Teacup Chihuahua is probably one, if not the most, of tiniest dogs in the world. It appears in many media and pages. Many books and magazine illustration also feature a picture of this dog too. It is logical, because this pup looks so cute and very commercial in marketing point of view.

The popularity of this pup even rises fast as rockets as many celebs decided to adopt one. Names like Channing Tatum, Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paris Hilton and Katharine McPhee are among those in the list. Teacup Chihuahua puppy does has its own charm and it is totally understandable that you want to adopt one.

celebrities own chihuahua

However if you want to adopt one, there is more for you to know and to get ready for than just the cute look and its small size. This is probably the smallest Chihuahua, but the challenges aren’t small at all. Keep on reading here to learn all the facts and tips before adopting one.

Origin and History

teacup chihuahua

It is really hard to determine the history of teacup Chihuahua considering that many pros on this field suggested that this dog should be grouped as the standard Chihuahua. This suggestion is actually logical, because standard Chihuahua parents can have a teacup pup. Therefore, the mini one isn’t necessarily a separated group of dog breed.

If we want to learn the history of teacup Chihuahua, we may as well learn from the history of Chihuahua. The first record we can find on this dog was probably from around 1800s. Most probably, Chihuahua already exists before this time.

small chihuahua puppies

Many refers this dog to Techichi. This dog was a known house dog for the Mesoamericans. During the time, Techichi was around 10-20 pounds in weight. Being the descendent, teacup Chihuahua full grown weight is only a half of this today, and the teacup is even smaller.

According to the record, the dogs mentioned above plays a pretty significant role from being a food source to a part of culture or religion. If we adopt this history as teacup Chihuahua puppies history too, we should be thankful that it isn’t a food source anymore. Yet, we must wonder why tiny haven Chihuahuas become the smaller descendent and it gets even smaller with the teacup group!

Appearance and Size

teacup chihuahua size

Given the fact that teacup Chihuahua is an extremely popular dog, you may think that the standard of appearance and size will be crystal clear. Unfortunately, its reality is just in contrary. There is no exact standard to apply for this pup that categorization can be vary among places and breeders.

  • Size

Basically, the standard Chihuahua is about six to ten inches stand, and it weighs around four to six pounds. Then, guess what! Yes, in general, teacup Chihuahua includes any Chihuahua that stands less than six inches or weighs less than four pounds. Of course, a few breeders can decide this size of dog as a standard too.

While the categorization remains unclear, the limitation of the smaller kinds is rather unclear too. There is no definite number or standard to categorize mini Chihuahua. As long as it looks pretty small, smaller than the standard one, it can be a mini.

small chihuahua puppy

The same rule applies for the micro Chihuahua. The term ‘micro’ underlines the fact that it refers to one that is even smaller than the teacup or mini. You may find other terms too like ‘pocket’, but the difference between each group isn’t really clear.

  • Appearance

Despite the size, teacup Chihuahua appearance is basically the same with the standard one. You may find one in longer hair and another one with smooth hair. The funny thing is that several kennels may group these two kinds into different breed. Meanwhile, several other kennels group them together as one breed.

chihuahua puppy

While those facts may already confuse you, you also need to accept the fact that we never know if a few pups are going to be Chihuahua teacup puppies. We can’t tell during the early time whether it will grow smaller than average or not. Many of these teacups even come from average Chihuahua.

Personality, Temperament, and Intelligence

teacup chihuahua puppy

When you are thinking about adopting teacup Chihuahua, you also need to understand several fundamental facts about the dog. The personality, temperament, and intelligence will affect a lot on the daily care. Here are several facts you need to know right now:

  • Confident, Seeking Attention, and Single Person Dog

Teacup Chihuahua has a temperament that you will find similar to other small animals. It is confident but it tends to bark at almost anything it encounters. If you want a quite dog, this isn’t the best option. This dog also tends to care only on one favourite person. It will ignore anyone else. Yet in need of attention and affection, it will love anyone who loves back.

dog is barking

  • Aggressive

It is a little bit shocking, but tea cup puppy Chihuahua has the tendency to be aggressive towards the other animals around it. Even worse, it will attack other dogs with larger sizes. This can be a problem because with bigger dogs, this puppy will only lose and harm itself.

dog aggressive

  • Hard to Socialize

Teacup Chihuahua isn’t the best dog choice for a family with kids or with other pets. It is like it has to be the only child in the family. It gets jealous very easily, and it takes an early and consistent socializing with other family members. Taking this dog to a public place is even more challenging.

  • Challenging to Train

dog in training

If you want a dog that is easy to train, micro teacup Chihuahua isn’t your best option. However, there are things that you can teach them, even though the effort to make is a little more than usual.

Nutrition and Care For Teacup Chihuahua 

Let’s say you adopt a teacup Chihuahua. Next, what should we do and what shouldn’t we do when it comes to taking care of this tiny dog? If you need hints, these tips should guide you well:

micro teacup chihuahua

  • Nutrition

Being really small, your teacup Chihuahua will need special food as well to fulfil the nutrition need. You should find enough options of small breeds’ dog food which will make the best choice for your pup. However still, you need to control the daily intake.

