short hair. However, you may opt for a golden retriever dog that has shorter hair comparing to the others.

Short Haired Golden Retriever Type

short hair retriever

As mentioned before, there is a short haired golden retriever for you if you want it so bad.

While golden retriever is just one breed, there are actually several variations of this breed at the same time. Even further, there is one of them that naturally has the shorter coat hair, and this variation is called the field golden retriever.

As indicated from its name, we should be able to guess that the particular dog is bred for a few outdoor purposes, and yes, it is true.

Also identified as field bred golden retriever, this dog is specially bred and trained for field works and hunting duties. In addition to the different purpose of breeding, this dog also represents a few slightly different traits.

Firstly, a short haired golden retriever puppy is commonly loyal, athletic, and driven. It is very reliable when it comes to their duties. Secondly, its coat is commonly darker and red is a very common color we should find.

In other words, this dog is bred more for its drive, athleticism, and personality. Meanwhile, common show dog is bred for its look and temperament. Yet, both are still great choices for a pet dog.

Short Haired Golden Retriever and the Reason behind It

short haired golden retriever puppy

So now, we fully understand that a short haired golden retriever is never its own breed. Rather, it is a variation of the breed, and it is more of the shorter coat hair instead of actually short hair coat.

In addition to this fact, there are basically several reasons that actually affect the shortness of the coat hair in a golden retriever:

  • The Nutrition

Naturally, a golden retriever dog possesses pretty long coat hair. However, it is possible that a short haired golden retriever is a result of a bad nutrition intake. Your dog needs nutrients including vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and more to sustain skin and coat health.

Therefore, it is possible that a golden retriever dog with short coat has a nutrient deficiency. While not all of them have this issue, it is really wise to check on the health record when you want to buy a golden dog with short coat to make sure this issue doesn’t occur.

  • Its Health Condition

Just as it happens in human, a bad health condition can affect the skin and hair of a person. In other words, you can have skin and hair issues because you originally have a health condition, and this can happen to your dogs too.

A short haired golden retriever is probably the result of a bad health condition. For example, when a dog has the alopecia issue, it is only natural that it loses the hair and it looks like the dog naturally has short hair for some time.

  • The Age

One of the most logical reasons beside the short coat hair on a dog is the age. Firstly, it takes probably years for a dog to get all the features fully grown. On many dogs, it even takes longer. Secondly, a young dog can’t give you enough picture of the full length of the coat in the future.

Therefore, it is possible that a golden retriever short hair puppy turns out to have a long coat as it ages. If you expect a short hair golden dog, this situation can be disappointing for you. That is why, it is important to check on the parents record of your puppy.

  • Weather Effect

Surprisingly, the weather plays a crucial part on your short haired golden retriever. For example, a hot weather will make your dog hair and skin drier than usual. Even further, this drier skin and hair cause coat hair break and fall. As a result, your dog will look like it has a short coat.

It also explains why dogs of this breed tend to have healthier and longer coat in a colder area. Therefore, it is possible that a golden retriever with short hair is probably showing an effect of living in a hotter area instead of it literally has a short coat.

  • Its Genetics

As mentioned before, there are several golden dogs that naturally have the short hair. It is possible because these short hair golden retrievers are intentionally bred for the outdoor or field duties. In other words, it is in their genes that they have short hair coat naturally.

On the contrary, you won’t likely find golden retriever short hair from show dogs. These dogs are purposely bred for competition purposes, and for these purposes, a long hair coat is considered the major appeal. Therefore, if you want the short haired one, you need to look on the genetics.

  • Grooming

Many times, a red golden retriever short hair is caused by an adequate grooming system in the house. In detail, the grooming includes bathing and brushing. Firstly, never bath your dog unless it is necessary. Especially in a dry area, too frequent bathing can remove the essential oil on your dog skin.

Secondly, brushing is extremely important to do at least three times in a week. Brushing helps in removing loose hair and tangles. It makes the hair situation a lot healthier. In other words, your short hair golden retriever may actually have the long hair, but it needs better grooming.

