White Chihuahua is definitely one of the most popular dogs so far. People like how it looks and the fact that a Chihuahua is a small cute dog. Its white coat only enhances this cuteness, and it makes the dog even more desirable. However, there is even more than just the look of this dog.

If you want to buy or adopt one, there are a few things you need to understand first. Factors like health problems, temperament, personality, how to care for this dog, and more will affect your way of seeing this dog. Understanding these factors helps a lot in taking good care of the dog.

snow white chihuahua

A full grown white Chihuahua is also quite rare, and you need to learn why so. There are reasons why you need to appreciate the beauty and why you need to understand the price too. Let’s read more to learn everything you need to know about this dog.

White Chihuahua and Why It is Special

white chihuahua

A white Chihuahua does look pretty and cute. It has elegance, and it is actually the most sought after comparing to Chihuahuas with different coat colors. There are ones that even look even cuter as they are mixed with other breeds too.

When it comes to the white one, it has the most similarities with the other Chihuahuas. Just as naturally, there is white long haired Chihuahua and there is white short haired one. Which one is prettier? It actually depends on personal preference. Some people like the short ones for practicality in care, but the other prefer the long haired ones for a little dramatic look.

But, how a white Chihuahua becomes white? Naturally, this dog gets the colors of the coat from their genes. Depending on the genes, Chihuahua coat colors can vary from one to another. As for the white ones, they have more of the recessive genes.

What is that? Recessive gene is a particular gene that is responsible for the coat color too. The difference with the other genes is that it is easily dominated. When there are mostly these genes, Chihuahua white coat happens. However, this situation is pretty rare.

White Chihuahua Baby and a Full Grown

small white fluffy chihuahua

Talking about a white Chihuahua dog, the baby and the full grown are just similar to the rest of Chihuahuas. When it is still a baby, it weighs only two and half ounces to five and a half ounces. Yes, it is pretty light that our snacks are probably heavier than that.

While a white Chihuahua baby is a light one, it is also a very small one. After birth, they are maybe just four inches to five inches long. It is so short that it looks almost like a stuffed toy. But don’t worry, they tend to grow fast. This length will expand until they are about nine months old.

During the period, it is likely that white Chihuahuas can reach into a much longer and taller size. A full grown one length can be around nine and a half inches to 15 inches. They can be five to eight inches in eight too. After nine months, or probably a year, they will stop expanding the length and height.

A white Chihuahua dog matures when it reaches one year old age. However, it commonly takes one more year from that point for the dog to get the full grown weight, which is averagely six pounds.

White Chihuahua Personality and Temperament

cute white chihuahua

Many people believe that a white Chihuahua will behave differently comparing to the other Chihuahuas. The fact is they don’t. They actually behave just exactly like the other Chihuahuas with different colors of coat. Among many, they still have the following traits:

  • Protective

A white Chihuahua can look cute and adorable, but it is also as protective as it can be. It will bark when it senses dangers, or what it thinks is danger, and it tends to protect the owner or its territory very aggressively. Keep it away from larger breeds to avoid fights.

  • Bold

Your pure white Chihuahua will be bold as well. The dog likes to try new ideas like jumping off the sofa. That is why you need to keep looking out for the dog. If it is too high, it is likely that your dog will only hurt itself.

  • Energetic

Just as the other of the same breed, your dramatic looking long haired white Chihuahua is an energetic dog. You even need to control the activities, because Chihuahua can’t handle exhaustion really well due to its size. Plan exercises and games so your dog can use the energy for something positive and controlled.

  • Alert

This is a pair with the protective trait. Your Chihuahua is an alerted dog. It senses dangers, or simply something different very easily. It often tends to sense everything new as a danger. To prevent problems, take baby steps to introduce anything to your dog.

Coat Types

Picture 4

One of the most unique things about white Chihuahua is that there are many kinds of it based on the coat alone. Yes. As expected, there is more than just pure white coat. First, based on the length of the hair, there are two kinds of this:

  • White Short Haired

A white Chihuahua with short hair refers to the smooth one. This dog is a little easier to take care comparing to one with long hair. It looks really cute but its purchasing price is cheaper. The other attributes and traits remain the same as other Chihuahuas.

Many people prefer for this one because it will be a lot easier when health issues like skin problem, lices, or other possible problems on the coat and skin happen. Many people also like the feel of its smooth coat, which is totally nice.

  • White Long Haired

The all white Chihuahua with long hair looks even cuter than the rests. Both, the short hair and long hair, need frequent coat brushing to prevent shedding. However, the long hair Chihuahua needs extra care to keep the coat dramatic. Its purchase price is also higher than the other.