You should measure your teacup Chihuahua intake n calories. The best calorie intake for a small dog is around 55 calories per pound of your pup weight. This rule applies for the young pups. As for the adults, 40 calories per pound of your dog weight should be enough. This portion keeps them fit and healthy.

  • Exercise

Your miniature Chihuahua needs an exercise to keep it healthy and active in the best way. As regular exercises, it will be best to take it out for a walk. While bigger dogs enjoy longer walk, this one needs only a ten to 15 minutes of walk. Do it two times in a day, and this is ideal.

In addition to the walk, it is also great to play with them. Try stimulating game that will stimulate their muscle development or solve their health issue. Make sure to have a short session in this. A 15 minutes of playtime session for a full grown teacup Chihuahua is enough.

  • Grooming

Both short haired and long haired mini teacup Chihuahua shed. You will need to brush them one to four times a week, depending on how severe the shed in your dog. Brushing the coat will help reducing the amount of shed on your floor and furniture.

Commonly, your teacup Chihuahua full grown will shed most during fall and spring. On these seasons, it will be best to brush more often.

  • Daily care

Your mini Chihuahua will likely get cold very easily. It is always suggested to add an extra layer of blanket on its cart to keep it warm during the night. Keeping your house warm is also essential for your dog.

While staying away from the rain is necessary, it may help a little to put on teacup Chihuahua clothes to keep it warm during the cold winter or during the windy days.

Teacup Chihuahua‘s Health Care

teacup chihuahua

Most people immediately fall in love to a teacup Chihuahua because it looks totally cute with its small size. Little that they know, this small size comes with serious consequences. Due to this physical condition, your pup may suffer from several health issues we are going to talk more later.

Normally, a teacup Chihuahua lifespan should reach from seven to 12 years. Surely, this isn’t without a lot effort in keeping it healthy. The best way you can do to prevent a lot of health issues in the future is by getting your pup from a good breeder.

How long do teacup Chihuahuas live if we get them from a good breeder? A good breeder tends to give you a larger size of this pup, but it helps a lot in gaining better health too. So, the expectancy is higher. Of course, a close supervision is still needed on daily basis.

Possible Health Risks of Teacup Chihuahua

micro chihuahua

The average Chihuahua tends to have several health issues or risks due to its small size. Your teacup Chihuahua tends to share the same issues and risks too. It is vital to know these risks prior to adopting so you know what to do when emergency happens. The possible health risks include:

  1. Heart Disease

This particular risk actually applies to almost all teacup dogs, including teacup Chihuahua. The case is that these dogs’ body and system aren’t originally built for being that small. Because of this condition, their bodies and systems can’t support the dogs enough.

In order to prevent this risk, the dog needs to adapt and evolve but what happens is the contrary. Even since a newborn teacup Chihuahua, this dog is already scaled down fast and enormously.

  1. Hypoglycaemia

Hypoglycaemia is a condition where the body’s blood sugar is lower than the expectancy. This condition appears to be very common in small dogs including teacup Chihuahua. How does this happen at the first place? This dog has only a small tummy. It means it can only have as much food.

Your micro pocket teacup Chihuahua needs to eat more often and regularly to prevent the blood sugar from getting to low.  Even on a smaller one, you need to have a commitment in feeding. One to two hour span between each feeding time is often needed within 24 hour.

  1. Incontinence

As mentioned before, its’ cute small size comes with high health risk. One of the side effects of this size is that little Chihuahuas only have small bladder. They can only hold so little before they need to go number one or two. You can imagine the possible in the house with this condition.

Many owners even decide to euthanize their teacup Chihuahua because of incontinence issue. Some other prefers to give up their dogs to the shelter. If you insist to deal with this, you can always opt for litter box as in cats or dog diaper to help.

  1. Bone Fractures

full grown teacup chihuahua

You need to swallow the bitter pill. Micro teacup applehead Chihuahua has fragile bones. It exposes them to bone fractures risk even in a smallest problem like clumsy feet or jumping off the sofa.  So no, they can’t play around like the bigger breed dogs.

Your teacup Chihuahua weight won’t affect so much when your dog gets into a fight with a bigger dog because it is still too light. They will tend to lose and hurt most. It also explains why this dog isn’t the right company for a small kid who hasn’t master the way to control their energy.

  1. Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus refers to a condition in which the fluid in the brain can’t be extracted due to a serious blockage. This is a common case in the average Chihuahuas and it is also a highly possible risk in a teacup Chihuahua. Your tiny dog can possibly get this.

The problem with this condition is that it causes severe pain. It also causes nausea on your white teacup Chihuahua and it can end fatally in death too. The main cause of this condition is unknown. It can be entirely caused of the size, but it isn’t investigated yet if a genetic component also plays a part.