When is the Full Coat?

golden retriever short hair

Despite the entire reasons behind a short haired golden retriever, we also understand that it is highly possible that a golden dog is naturally and genetically inheriting the parents’ short hair. We can also know if a dog inherits the short hair or not as it is fully grown.

A golden dog matures as it reaches one and a half year. However, the fur is commonly fully grown a little later, and let’s not forgets that there are late bloomers too. But if you ask, ‘My golden retriever has short hair and it is at least two years old. Is it normal?’ Surely. Most probably, it really is a short haired one.

How to Get One?

golden retriever with short hair

If you really think a short haired golden retriever is the right dog for you, it is probably best to check on the parents’ genetic record. The length of a dog coat is totally hereditary. Therefore, a short coat is only on a dog that is bred from parents with a short coat as well.

To be able to get a golden puppy with a natural short coat, you will need to work on that with a reputable breeder. Such a puppy is only possible if both parents are short haired coat, and in this case, a breeder can totally help you out.

However, it isn’t the only option. There are at least two variants of golden retriever that will naturally give you a shorter coat than the others. Firstly, you should consider getting an English golden retriever. Many dogs of this variant has a shorter coat, so you have a big chance here.

Secondly, you should also consider getting a Canadian golden retriever. Are there short haired golden retrievers from this variation? In fact, they are naturally shorter and thinner when it comes to the coat, so yes, you will find many options of the puppies as well.

How Does It Work with Allergies?

short hair golden retrievers

Many people decide to choose a short haired golden retriever due to the fact that it will work best with their allergies to fur. Well, if you think the same, you are already on the wrong way.

Firstly, dog fur or coat doesn’t cause the allergy. According to WebMD, people are actually allergic to the urine and saliva. In addition, it is also possible to have allergic reactions towards the dander, but never the coat or fur.

Secondly, having dog also means you still get the dander all the time. Therefore, adopting a golden retriever without hair isn’t the best thing to do if you really have this allergy.

How Does It Work with Shading?

golden short haired dog

In addition to the allergy reason, many people also think that a short haired golden retriever will do a lot less shedding. Unfortunately, this isn’t a guarantee. Firstly, all golden retrievers dog shed, and many actually shed a lot including ones with shorter hair.

Secondly, the solutions to golden retriever shedding are limited to the diet, frequent brushing, and healthy lifestyle. Even so, a short coat golden retriever still shed, and the owner should adapt to this situation. Therefore, getting a short haired one is never a solution to the shedding issue.

Breeds That Look Like One

short hair retriever dogs

Fortunately, there are many alternatives if you really like the look of a short haired golden retriever. There are several other breeds that share very similar look to this one, and probably, their traits agree with you as well.

  • Flat Coated Retriever

In general, a flat coated retriever looks very similar to a short haired golden retriever, if the hair isn’t exactly shorter. If you search for the image of this dog, you will find that even the head shape and body built are particularly so alike.

Moreover, the temperament and traits are also so similar, and it will be really fun to have this dog around the house. The only difference it has comparing to a short haired golden retriever will be on the coat or hair color. This one has darker shade instead shades of gold.

  • Curly Coated Retriever

Similar to the previous breed, a curly coated retriever also shares similar built and traits with a short haired golden retriever. It is a good family dog, and it has the nicest temperament as well. It can be a great alternative when you are thinking about getting a retriever.

The only difference is on the hair or coat. As indicated on the name, this dog has a cute and curly coat instead of the silky one as in a golden short hair. If you don’t mind about this difference, you will enjoy so much having this wonderful breed in the house.

  • Labrador

Many people may mistakenly think Labrador puppies as golden retriever short hair puppies. In fact, this is highly possible because both breeds really look the same even until they are full grown. Many novice eyes won’t be able to tell the difference.

However, there are actually a few differences between the two breeds, and the hair length is one of them. The Labradors have the shorter hair, and this fact makes them look like short hair retriever dogs. If you love this look, you should consider adopting or buying a lab that is guaranteed to have short hair.