When it comes to the long haired ones, we will find other variants even more interesting than it will be if it is a white short haired Chihuahua. For example, black and white is really attractive. The black color can be the dominant one or vice versa, and the mix of both colors are just nice.

People also like the look of an apple head Chihuaua in this long hair coat. Even though many people think it is the same with the deer head kind, both are actually different especially on the skull shape. However, both looks just as cute when it comes with white coat.

For a deer head long hair white Chihuahua, the combination of white and black for the coat is actually pretty common. Usually, the dog has black on its eyelids, snout, and back, and it also has white on its chest.

The Puppies

baby white chihuahua

We often wonder if a white Chihuahua puppy will change the coat color. People like to buy the all white puppy and expect it to stay this way forever. Unfortunately, there is no exact way to ensure this. The fact is these puppies may change color as they grow.

We can try to look closely to the coat while buying. A pure white Chihuahua puppy has a bigger chance to stay white all of its life. However, it also has the possibility to develop other color too. The melanin takes a quite long time before it appears. You may notice only small patches of different color on puppies when it does.

If you choose a puppy with color patches, it will likely for it to grow with other color mix. If you want a short hair white Chihuahua, these puppies aren’t your best shot. Maybe, the pure white has a bigger chance to stay that way this time.

It is a little unpredictable. Those who want a white fluffy Chihuahua that stays pure white without color mix should prefer to buy a full grown one that stays all white. A full grown isn’t likely going to grow colors anymore.

Other White Variants

white chihuahua dog

According to American Kennel Club, there are around 30 different types of Chihuahua coat. A white Chihuahua is pretty rare just like a pure black one. Aside from black and white, there are other colors too including fawn, red, silver, chocolate, liver, gold, white, and blue. These colors can creat a pretty mix with white. If you wonder what mixes available, here are your options:

  • White and Black

This is the most common combination for a white Chihuahua. If black is the dominant color, your dog should have white chest spots. If white makes the dominant color, it may have black eyes and muzzle.

  • White and Blue Eyes

This time, it isn’t a combination on the coat. There are many cases in which a snow white Chihuahua has blue eyes. The problem is the eyes are blue when the dogs are still babies, and these eyes grow darker and darker as the dogs grow as well. Albino one has the biggest chance for turning out to be this one.

  • White and Brown

The pattern for this dog should be similar to one with white and black combination. It is possible for the white color to be dominant, and it is also possible that the brown color is going to be dominant. Both are just cute and just as adorable.

  • White and Brown Spots

In alternative to the variant above, it is also possible that your small white fluffy Chihuahua gets brown spots at the same time. Colors that are included as brown include tan, chocolate, red, and fawn. In this case, white makes the dominant color despite the combination color.

  • White and Tan

The tan color here refers to a lighter brown color. The combination of white and tan in a white long haired Chihuahua puppy is pretty common. It should be easy to find one out there. The color combination can dominant white or dominant tan.

  • White and Blue

The blue color here refers to one that looks more like diluted black. So it is pretty dark instead of blue sky with bright exotic look. It creates a unique look on the dog, but unfortunately, it is a pretty rare combination. It is even rarer comparing to pure white or black Chihuahua.

  • White and Fawn

The combination of white and fawn is pretty common as well. It creates a kiddy cute look on your white applehead Chihuahua instantly. You should find it easy to get the short haired or long haired one. The price for this dog, in a result, is pretty much more affordable for being common in terms of the coat color.

The Mix Variants

white short haired chihuahua

While there are several variants on white Chihuahua based on the coat colors, there are also several variants depending on the breed mix. Yes, several owner and breeder mix a different breed to Chihuahua and it results in a new type of dog but with white coat too. Here are a few of them:

  • Chihuahua Jack Russel Mix

Jack Russel is naturally twice bigger than the Chihuahua. However, it can be pure white, pure black, or the combination of both, just as in Chihuahua. When you mix these dogs, there are a few possibilities of coat colors. The coat can pure white, or it can in two and three different colors.

  • Chihuahua Mix Poodle

When these two breeds are in mix, it is likely that the coat is in white with combination. A pure white Chihuahua coat is really rare in this case. However, the result is really cute and just very adorable that many people want it.

  • Chihuahua Mix Terrier

The most common cases is that people mix the Chihuahua with rat terrier. If both breeds are white, it is likely that the puppies will be pure white as well. However, it is more common to find this mix in black and white combination, which is still super cute.

  • Chihuahua Mix Pomeranian Mix

Unlike the other mix, it will be so much easier for you to find a pure white Chihuahua Pomeranian mix. Apparently, this coat color is more common on this mix. In alternative, the mix also comes with other color combinations too while the puppies are totally adorable.