  1. Pattelar Luxation

mini chihuahuas

It is a condition in which the kneecap isn’t exactly on its place. This is a common condition happens to small dogs, including to a teacup Chihuahua. It is caused by a genetic problem and the case can vary from slipped out cap to an even more severe condition.

It can be caused by an injury as well, maybe after a fight or a small accident. Even your baby teacup Chihuahua can experience this problem too. Yes, this dog can be very delicate in which a small accident can lead to a serious health problem like this.

  1. Collapsed Trachea

This happens not as often as the other possible risks or health issues. However, it is still a possibility in a teacup Chihuahua. It is a condition in which your dog’s trachea collapses. When it happens, it is likely that it can’t breathe as it should be.

The very cause of this issue remains unknown for now. It doesn’t have anything to do at how big do teacup Chihuahuas get, and it remains questionable which gene cause this too. Yet, it can cause immediate death on your dog if it doesn’t get a vet attention fast.

  1. Neurological Issue

This is also a possible risk for your baby teacup Chihuahua. Most commonly, it is caused by a development fail in your dog’s skull. This failure leads to neurological issue that affects almost entirely of its life and activity. Sadly, the exact cause and gene haven’t been detected yet.

Many dogs’ parents are tested healthy and perfect, yet the puppies still can have this issue as well. It doesn’t matter how much is a teacup Chihuahua you buy, this issue can still happen and it is still impossible to predict. Plus, it can really hard to handle.

Toughest Challenge for Teacup Chihuahua‘s Owner

little chihuahua

Other than the health risks, there are a few other challenges that a teacup Chihuahua may encounter. It doesn’t concern on how much are teacup Chihuahuas, but more on the toughest training you may experience. Among many, here are what will be the hardest ones:

  • Obedience

A teacup Chihuahua is known for being super stubborn. It tends to break the rules and do whatever it wants. This can be very frustrating when you try to domesticate the dog. The only solution to this problem is just by being strict to your dog all the time.

  • Potty Training

Potty training is hard on Chihuahua. It is even worse on little Chihuahua you want to adopt. As mentioned before, the dog only has a small bladder. It is also possible for this dog to have no ability at all to control its own bladder. Potty training on your teacup long haired Chihuahua will be a lot harder and longer than in usual dogs.

Life Expectancy of Teacup Chihuahua

smallest chihuahua

When we talks about a teacup Chihuahua’s life expectancy, we are talking about all the things outside the common rules. In common, smaller dog has a longer life comparing to the bigger dogs. However sadly, this rule doesn’t apply to this particular dog.

In average Chihuahua, its life expectancy is around seven to 12 years, which is particularly long enough for a dog. There may be several that are claimed to reach 20 years of age. This number is then affected by the mini dog’s worse health condition. So, how long do teacup dogs live?

There is no exact data or number on this yet. A teacup Chihuahua lifespan is most probably a lot shorter than the average one due to the so many health risks it may have. If you expect a lot longer life for a dog, this is probably not the suitable option for you.

Teacup Chihuahua Price

micro pocket teacup chihuahua

A teacup Chihuahua price can vary from around $1,300 up to $12,000. There are several factors affecting the price. Several breeders put a higher price on a few color variations on the dog. Well, several colors are more favourable in the market, so it is logical.

So, how much are teacup Chihuahua? It is quite expensive to be honest, but it also depends on several factors. If you want a cheaper deal, you can always opt for one which coat colors aren’t in trend today. The colors are maybe not in trend, but it still look as cute and you don’t have to spend a lot more money. Considering that purchasing price isn’t the only cost you must consider, it is a wise option.

The daily care of a teacup Chihuahua isn’t cheap as well. Considering its condition and possible health risks, you need to make sure all the needs are provided. From food to constant supervision, it costs a lot of money. Especially if you are a busy person as well, daycares cost should be added too.


teacup chihuahua puppies

  • A teacup Chihuahua is probably one of the cutest dogs for being small and handsome at the same time. It is commonly less than four pound, and its’ stand is shorter than six inches. It has become increasingly popular with so many celebs adopting one.
  • How much do teacup Chihuahuas cost? The purchase price is affected by several factors including the coat colors. If you choose coat colors that are currently on trend, it is guaranteed to be more expensive. The price starts from $1,300 to around $12,000. You can get them on reputable teacup Chihuahua breeders, but adopting one from a teacup Chihuahua rescue is way cheaper.
  • After buying the dog, it is important to think about the daily care. A teacup Chihuahua has a lot of health risks due to its size. Many of them are pretty severe and dangerous. Often, these risks can lead to complication or death of the dog. As you can guess, this care and medical attention cost a lot.
  • When you adopt or buy a teacup Chihuahua, it takes more than its cute face. There is health and care you need to handle, and the training isn’t the same as in regular dog. Your small Chihuahua will tend to be stubborn and potty training can be a nightmare. Make sure that you are fully committed to this before getting one.


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