  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Yes, this is another retriever breed that you should consider as an alternative to a golden retriever puppy short hair. At glance, we should agree that there are many similar features between the two breeds. If you don’t find the dog you want, this breed is more than wonderful to have.

The significant difference lies on the coat. Rather than short haired golden retriever puppies with long and sleek coat, this breed features shorter hair and wavy texture at the same time. In addition, it comes in brown, dusty gold, and red hues instead of gold. Despite all the differences, they look just as cute.

The Mix Dog

red golden retriever short hair

So far, we fully understand now that a short haired golden retriever is never its own breed. Instead, it is just a variation of the breed, and only a few actually have this natural short hair.

However, there is still hope if you want an actual short haired golden. In alternative to the genetically short golden dogs, we can also opt for the mix breed.

Yes, you read it right. There are several mix breeds that actually result in the way you want it. For example, a mix breed of poodle and golden retriever is known as Goldendoodle. It has short hair and cute look at the same time. In addition, we can also opt for a mix of Labrador and golden which is known as Goldador.

Never Shave Your Dog to Get a Short Haired One

short coat golden retriever

It is pretty clear now that you need to look further before you can get a short haired golden retriever. Moreover, getting one that naturally has the short coat is always a nice way to go.

On the contrary, it is a highly bad idea to actually give your dog a short hair cut just because you want it. Why? There are several reasons why here:

  • Firstly, golden retriever dogs have two layers of coat. The outer layer covers them from the debris and dirt, and it is waterproof. The inner layer keeps the body temperature. Even a short haired golden retriever will need these both layers.
  • Secondly, taking your dog and cut the entire hair short to make it a short haired golden retriever this way will actually endanger their health. In addition, there is a risk in which the outer coat never grows back as it was.

In other words, it is always wise to get a natural short haired golden retriever. If you plan to give your golden retriever a short hair cut, there are only three parts that need this kind of trimming. They include:

  • The Paws and Toes

The fur surface around the paws and toes need to be smooth and short enough. It is because the area gets the most dirt, and keeping it short helps in keeping the dog clean and healthy. Both the long and golden short haired dog needs this trim anyway.

  • The Ears

You also need to trim the fur short around the ear area. A longer fur commonly causes a few health problems, including irritation, infection, and ear canal blockage. Even in a golden retriever short hair, the fur around this area can be too long.

  • The Legs

As we can guess, the fur around the legs also get the most dirt and many more. To make sure the legs are always clean, a close trimming is highly needed. It reduces the amount of debris and dirt get on the legs. In addition, symmetrical cut can enhance your short hair retrievers’ look even better.

In short, trimming the hair short on every surface isn’t the right way to get a short hair golden puppy. Several areas indeed need a close trimming, but it doesn’t mean that cut all the fur short is safe and okay for the dog health.

Are All English and Canadian Golden Retriever Have Short Hair?

golden short hair dog

As mentioned above, English and Canadian variants can be your actual short haired golden retriever. Naturally, they often have the shorter hair or coat. However, it doesn’t mean that all of them always have the short hair.

Just as in the other variants of golden retriever, these dogs short hair can be the result of so many things, and the factors include genetics, health, age, and diet. Therefore, finding one puppy that naturally have the short hair takes a longer road.

If you aren’t happy with these dogs short hair yet, you may need to check on the parents’ record. A puppy of short hair parents has the biggest chance to inherit the short coat as well. However in general, given to its natural shorter coat, an English or Canadian can be your golden short hair dog.


golden retriever short hair puppies

  • To sum it up, a short haired golden retriever isn’t its own individual breed. Instead, it is just one of so many other variations of the breed. Most probably, it is a mix breed. However, there are a few types of golden retrievers that have shorter coat comparing to the other golden retrievers.
  • Those dogs can be a great alternative if you want the short coat so much. Even so, intentional short golden retriever haircut can harm your dog. Therefore, it is recommended to work with your pro breeder and get a short coat puppy from short coat parents for pure bred golden retrievers with natural short hair.


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