  • Chihuahua Mix Yorkie

This mix has another name too that is Chorkie. The dog physically looks fluffy and small. However, it almost never has the pure white color of coat. If you like a white Chihuahua with brown spots, you will like this. It commonly comes with white coat and fawn combination.

  • Chihuahua Mix Maltese

A Malchi dog has many kinds of hair when it comes to the cote. You can have the short one, long and curly one, or long and straight one. If you like a white Chihuahua with black spots, you will love this kind. It commonly has black and white coat that looks so adorable.

The Difference of Pure and Albino

pictures of white chihuahuas

Of course you may have heard albino and snow white Chihuahua. Many people refer to the two as the same thing, but actually, it isn’t. A now white one is a Chihuahua with a pure and solid white coat, which is pretty rare.

Meanwhile, an albino Chihuahua is a result of pigmentation void. It commonly has pink nose and blue or pink eyes. A snow white will have black nose and dark brown eyes. Make sure to check on this before buying or adopting one.

Rare Kind of White

pure white chihuahua

Now, we understand that there are so many kinds of white Chihuahua. There are many kinds depending on the length of the hair. There are also many kinds of it when it comes to the combination of coat color. We really have so many options if we want to buy one.

When it comes to color combination, we should also consider white coat in mix breeds. There are many different kinds of this dog depending on the breeds in mix. However, from all those kinds and types, what color of white coat seems to be the rarest?

A small white Chihuahua with pure white coat is the most unusual and unique. A puppy with this coat is commonly expensive. In addition to it, a combination of white and blue is also super rare, and the price for this puppy can be wildly expensive too.

Possible Health Problems

white chihuahua

Considering the market demand on a white Chihuahua, many breeders often mate dogs with imperfect genes, and also practice inbreeding and overbreeding. It often results in several health risks to the puppies. Among so many, these are the most frequent problems you should find:

  • Blindness

It commonly happens to a white Chihuahua dog that is a result of an irresponsible breeding. Because of the pigmentation issue, the eyes don’t have enough ultraviolet light protection. It is only logical that the dog has serious problems on the eye sight.

  • Tooth Decay

It is very common on the white and other average Chihuahua dogs. Due to their size, Their gums and teeth are packed. It is only normal that tartar and plaque dominate the area. Most often, it is hard to clean too. With this situation, a tooth decay is only natural.

  • Bladder and Kidney Stones

White Chihuahua puppies commonly don’t have this issue, but it starts to show on adult and full grown dogs. The stones can be quite big for the small urinary tract. It is really painful and it can lead to further infection issue on the area.

  • Loose Kneecaps

This health issue happens on a white Chihuahua dog or the other colors too. When this happens, it is highly possible for the dog to suffer from knee dislocation as well. The dislocation then causes arthritis. Arthritis only gets worse as the dog gets older.

  • NME

Several symptoms that show a long haired Chihuahua white has this condition include the dog running in circle, and seizure. This is because the issue affects the nervous system center the most. Sadly, there is no definite cure for this health problem until today.

How to Care White Chihuahua

white chihuahua dog

So yes, a white Chihuahua dog is maybe prone to so many health problems. Most of them have the cure, so it will be best for us owners to support them too. Among so many things we can do to keep them live long and happy, the following caring steps are really beneficial:

  • Good Feeding

Your cute white Chihuahua dog needs nutritious food with balance portion. Give them the right amount and kind of food twice a day for best result.

  • Neuter and Spay

Getting a neuter or spay will help your Chihuahua living a healthy life. It prevents so many dangerous illnesses like cancer. You can consult your vet to get this.

  • More Teeth Brushing

Even a baby white Chihuahua needs a proper brushing regularly. It helps in preventing periodontal problems, not to mention their breath smell.

White Chihuahua Lifespan and Price

baby white chihuahua

The life span of a white Chihuahua dog really depends on health factors mostly. Generally, this dog can live until 16 years. Living for 14 years is also normal. However, with good care and healthy life, this dog can actually live longer, for around 18 years.

This long life is a worthy investment comparing to the buying price. The average Chihuahua pup of any colors should cost around $800 up to $1,200. Meanwhile a pure white Chihuahua price is around $2,000. Yet, yes. It has the rarest look and it is truly stunning.


white chihuahua dog

In sum, a white Chihuahua dog is a rare one and it can be expensive to buy. While the pictures of white Chihuahuas are all cute and adorable, these dogs actually are prone to so many health problems. These dogs aren’t white Chihuahua stuffed animal, so we need to really take care of them well so it can live a long life with us. It is a challenging breed, but yes, it is too cute to ignore.


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